Poke This ‘swiss Cheese' Toyota Camry That's All About Weight Reduction

Poke This ‘Swiss Cheese' Toyota Camry That's All About Weight Reduction

Reducing the weight of a car is one of the most overlooked ways to improve performance.

While big car manufacturers often release high-performance models with lightweight parts made from aluminum and carbon fiber, there are cheaper ways to reduce the weight of a vehicle. Like drilling holes in the bodywork, for example.

The following photo was posted up on Reddit and shows how the owner of this car has turned it into a vehicle more akin to a piece of Swiss cheese than a regular road car. If we’re not mistaken – and please do tell if we are, it looks like this is a mid-1990s (XV10) Toyota Camry.

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For starters, the front quarter panels, doors, and the rear quarter panels have all been drilled out, presumably to remove excess material that the owner thought was adding too much weight. What’s more, dozens of holes have been drilled in the rear bumper and if you look closely, holes have been drilled in the B-pillars and the inside of the C-pillars. We’re certain this would impact the structural integrity of the car but the owner clearly thinks the reduced safety is worth it for the weight savings.

Things don’t stop with the body panels and pillars. Hundreds of holes appear to have been made in the aftermarket wheels and even the rear drum brakes. Heck, the rear door handles have also been removed and it seems as though all the side windows have been removed, except for one.

While we’re sure the Toyota weighs a bit less than it used to, the alterations have likely had a negative impact on wind noise and, of course, safety.