Six Interesting Things To Do While Gambling In Japan

Six Interesting Things to do While Gambling in JapanJapan is a country with a rich culture and history. A lot of attractions are available for locals and enthusiastic travelers to be entertained in the Asian country, often referred to as the Land of The Rising Sun. For travelers who love to gamble, they can be forgiven for thinking that they will be deprived of their hobbies while traveling to this fascinating nation.
They are right in a sense, as no casinos are existing in Japan presently due to the Japanese casino bill. Though, the casino business may be allowed by the Japanese government in the foreseeable future.

But, there are several places that gambling lovers can do interesting things while on a trip to Japan. These places offer an enchanting mix of the country's elegant culture and the captivating buzz of the gambling atmosphere.

Let us take you on a journey to the notable spots in Japan where you get entertained to the fullest as you enjoy a new gambling experience.


One of the most popular games to gamble in Japan legally is Pachinko. Pachinko gaming arenas and parlors are numerous in most of the Japanese districts. If you are on your first trip to Japan as a gambler, Pachinko is the game to enjoy. To learn the game, you should go to the thrilling gambling zone of the Maruhan Shinjuku Toho Building in the Shinjuku district.

The district of Shinjuku is home to popular tourist sites when you want to take your mind off gambling. The Shinjuku Samurai Museum is an interesting spot as you are treated with the history of the Samurai clan. For gamblers who are also nature lovers, the Shinjuku Gyoen National Park provides beautiful scenery to relax their frayed gambling nerves.

Geisha Sights of Gion

The province of Gion is known for being the place to enjoy an adventure in geisha sighting. The fact that geishas are rare nowadays makes it an experience to savor while on a Japanese gambling journey. There are geisha festivals that last up to a week in Gion. The notable one is the one-week Hanatoro Higashiyama festival, which thrills tourists with the exquisite fashion and elegant makeup of geishas as they move at midnight along the Hanami-Koji Street.


Kyoto is one destination where gamblers can indulge in entertainment that is not gambling. To enjoy their first love of gambling, the yearly horse racing events at the Kyoto Racecourse is one experience to be savored. Horse race gambling is seriously taken by the gambling people in Japan as over 20,000 horse racing events are held yearly in Japan. If you are looking for that thrilling horse race gambling atmosphere in Japan, the Kyoto racecourse is undoubtedly the place to go.

Apart from being a popular destination for gamblers, Kyoto is a great tourist spot. It is home to the Arashiyama Bamboo Forest. This forest is located in the town of Ukyo-Ku. The enchanting forest is lovely to take a pleasant evening stroll sway from the pulsating gambling scene. You can also pay a visit to any of the numerous shops around to buy Japanese paintings and relics. The Tenryu-Ji Temple is one tourist site you should go to while in Kyoto.

For lovers of mountain climbing and hiking, they can savor the sight of Mt. Kurama. This mountain is located in Kurama town, which is a few kilometers on the outskirts of Kyoto. The Kurama-Dera Temple is one place to visit while in Kurama town.


The Shibuya district is home to the Meiji Shrine. You can escape from the fast pace of the gambling world by taking a relaxing visit to the beautiful serene atmosphere of the forests where the Meiji Shrine is located. There are also cafes and restaurants to enjoy Japanese recipes and the close by Yoyogi Park to go for an excellent time to calm betting spirits. Are you looking to engage in some fun activities? The Shibuya area is one place you should go to.


The Omiya-Ku district is one of the most popular destinations for traveling gamblers in Japan. It plays host to events of the prominent nationwide sport of Keirin. Keirin is a version of cycling that is distinct from the regular cycling events around the world. It gained popularity in Japan after the Second World War.

For gamblers who are on a trip to Japan, the Omiya Velodrome is one spot to indulge in legal betting. This velodrome is located in the beautiful countryside of Omiya-Ku, Saitama. At this velodrome, you can experience a passionate gambling environment.

Omiya-Ku is not just known for being a place to indulge in fast-paced gambling. Gamblers on a trip to Japan can also see and feel the rich historical tales of Japan as a country. The Hikawa Shrine is one of the famous tourist spots that can help to relax gambling nerves.

Apart from the Hikawa Shrine, a gambling trip can be made more enjoyable with a visit to the beautiful Omiya Railway Museum. Tourists will be treated with the exquisite sight of Imperial carriages used in carrying the Royal families of Japan in ancient times. You will also see different versions of Japanese automobiles.

While taking a rest from gambling, you can enjoy the sights of bonsai paintings and relics at the Omiya Bonsai Village. You can plan your Japanese gambling trip for May when the stunning Great Bonsai Festival takes place every year.