Japan Bans Drones At 10 Locations For Trump Visit

Japan bans drones at 10 locations for Trump visit

The Japanese government has designated 10 sites in and around Tokyo as no-fly zones for drones during the visit of US President Donald Trump.

Trump will arrive in Japan as a state guest on Saturday. He is due to play golf with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and watch a sumo tournament on Sunday. On Monday, Trump will meet Emperor Naruhito and hold a summit with Abe.

Japan Bans Boeing 737 Max Flights

Japan bans Boeing 737 Max flights

Japan has temporarily banned all flights of Boeing 737 Max aircraft in the country's airspace.

Japan's decision on Thursday came after the US Federal Aviation Administration ordered the temporary grounding of all Boeing 737 Max 8 and 9 aircraft, in response to a fatal crash on Sunday of Ethiopian Airlines' 737 Max 8.

Japan Follows Us And Bans Certain Takata Components

Japan follows US and bans certain Takata componentsJapan's transport ministry will follow the decision by the US Department of Transportation in November and will phase in a ban on Takata airbag inflators with ammonium nitrate propellant. The agency won't allow any vehicle currently under development to use the components. Existing models can't have the parts without a moisture-absorbing desiccant on the driver's side by 2017 and passenger's side by 2018, according to Bloomberg.

Japan Bans Selfie Sticks At 1,195 Railway Stations For Safety Concerns

Japan bans selfie sticks at 1,195 railway stations for safety concernsSelfie sticks are quite the rage in Japan. Given that travel makes the most memorable events, it is a given that railway stations seem to be swarming with selfie sticks. Now, it’s one thing to enjoy a populous that loves shooting itself and dancing to the tunes of technology, but when you’re as practical as Japan, the real implications of your actions are what take the cake.