Bill Gates' ‘greatest Mistake Ever' Was Losing Out To Android

Bill Gates' ‘Greatest Mistake Ever' Was Losing Out To Android

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates talked about what he considers to be his “greatest mistake every” at the company during an interview at venture capital firm Village Global. It was the company’s haphazard move from Windows Mobile to Windows Phone. That move allowed Android to become the only true alternative to Apple’s iOS platform.

“In the software world, particularly for platforms, these are winner-take-all markets. So the greatest mistake ever is whatever mismanagement I engaged in that caused Microsoft not to be what Android is,” Gates said.

Bill To Tackle Dementia Introduced To Diet

Bill to tackle dementia introduced to Diet

Japan's ruling coalition parties have introduced in the Diet a bill to help delay the onset of dementia or detect the disorder early.

The Liberal Democratic Party and Komeito presented the bill on Thursday.

Compensation Bill On Forced Sterilization Enacted

Compensation bill on forced sterilization enacted

Japan's Diet has enacted a bill that offers redress to people who were forcibly sterilized under the country's now-defunct Eugenic Protection Law.

The Upper House unanimously passed the bill on Wednesday morning.

Govt. Approves Bill To Tackle Child Abuse

Govt. approves bill to tackle child abuse

Japan's government has approved revisions to its child abuse prevention law following a series of high-profile abuse cases in which victims have died.

The draft bill, approved by the Cabinet on Tuesday, bans parents from physically punishing children.

Govt. Approves Bill To Vet Disabled Workers

Govt. approves bill to vet disabled workers

Japan's government has approved a bill that will require central and local government offices to thoroughly screen people with disabilities before hiring them.

The Cabinet decided revisions to the law that promotes the employment of people with disabilities on Tuesday.

Govt. Oks Bill To Recognize Ainu As Indigenous

Govt. OKs bill to recognize Ainu as indigenous

The Japanese government has mapped out a bill to officially recognize the Ainu ethnic minority as an indigenous people of Japan.

The bill, which was endorsed at a Cabinet meeting on Friday, legally stipulates for the first time that the Ainu are an indigenous people and calls for the creation of a society in which they can take pride in their heritage.

Cabinet Revises Budget Bill After Data Problem

Cabinet revises budget bill after data problem

Japan's Cabinet has taken the unusual step of revising the country's budget bill for fiscal 2019. It's rare to revise a draft budget that's already been approved by the Cabinet. The move comes after some calculations were found to be based on incomplete labor statistics.

The budget now includes an additional 6 million dollars from the general account to go toward underpaid unemployment benefits and other work-related payouts.

Japan's Diet Enacts Foreign Workers Bill

Japan's Diet enacts foreign workers bill

Japan's ruling coalition has pushed a controversial bill through the Diet... with just a few days left before the current session ends. It will allow more foreign workers into the country.

The bill to change the immigration control law was enacted after fierce resistance from the opposition camp.
It has dominated the current Diet session.

Battle Over Foreign Workers Bill Climaxes

Battle over foreign workers bill climaxes

Japan's ruling and opposition camps are jostling over a bill to allow more foreign workers into Japan as the end of the current Diet session nears.

The ruling coalition is aiming to get the bill through an Upper House committee before putting it to a vote at the chamber's plenary session for enactment on Friday.

Showdown Looms Over Foreign Workers Bill

Showdown looms over foreign workers bill

Japan's Diet is set for a showdown over a bill that would allow more foreign workers into the country.

A proposed revision to the immigration control law is a key issue in the ongoing Diet session. It would allow the employment of foreigners with certain skills in industries that suffer serious labor shortages.

Diet Panel To Begin Deliberating Immigration Bill

Diet panel to begin deliberating immigration bill

A committee of Japan's Lower House will begin deliberating a bill to allow more foreign workers into the country.

The head of the judicial affairs committee, Yasuhiro Hanashi, decided on the schedule on Thursday. A briefing on a draft revision of the immigration control law and questions by governing coalition lawmakers are scheduled for Friday.

Lawmakers Begin Deliberating Immigration Bill

Lawmakers begin deliberating immigration bill

Japanese lawmakers have begun deliberating a bill to bring more foreign workers into Japan starting in April of next year.

A draft revision to the Immigration Control Law was presented to a plenary session of the Lower House of the Diet on Tuesday.

Heated Debate Expected Over Foreign Workers Bill

Heated debate expected over foreign workers bill

In Japan, heated debate is expected between lawmakers from the ruling and opposition parties over a bill that would enable more foreigners to work in the country.

Deliberations on the revision of the Immigration Control Law will start in the Lower House plenary session on Tuesday.

Poll Shows Split On Immigration Bill

Poll shows split on immigration bill

NHK's latest opinion poll suggests that Japanese voters are divided over the idea of more foreign workers coming into the country.

NHK conducted its monthly opinion poll over the weekend. More than 1,200 responded. The telephone survey asked how people feel about a potential major shift in the country's immigration law.