Typhoon Suspected Of Causing 'heart-break'

Typhoon suspected of causing 'heart-break'

A typhoon is being blamed for breaking a heart in western Japan.

A large rock off the coast of Ama Town in the Oki Islands in Shimane Prefecture has a heart-shaped hole that has attracted many tourists, especially couples in love.

Iwaya: Residents Safe From Illness-causing Radars

Iwaya: Residents safe from illness-causing radars

Japanese Defense Minister Takeshi Iwaya has acknowledged that being in the vicinity of a new land-based missile defense system could cause people to feel ill. But he promised the government would take necessary steps to ensure that residents near the proposed sites of Aegis Ashore batteries can't come near them.

The government plans to deploy Aegis systems in the cities of Akita and Hagi, in northern and western Japan, respectively. Residents have raised concerns that the electromagnetic waves from the systems' radars could affect their health.

Jal System Trouble Causing Domestic Flight Delays

JAL system trouble causing domestic flight delays

Japan Airlines officials are warning of delays as they say their passenger check-in system for domestic flights is malfunctioning at airports across the country.

JAL says it has been having the trouble since 6:50 a.m. on Wednesday in Japan.

Torrential Rain Hits Gifu, Causing Mudslides

Torrential rain hits Gifu, causing mudslides

Torrential overnight rain in Gifu Prefecture, central Japan, washed away an embankment, temporarily leaving about 80 people stranded.

Extremely unstable atmospheric conditions brought heavy rain, mainly to the Hida region between Wednesday night and Thursday morning.

Iphone X Bug Causing Problems For Suica Users In Japan

iPhone X Bug Causing Problems For Suica Users In Japan

When Apple Pay launched in Japan, one of the features is that it allowed users to turn their phones into a Suica pass. For those unfamiliar, Suica is one of several transit card systems that is used in Japan. By turning your iPhone into a Suica pass, it means that users don't need to worry about bring their card around as long as they have their phone.

It proved to be extremely popular where users rushed to sign up when it was launched, causing the system to overload. Unfortunately it looks like its problems have yet to come to an end because in a report from local blog Ata Distance (via AppleInsider), there appears to be an issue with the iPhone X in which a bug is causing Apple Pay problems which in turn affects the Suica.

New System Warns Drivers When They Are Causing Traffic Congestion

New system warns drivers when they are causing traffic congestionHonda Motor has developed the world's first system to warn people that their driving might cause traffic congestion.

The technology, developed in cooperation with the University of Tokyo's Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, analyzes drivers’ speeds, the frequency of braking and other factors and recommends smoother driving if a drivers’ habits are likely to cause problems for other motorists.