Survey: Outbreak Causing Hardship For Actors

Survey: Outbreak causing hardship for actors

A survey in Japan found that nearly 80 percent of actors and voice actors who responded are facing hardship as their jobs have been canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The Japan Actors Union conducted the survey over a period of three days through Thursday, and 528 actors and voice actors responded.

The survey comes as theater performances and film production have been canceled or postponed due to the outbreak.

Asked about the fees for the canceled performances, 75.7 percent said they have not been paid for any work for which they had been scheduled to perform.

Only 24.3 percent said they have been paid for some or all of their work.

Asked about their current situation, 52.3 percent said they are spending down their savings. In addition, 26.3 percent said they need to borrow money because they lack sufficient savings to live on.

Actor Nishida Toshiyuki, who heads the Japan Actors Union, made an urgent appeal last month for government support.

He said the survey shows that actors have lost both work and income and are in danger of becoming unable to live. He says he will continue seeking help from the government.