Quake Affects Cheese Maker In Hokkaido

Quake affects cheese maker in Hokkaido

The powerful quake that hit Japan's northern main island of Hokkaido last week is affecting the local cheese industry. Cheese is one of the region's specialties.

Japan's first cheese farm was established in the town of Abira in 1933. The area was hit hard by the quake, and there is no running water.

Rich And Gentle Cottage Cheese Tart Gives A Taste Of Scandinavia

Rich and gentle cottage cheese tart gives a taste of Scandinavia

Takashi Tsumagari not only runs Cake House Tsumagari in Nishinomiya, Hyogo Prefecture, but also acts as an "ingredient hunter" for his confectionery, seeking the finest ingredients.

The 67-year-old pastry chef uses milk from free-range cows kept in a coastal area of the Tohoku region, spring water from Mie Prefecture and almonds from Sicily.

A Taste Of Italy In Miso Soup With Tomatoes And Powdered Cheese

A taste of Italy in miso soup with tomatoes and powdered cheese

Cherry tomatoes and powdered cheese in miso soup may take some by surprise, and all the more so if the process begins by cooking "shimeji" mushrooms in water instead of making soup stock with dried kelp.

"These ingredients happen to release the umami (savory) elements," says Sally Hiramatsu, the 28-year-old "science-based cooking expert," who has a talent for conveying the mechanisms of how tastiness comes about through cooking from a scientific perspective.

Travelers' Treasures / Ko No Kuni Nama Cheese Cake (rare Cheesecake)

Travelers' Treasures / Ko no Kuni Nama Cheese Cake (Rare cheesecake)

Ko no Kuni Nama Cheese Cake is six pieces of no-bake cheesecake made using sake lees. The Ultimate Souvenirs for the Whole World sponsored by the Japan Tourism Agency selected this as a top-quality item from among 747 different products.

Sake lees are used from six veteran breweries in Shiga prefecture with over 100 years in the business, and the brewers' original production methods result in six different flavors of cheesecake with their own aromas.

Grilled Salmon With Dengaku And Cheese

Grilled salmon with dengaku and cheeseDengaku is a versatile sweet miso sauce that can make some dishes tastier. You might see dengaku dishes with the sauce on top of grilled eggplant or tofu at Japanese restaurants.
Today, I want to share my favorite dish using this sauce — grilled salmon covered with dengaku sweet miso sauce and melted cheese. Yum! It sounds great already.

Butaniku Cheese Roll

Butaniku Cheese RollGreat for an afternoon or late night snack. It’s easy and always tastes great!

6 oz sliced pork (sliced into 8 pieces)
8 spinach leaves (30g)
2 slices of cheese (each cut into four pieces)