Docomo Shows 5g In Japan Ahead Of 2020 Commercial Launch

Docomo Shows 5G In Japan Ahead of 2020 Commercial Launch

At Inter Bee 2018 (Tokyo/Japan), Docomo has installed a 5G demo truck with a huge screen inside to demonstrate the power of 5G live streaming video.

The Truck is driving across Japan as part of Docomo’s 5G awareness campaign and has a live 5G base station at the top. The truck we went into didn’t use a live connection, perhaps because the trade show location doesn’t have 5G coverage yet. To reproduce the normal experience, Docomo used pre-recorded videos from previous sessions.

Lexus Prepares Super Bowl Commercial With Ls 500 Flagship Black Panther

Lexus Prepares Super Bowl Commercial with LS 500 Flagship & Black PantherLexus will be returning to the Super Bowl advertising game again this year with a new commercial featuring the 2018 LS 500 sedan and tying in with the new Marvel superhero movie Black Panther.

This pairing is an new move for the Lexus/Marvel partnership, as only the LC coupe has been featured in Black Panther trailers. However, the superhero genre is built on the idea of secret identities, and it's easy to see parallels between the LS flagship and the king of Wakanda.

Daihatsu's Commercial Ev Features Flat Floor Surface

Daihatsu's Commercial EV Features Flat Floor Surface

Daihatsu Motor Co Ltd showed a concept model of a commercial electric vehicle (EV) that features a flat floor.

The concept car, "DN Pro Cargo," was exhibited at Tokyo Motor Show 2017, which was open to the public from Oct 28 to Nov 5, 2017. Batteries were arranged so that the floor surface becomes flat and goods can be easily loaded.