Parents Banned Abused Daughter From Leaving Home

Parents banned abused daughter from leaving home

The mother of a ten-year-old girl who died after suspected domestic violence has reportedly told police that she did not allow her daughter to leave their home for a month under her husband's instruction.

Mia Kurihara was found dead in her home in Noda city, Chiba Prefecture, near Tokyo, last month. Police arrested her father Yuichiro Kurihara last month on suspicion of inflicting injuries that led to Mia's death. Her mother Nagisa was also arrested on Monday.

Mother Allegedly Ignored Abuse Of Daughter

Mother allegedly ignored abuse of daughter

The Japanese mother of a girl suspected of dying from injury inflicted by her father reportedly overlooked abuse in order to escape being targeted herself.

Nagisa Kurihara was arrested on Monday for alleged involvement in the abuse of her 10-year-old daughter, Mia.

Kimura Takuya's Daughter Koki To Star In Her First Cm

Kimura Takuya's daughter Koki to star in her first CM

Kimura Takuya and Kudo Shizuka's daughter Koki will be appearing in her first TV CM. She will be starring in the CM for Otsuka Pharmaceutical's new drink brand 'Body Mainte Drink' to air beginning November 9. 

The brand was created with the concept "to support people who are working hard toward their dreams and to support the bridge between hard work and the result." As such, the brand wanted to support Koki, who has taken a step towards her dream of "becoming a fashion model and composer who can be active worldwide."

Parental Abuse Kills 5-year-old Daughter

Parental abuse kills 5-year-old daughter

The parents of a 5-year-old girl are believed to have abused their child until she died. Police think the abuse was tied to them forcing her to keep a record of her weight starting about 2 months before her death.

Tokyo police arrested Yudai Funato and his wife Yuri on June 6th over their daughter Yua's death in March. They are suspected of failing not just to feed the girl properly but also take her to hospital.

Parents Arrested On Suspicion Of Starving Daughter

Parents arrested on suspicion of starving daughter

Tokyo police have arrested a couple for allegedly starving their 5-year-old daughter to death.

Yua Funato died in March. Police arrested her 33-year-old father Yuudai Funato on suspicion of punching her and causing grave injuries the previous month. He has been indicted for injurious assault.

Kimura Takuya's Daughter Makes Modeling Debut

Kimura Takuya's daughter makes modeling debut

Kimura Takuya and Kudo Shizuka's second daughter Koki (15) has made her modeling debut. She is featured on the cover of fashion magazine 'ELLE JAPON', which was released on May 28.

In an interview with the magazine, Koki said, "My charm points are my eyes and the beauty spots next to both of my eyes. My mother has a beauty mark on the right side of her eye, and my father has one on the left side. I believe my two beauty spots are gifts from my parents."

Dad Trolls Daughter For Cheating In Mario Kart With Fake Rejection Letter

Dad Trolls Daughter For Cheating In Mario Kart With Fake Rejection Letter

Nobody likes a cheater, but there are also many ways in which one can address the problem. You could go strict, harsh, or in the case of 13-year old Vivian's dad, he decided that a little humor mixed with a teachable moment was a good way to remind his daughter that cheating isn't cool.

Vivian has been working on her portfolio for the past decade or so in an attempt to get into Booker T. Washington High School, a magnet school for art. Naturally with so many years put into her getting in, there was a lot of anticipation when a letter from the school arrived, except that it wasn't really the letter from the school, but a fake letter printed by her dad.

Mother Crafts Kendo Gear, Passes On Skills To Daughter

Photoscape / Mother crafts kendo gear, passes on skills to daughter

Photographer Beautifully embroidered "do" breastplates for kendo are displayed on the shelves at Kobayashi Isshindo Budoguten, a Japanese martial arts equipment shop in Machiya, Arakawa Ward, Tokyo.

At the shop, which marks the 150th anniversary of its foundation this year, fourth-generation shop owner Reiko Inagaki, 64, is busy repairing the protective gear worn by kendo martial artists every day.

Family Names Karate Club In Memory Of Daughter

Family names karate club in memory of daughterA family who recently moved to Green Country shares their story about how the tragic death of a loved one brought them here.
We spoke to the father who said their mission in Oklahoma is to spread his daughters' love of karate with others.