Bill To Tackle Dementia Introduced To Diet

Bill to tackle dementia introduced to Diet

Japan's ruling coalition parties have introduced in the Diet a bill to help delay the onset of dementia or detect the disorder early.

The Liberal Democratic Party and Komeito presented the bill on Thursday.

Record Number Of Dementia Sufferers Missing In '18

Record number of dementia sufferers missing in '18

A record number of people with dementia were listed as missing last year.

The National Police Agency says that 16,927 cases involving confirmed or suspected dementia sufferers were reported in 2018. That was up 1,064 from the previous year.

Govt. Compiles Guidelines To Tackle Dementia

Govt. compiles guidelines to tackle dementia

The Japanese government has compiled policy guidelines to tackle dementia, with an emphasis on implementing measures to delay its onset.

A meeting of relevant Cabinet ministers approved the guidelines on Tuesday.

Japan Plans First Targets For Dementia

Japan plans first targets for dementia

Japan's government plans to set its first-ever targets for reducing the number of people in their 70s with dementia.

The government says it aims to delay the onset of dementia in patients by one year over the next 10 years.

Assets Held By Dementia Sufferers Top $1.2 Tril.

Assets held by dementia sufferers top $1.2 tril.

A new report shows financial assets of people with senile dementia in Japan have topped 143 trillion yen, or over 1.27 trillion dollars, as of March this year.

The finding is in a report by the Dai-ichi Life Research Institute and based on government surveys on the percentage of dementia sufferers in the population as well as household savings.

Tracker Shoe Monitors, Keeps Tabs On Dementia Patients

Tracker shoe monitors, keeps tabs on dementia patients

A Tokyo company is hoping its special shoes with an embedded tracker are the perfect fit for families who have loved ones with dementia.

Achilles Corp., known for its shoes and plastic products, based in Tokyo's Shinjuku Ward, created the special footwear for dementia patients who may wander off. They will help families or caregivers to keep track of and locate the patients at all times.