Pager Service Ends In Japan

Pager service ends in Japan

The last remaining pager service in Japan is being terminated on Monday.

The first pager service was launched in Japan in 1968. The number of subscribers peaked in 1996 at more than 10 million.

Japan Ends South Korea's Preferential Trade Status

Japan ends South Korea's preferential trade status

Japan has officially removed South Korea from a list of trading partners entitled to simplified export procedures, further escalating an ongoing feud between the two countries. South Korea's Prime Minister is vowing to fight the move.

Under the new regulations, some companies will need to submit extra paperwork, slowing the export process.

Japan Ends Preferential Trade Status For S.korea

Japan ends preferential trade status for S.Korea

Japan has removed South Korea from a list of trading partners entitled to simplified export procedures. Some companies may need to submit extra paperwork, depending on the items they want to sell.

An ordinance that took effect on Wednesday ranks South Korea in Group B, the second-highest among four newly created categories. Nations in Group A are entitled to simplified procedures.

Abe, Trump Meeting Ends

Abe, Trump meeting ends

The leaders of Japan and the US have wrapped up talks on a number of pressing matters. But the subject of North Korea is still going to be discussed. President Donald Trump is meeting with families of Japanese nationals abducted by the North decades ago.

He has sat down with them once before.

Sokui-go-choken-no-gi Ceremony Ends

Sokui-go-Choken-no-gi ceremony ends

Japan's new Emperor has had his first audience with representatives of the people at the Imperial Palace.

The Sokui-go-Choken-no-gi started at 11:12 a.m. on Wednesday in the Matsu-no-Ma State Room.

Kenji-to-shokei-no-gi Ceremony Ends

Kenji-to-Shokei-no-gi ceremony ends

A ceremony marking the new Emperor's succession of the sacred sword and jewel has ended in Japan.

The ceremony known as Kenji-to-Shokei-no-gi began at around 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday in the Matsu-no-Ma State Room of the Imperial Palace.

Panel Debate Ends On New Era Name

Panel debate ends on new era name

Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary has finished a meeting with experts to decide on the name of the country's new era.
Yoshihide Suga heard opinions from all members of the expert panel.

The next step is for Suga to present the names to the heads and vice-heads of both chambers of the Diet.

Ichiro Suzuki Ends Career

Ichiro Suzuki ends career

The Seattle Mariners' veteran baseball player Ichiro Suzuki has announced he is retiring.

The ace batter and outfielder made his last appearance in the opening series game on Thursday in Tokyo.

Matsuda Yumi Ends Her Activities In Hkt48

Matsuda Yumi ends her activities in HKT48

HKT48 member Matsuda Yumi has ended her activities with the group. 

On HKT48's official website, it states that this decision was made by Matsuda herself. Details regarding the handshake events and other events she was scheduled to participate in will be announced later. 

Sdf Ends Search For 5 In Us Military Plane Crash

SDF ends search for 5 in US military plane crash

Japan's Self-Defense Forces ended their search operations for 5 American crew members on Tuesday. The crew went missing in last week's mid-air collision of 2 US military aircraft.

An FA-18 fighter jet and a KC-130 refueling aircraft collided during training on Thursday, after taking off from their base in Iwakuni, Yamaguchi Prefecture, in western Japan.

Google Officially Ends Support For Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Google Officially Ends Support For Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich was released back in 2011, making it 7 years old. Given that it is now Android 9.0 Pie, it is safe to assume that many Android users have since updated to newer versions of Android and have gotten newer devices, so much so that it doesn’t come as a surprise that Google is now discontinuing support for the update.

Announced on its Android Developers Blog, Google has revealed that they will no longer be supporting devices that run on Android Ice Cream Sandwich. “The Android Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) platform is seven years old and the active device count has been below 1% for some time. Consequently, we are deprecating support for ICS in future releases of Google Play services. For devices running ICS, the Google Play Store will no longer update Play Services APK beyond version 14.7.99.”