Controversial Art Exhibition To Reopen Tuesday

Controversial art exhibition to reopen Tuesday

A controversial exhibition about freedom of expression at an international art festival in central Japan will reopen on Tuesday.

Aichi Triennale 2019 opened from the beginning of August in Aichi Prefecture.

Controversial Art Exhibition Likely To Reopen

Controversial art exhibition likely to reopen

Organizers of an international art festival in central Japan are planning to reopen a controversial exhibition about freedom of expression next week. Its cancellation sparked debate about the relationship between politics and art.

Aichi Triennale 2019 opened on August 1 in Aichi Prefecture. Three days later, one of the exhibitions was called off due to threats being made about some of the works on display, including a statue symbolizing those referred to as wartime comfort women.

Exhibition Dedicated To Late Scholar Donald Keene

Exhibition dedicated to late scholar Donald Keene

An exhibition highlighting the life and achievements of the late scholar of Japanese literature, Donald Keene, is underway at a museum in Kashiwazaki City, central Japan. Keene died in February.

Keene revived a traditional puppet theatrical performance set in the city to give encouragement to survivors of the major earthquake that hit the city and surrounding areas in 2007. It was the first time in about 300 years that the performance had been staged.

Shinto Exhibition Opens In United States

Shinto exhibition opens in United States

An art exhibition on Japan's Shinto religion is attracting visitors in the United States.

"Shinto: Discovery of the Divine in Japanese Art" opened at the Cleveland Museum of Art in the state of Ohio on Tuesday. The show is being held in cooperation with the Nara National Museum and the Japan Foundation.

2020 Toyota Highlander Teased With 3d Art Exhibition Ahead Of Nyias

2020 Toyota Highlander teased with 3D art exhibition ahead of NYIAS

We're coming up on the annual New York International Auto Show, and Toyota is brewing up an all-new, fourth-generation 2020 Toyota Highlander crossover. But instead of revealing it in a typical manner involving a press release and some stock photos of the car, the Japanese auto giant decided to do something different this time around.

Toyota teamed with augmented reality artist Michael Murphy for a unique art exhibition to showcase this new Highlander. Murphy is known for his illusionary and anamorphic 3D art exhibitions and sculptures, which manipulate lighting and shadows to play on human visual perception.

Gaza Artists Give Talk At Yokohama Exhibition

Gaza artists give talk at Yokohama exhibition

Three artists from the Gaza Strip visited a Yokohama art gallery on Tuesday to talk about their work and the difficulties of life in the enclave.

Mohammad Al-Hawaziri said he thought it would be impossible to get out of Gaza and visit Japan. He said he is grateful to many people for taking an interest in his home.

Tokyo Museum To Hold Le Corbusier Exhibition

Tokyo museum to hold Le Corbusier exhibition

An exhibition of works by the French architect Le Corbusier will open at the National Museum of Western Art in Tokyo on Tuesday.

One-hundred forty of his works will be on display at the museum, which itself was designed by Le Corbusier and was added to the UNESCO list of World Heritage sites in 2016.

Daoko To Hold First Exhibition + Mini Live

DAOKO to hold first exhibition + mini live

DAOKO and photographer Baba Shinkai's exhibition 'DAOKO × SHINKAI BABA Kizuki EXHIBITION: Enlightening my world' will open on February 9 at KATA in Tokyo. 

This is the first time DAOKO is opening an exhibition. On Baba, she commented, "Beloved photographer Baba Shinkai-san's photos are like pictures of light. He is able to capture everything including the smell of moments that you don't want to forget in your daily life as well as beautiful moments. I love Baba-san's photos. The more we talk about the things we usually think about, how we capture things, and how we feel the world, the more we find that we are alike.

Figure Skating/ Takahashi Returns In Style, Wows Crowd At Gala Exhibition

FIGURE SKATING/ Takahashi returns in style, wows crowd at gala exhibition

KADOMA, Osaka Prefecture--Once-retired Daisuke Takahashi drew the loudest applause at a gala exhibition here on Dec. 25, a day after he won silver in the men's competition of the Japan Figure Skating Championships.

It was his first appearance in five years at the event, and the crowd and organizers showed their appreciation for the return of the former world and national champion.

Shingo Katori Holds First Exhibition In Paris

Shingo Katori holds first exhibition in Paris

Shingo Katori, a Japanese artist and former member of male pop group SMAP, is holding his first solo exhibition in Paris.

A preview of the show was held on Tuesday, the day before its opening to the public, at a facility adjacent to the Louvre Museum.

Final Fantasy Vii Remake Will Be Shown Off At Upcoming Exhibition

Final Fantasy VII Remake Will Be Shown Off At Upcoming Exhibition

We know that fans of the original Final Fantasy VII were pretty chuffed when they learnt that Square Enix would be remaking the game. However in terms of details and when the game will be released, it's still anyone's guess as the developer has been a bit cagey about it, but it seems that we could be getting more details soon.

To celebrate the franchise turning 30, Square Enix will be hosting a special Final Fantasy exhibition at the Mori Art Center Gallery in Japan. This exhibition will feature the various Final Fantasy titles that have been released over the past three decades, and it seems that the Final Fantasy VII Remake will be present as well.

Rail Museum Hosts Exhibition On Evolution Of The Shinkansen

Rail museum hosts exhibition on evolution of the Shinkansen

SAITAMA--For young and old alike, a special exhibition tracing the development of the Shinkansen trains is being held at the Railway Museum here.

Along with detailed 1:20 scale models, explanatory panels about increases in the speed of the bullet trains, safety measures and other topics are on display.

A Special Take On Doraemon For Exhibition Being Held Until 2018

A special take on Doraemon for exhibition being held until 2018

Twenty-eight of Japan's leading contemporary artists and artists' groups teamed up to create their own versions of Doraemon for a special exhibition dedicated to the beloved anime character from the future.

Sponsored by The Asahi Shimbun and other entities, The Doraemon Exhibition Tokyo 2017 is running at the Mori Arts Center Gallery in Roppongi through Jan. 8, 2018.

Huis Ten Bosch Park Expects Gold Rush At Exhibition Room

Huis Ten Bosch park expects gold rush at exhibition room

SASEBO, Nagasaki Prefecture--Gold worth 800 million yen ($7.05 million) will glisten an exhibition room at the Huis Ten Bosch theme park here.

Named Ogon no Yakata (the gold mansion), the 25-square-meter room will open on the second floor of the Palace Huis Ten Bosch building on Dec. 16.