Akimoto Faces New Arrest Warrant For Bribery

Akimoto faces new arrest warrant for bribery

Tokyo prosecutors have obtained a fresh arrest warrant for a lawmaker over new bribery allegations involving casino resorts.

Lower House member Tsukasa Akimoto was arrested last month on suspicion of receiving about 27,000 dollars from a Chinese firm called 500.com in 2017.

Abe Faces More Questions Over Cherry Blossom Party

Abe faces more questions over cherry blossom party

Japan's opposition camp plans to continue grilling Prime Minister Shinzo Abe over his annual cherry blossom-viewing party. They say Abe is using a publicly funded event for his own interests.

Opposition lawmakers at a Lower House plenary session on Tuesday criticized Abe for inviting many supporters from his constituency to the event.

Nine-year-old Girl Faces World's Top Go Player

Nine-year-old girl faces world's top go player

A nine-year-old girl who is set to become the youngest professional player of the board game go in Japan has played the world's top-ranked female player.

The Japan Go Association, or Nihon Ki-in, decided to induct Sumire Nakamura as a professional under a special quota for gifted young amateurs.

Oricon Reveals '10th Ideal Faces Chosen By Men' Ranking

Oricon reveals '10th ideal faces chosen by men' ranking

Oricon has revealed its "10th ideal faces chosen by men" ranking. 

This year's number one spot went to actor Takenouchi Yutaka who is the oldest to top the ranking at 47 years old. This position was previously held by Takeuchi Ryoma, Mukai Osamu, Kimura Takuya, and Dean Fujioka. 

Japanese Boxing Federation Faces Allegations

Japanese boxing federation faces allegations

The Japan Amateur Boxing Federation is facing a wide range of allegations of misconduct, including the inappropriate use of grant money.

More than 300 people with links to the sport made the allegations. They called on the Japan Sports Agency, the Japan Sport Council, and other institutions to open an investigation.

2018 Nissan Leaf Faces Much Stiffer Competition Than Its Predecessor, But Then Again, It Promises To Be Better All Around

2018 Nissan Leaf faces much stiffer competition than its predecessor, but then again, it promises to be better all aroundThe 2018 Nissan Leaf faces much stiffer competition than its predecessor, but then again, it promises to be better all around.

From the new exterior design to the significantly updated cabin, the zero-emission hatchback might very well be the one that could convince a number of people to spend their money on an EV, WhatCar notes in their review.