Next-generation Nissan Frontier Won't Have Much In Common With The Navara

Next-Generation Nissan Frontier Won't Have Much In Common With The Navara

Nissan recently announced plans to build a new Frontier at its plant in Canton, Mississippi and new details are starting to emerge about the upcoming model.

According to a source who talked to Motor Trend, the truck won't have much in common with the Navara that is sold in overseas markets. The publication reports the company is spending "serious dough" on the compact truck and it will likely be offered with an entry-level four-cylinder engine as well as an optional V6.

Still No Plans For Second-generation Lexus Lfa

Still No Plans for Second-Generation Lexus LFA

Lexus has no plans to build a second-generation LFA supercar, according to an Autocar interview with Lexus president Yoshihiro Sawa:

"I really want to do an LFA successor, and it is important to have dreams, but for now it is a very complicated situation," said Sawa. "It's a very difficult question to answer as I would like to do it, but we have other priorities for now."

Creative And Inspiring 'trophy City' Campaign Showcases 10th-generation Honda Accord

Creative and Inspiring 'Trophy City' Campaign Showcases 10th-Generation Honda Accord and All Who Refuse to Rest on Their Laurels

As America's best-selling car for over 41 years, the Honda Accord has earned its share of trophies. Now, the all-new from the ground up 10th-generation 2018 all-new Accord makes its debut in a creative marketing campaign, "Trophy City," highlighting Honda's mission to push beyond past success in pursuit of even greater achievements.

In the imaginative "Trophy City," metal trophy figures representing human accomplishments in sports, academics, music, science and other endeavors come to life to recognize and encourage those who push the limits and refuse to rest on their laurels.

Second-generation Nsx "dream Project" By Scienceofspeed To Debut At Sema

Second-Generation NSX

Debuting at SEMA, the second generation Acura NSX "Dream Project," created by acclaimed NSX specialist, ScienceofSpeed, features subtle enhancements to the supercar's powertrain, suspension and styling to elevate performance.

Based in Chandler, Arizona, ScienceofSpeed – established in 2001 – began by developing high-performance downpipes and a light-weight stainless steel exhaust system (-16 lbs.) resulting in a deeper, more aggressive engine note. Liquid injected intercooling further elevates engine performance by cooling intake air before it enters the twin-turbochargers, improving power output to a combined 610 horsepower (+37) and 507 lb.-ft. torque (+31).

Next-generation Lexus Gs F Under Development

Next-Generation Lexus GS F Under Development

Toyota has announced that the brand’s Gazoo Racing division will be taking an active role in the development of Lexus F vehicles, including the next-generation GS F — from Car & Driver:

[Gazoo president Shigeki] Tomayama said that GR is already involved with developing a new Lexus GS F. What's unclear is whether he's referring to an F variant of a next-generation GS or merely an updated version of the current GS F. Considering recent rumors that the GS will not live on to see another generation, we tend to lean toward the latter.

Next-generation Lexus Es Sedan Arriving Fall 2018?

Next-Generation Lexus ES Sedan Arriving Fall 2018?

The Chubu Keizai newspaper in Nagoya reports the Lexus ES sedan will go on sale in Japan by Fall of 2018 — here is the Google-translated article:

Toyota Motor Company established its policy to introduce the medium-sized sedan “ES” of the luxury car brand “Lexus” into the Japanese market in the autumn of 2018.

Next-generation Toyota Corolla Im Spotting Testing On Mountain Roads

Next-generation Toyota Corolla iM spotting testing on mountain roads

It appears that Toyota is hard at work on developing the next-generation Auris hatchback. One of our spy photographers snapped some pictures of the new economy car tackling some tight twisties. In case you were wondering why you should care about a Toyota you've never heard of, the reason is that you've heard of its American-badged cousin the Corolla iM, which shares the current Auris's platform and most of its styling. The regular Corolla sedan is unique to the U.S. market.

Based on these spy photos, the new Auris/Corolla iM is certainly an evolution of the current design. It has a wedge-y nose and profile, as well as crisp, acute angles throughout the body. Some of those cues have been exaggerated, though. The headlights in particular have been stretched nearly to the middle of the car. Odds are there won't be much if any kind of grille between the lamps. Instead, there will probably be a sizable grille in the lower bumper to handle all of the cooling duties. That grille also has a unique pattern to it.

Rendered: The Next-generation Lexus Es Sedan

Rendered: The Next-Generation Lexus ES Sedan

Josh Byrnes of Car Scoops had a crack at imagining the next-generation Lexus ES, and the result is a rendering that could foretell the production model.

Prototypes of the new ES were spotted last month, where it’s possible to pull out many of the details seen on the rendering — here’s the most similar angle:

New Fifth-generation Lexus Ls 500 To Start Around $75,000 In Usa

New Fifth-Generation Lexus LS 500 to Start Around $75,000 in USA

Lexus has announced the all-new fifth-generation LS flagship sedan will start around $75,000 in the United States, up from the $73,500 base price of the existing model.

This additional cost will be offset by new standard features, though exact details have yet to be released. It’s also expected that 70% of all LS sales will come in below $80,000 before individual options are added. Pricing for the LS will max out at approximately $100,000 for a fully loaded model.

Mazda Outlines Next-generation Technology Plan

Mazda outlines next-generation technology plan

Mazda has outlined its plans for the next generation of its powertrains as well as its autonomous driving and styling outlook as it seeks to cement its position as a manufacturer that sees long-term viability in the internal combustion engine.

Hosting the Mazda technology forum in Frankfurt last week, the Japanese company reinforced its belief that the internal combustion engine will be around for decades to come, rationalising its position against fuel-efficient electrification of the automobile by showcasing what it dubs real world ‘well to wheel' emissions.

Next-generation Lexus Es & Es F Sport Prototypes Spotted!

Next-Generation Lexus ES & ES F SPORT Prototypes Spotted!

Two next-generation Lexus ES prototypes have been spotted in the California desert testing against the Mercedes E300 and Audi A6 — Motor1 has photos of what looks to be both an ES and ES F SPORT (above):

Both sedans have a coupe-like silhouette, much like the all-new fifth-generation LS — the standard ES with a waterfall grille, the other with an F SPORT mesh.

Next-generation Electric Battery Technology Coming To Lexus?

Next-Generation Electric Battery Technology Coming to Lexus?

The Wall Street Journal is reporting Toyota has made a major breakthrough in battery technology:

The technology, a solid electrolyte, would enable smaller, lighter lithium-ion batteries, which theoretically could hold a higher charge—boosting the range of electric vehicles, according to the company.

New Mitsubishi ''next-generation Mpv'' Has A Bold Front End And A 3-row Interior

New Mitsubishi ''Next-Generation MPV'' Has A Bold Front End And A 3-Row Interior

Mitsubishi has officially dropped the veils off the new MPV that will debut at the Indonesia International Auto Show that takes place from August 10 to August 20.

Previously referred to as the Expander, the vehicle's official name has yet to be revealed, but the automaker says that they will make the announcement during the automotive event. Until then, it simply refers to it as the 'Next-Generation MPV'.