Glay To Celebrate 25th Anniversary With 7 Promises

GLAY to celebrate 25th anniversary with 7 promises

It's been 25 years since GLAY made their major debut with the single "RAIN" on May 25, 1994. To commemorate this occasion, the band will carry out their activities this year with the theme "GLAY DEMOCRACY." 

The members commented, "GLAY is a democracy. That's why we will make our 25th year alongside our fans. A 25th year that ties us with everyone's feelings. We strongly feel that it will largely affect our future." They are promising seven things, which include a nationwide hall tour, a concert at Met Life Dome in Saitama, the release of their 57th single (currently untitled) and their 15th album (currently untitled). 

Glay Unveil Pv For 'your Song'

GLAY unveil PV for 'YOUR SONG'

GLAY have unveiled the PV for their new song "YOUR SONG." 

"YOUR SONG" will be released as GLAY's new single on November 14, and it has been picked up as the official support song for the Special Olympics Nippon. TERU (Vo), who wrote and composed the song, wanted to make "a video that focuses on people from different nationalities chasing their dreams."

Glay To Provide Their Song To The Special Olympics Nippon

GLAY to provide their song to the Special Olympics Nippon

GLAY's new song "YOUR SONG" has been picked up as the official support song for the Special Olympics Nippon.

"YOUR SONG" was written by TERU (Vo) when he visited Chicago for the 'Special Olympics Unified Football Cup Chicago' (held July 17 ~ 21) to cheer on the Japanese team. On the song, he said, "Since this is the official support song for the Special Olympics Nippon, it's a song that is entrusted with extraordinary feelings. The Apecial Olympics is probably not recognized much in Japan, but I hope people will come to know it through 'YOUR SONG'."

Glay To Perform In Hong Kong In March

GLAY to perform in Hong Kong in March

GLAY has confirmed a live concert at AsiaWorld-Expo in Hong Kong on March 24. 

The band is also scheduled to perform at Taipei Arena in Taiwan on March 17. The newly announced concert is titled "GLAY ARENA TOUR 2018 'SPRINGDELICS' in Hong Kong." This is their first Hong Kong concert since May in 2013. 

Glay To Support Runners In The 'hokkaido Marathon'

GLAY to support runners in the 'Hokkaido Marathon'

GLAY's new song "Long Run" has been picked up as the official song for 'Hokkaido Marathon 2017' scheduled to be held on August 27. 

"Long Run" is described as a rock tune with a pop melody and sense of speed. TAKURO (G), who was in charge of the song's lyrics and composition, stated, "By superimposing the marathon, which will be held under the open sky in our hometown of Hokkaido, on life, we wrote a song called 'Long Run' as a support song for many people who support the runners' struggle and solitude.

Glay's Takuro Starts His Solo Activities

GLAY's TAKURO starts his solo activitiesGLAY's TAKURO has launched his solo project. His solo album "Journey without a map" will drop in stores on December 14.
This instrumental work was produced by B'z Matsumoto Tak and was recorded with musicians from Los Angeles, California. It's said to be an album in which you can feel the charm of TAKURO as a guitarist.

Glay To Provide The New Ending Theme For 'ousama No Brunch'

GLAY to provide the new ending theme for 'Ousama no Brunch'GLAY's new song "Kanojo wa Zombie" has been chosen as the February and March ending theme for TBS' "Ousama no Brunch".
Written and composed by HISASHI (G), "Kanojo wa Zombie" is included in the band's latest single "G4・IV". The song will be played on "Ousama no Brunch" starting its February 6th broadcast.

Glay To Hold Listening Event In Hokkaido For Their New Single

GLAY to hold listening event in Hokkaido for their new singleGLAY will release a new single (currently untitled) in the New Year.
The details on the single will be revealed on November 19 during a listening event sponsored by AIR-G' FM at Doshin Hall in Hokkaido. 600 people (300 pairs) will be invited to the event. Besides having the opportunity to listen to the entire single, the event will feature a talk session by the members of GLAY.

Glay To Provide The Theme Song For 'daiya No A' For The 3rd Time

GLAY to provide the theme song for 'Daiya no A' for the 3rd timeGLAY will provide their new song "Sora ga Aozora de Aru Tame ni" as the new opening theme for anime 'Daiya no A -SECOND SEASON-'.
This is GLAY's third time to provide the opening theme for the 'Daiya no A' anime series. Previous songs were titled "Hashire! Mirai" and "HEROES". The anime's production team attended one of GLAY's lives and were impressed by their performance of the songs. This resulted in this third offer.

Glay Announces 7 Surprises At Live Event

GLAY announces 7 surprises at live event Japanese rock band GLAY just completed their two-day special live event "GLAY STADIUM LIVE 2012 THE SUITE ROOM in OSAKA NAGAI STADIUM supported by glico".

Before their encore performance on the second day, GLAY prepared a surprise announcement for their fans.