2020 Nissan Titan Xd Spied With New Grille And Minimal Camo

2020 Nissan Titan XD spied with new grille and minimal camo

Nissan is preparing a mid-cycle update for its Titan pickup truck, of which we caught our first glimpse of in the beginning of May. That truck had its grille and rear fully wrapped in camouflage, but this one rips much of that off. This truck appears to be the more capable XD version of the Titan, whereas the previous truck was just a normal Titan — the Cummins logo on the side is a dead giveaway if all the other "heavy duty" truck elements weren't enough already.

The grille looks like it actually loses some of its bite from before, which is opposite the trend of big-ole grilles on trucks nowadays. Instead of the strong, vertical bars on the previous truck, Nissan has made the whole thing into a cleaner horizontal bar and honeycomb design. Its shape has changed a bit, with the squared-off sides getting a slight kink toward the bottom.

Lexus Really Put The Spindle Grille On Its Imaginary 'men In Black' Jet

Lexus really put the spindle grille on its imaginary 'Men in Black' jet

There is a large constituency of people who do not like — hate, even — Lexus' signature spindle grille. But Lexus likes it, A LOT. So much so, that the company included the spindle design into its newest conceptual design study, the Lexus QZ 618 Galactic Enforcer Jet that will appear in "Men in Black: International."

The two official trailers for the upcoming MIB reboot revealed that Lexus had a hand in the films. In the second, we even see a Lexus RC F transforming into an aircraft, a call back to Will Smith's and Tommy Lee Jones' flying car in the original. But this is the first full look at the fictional vehicle, which will be used by Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth.

2019 Toyota Yaris Gets New Name, Grille, 3 Trim Levels

2019 Toyota Yaris gets new name, grille, 3 trim levels

Toyota is dropping the iA moniker from the Yaris for 2019, giving its dominating front grille a honeycomb insert, adding some piano black accents and chrome trim, and making its entry-level sedan available in three trim levels for the first time.

Formerly known as the Scion iA and then the Yaris iA and derived from Mazda, the 2019 Yaris will come in three grades when it goes on sale this fall: the L, LE and premium XLE. The Yaris iA previously came with a single spec with the only choice being between a six-speed manual or automatic transmission.

Lexus Lf-1 Limitless Displays Signature Spindle Grille

Lexus LF-1 Limitless Displays Signature Spindle Grille

Calty design chief Kevin Hunter spoke with Car Advice about the Lexus LF-1 Limitless concept and how it advances the brand's signature spindle grille:

Probably the most controversial elements of modern Lexus products is the so-called ‘Spindle' grille shape. Hunter says it's here to stay. "Spindle is our brand identity, it's our aim to make it attractive of course, and the LF-1 is the next step in its evolution. We call it ‘architectural spindle'.

Lexus Exec Reveals There Are Still Complaints About The Spindle Grille

Lexus exec reveals there are still complaints about the spindle grille

When Lexus debuted its spindle grille on the GS sedan and trademarked the design back in 2012, it was a sure sign the look was here to stay. It started making its way through the lineup, and now five model years later, it's on all Lexus vehicles. The one thing everyone can all agree on is, it's bold. And Lexus has doubled down on the design with the LF-1 Limitless Concept on display at the Detroit Auto Show.

Trd Japan Reinvents The Lexus Lx Front Grille With New Body Kit

TRD Japan Reinvents the Lexus LX Front Grille with New Body Kit

Official Lexus tuner TRD Japan have announced their body kit for the Lexus LX — just take a look at these images:

Ringing up the register, the front grille is ¥230,000 ($2,100), the rear bumper is ¥80,000 ($730 USD), and the wheels are a stunning ¥750,000 ($6,800 USD) — let’s take a look at the full kit on a range of colors:

Toray Applies Cfrp To Front Grille Of Concept Car

Toray Applies CFRP to Front Grille of Concept CarToray Industries Inc showed new applications of plastics including CFRP (carbon finer reinforced plastic) by using a concept car.
The concept car, "Teewave AC1," was exhibited at Toray Advanced Materials Symposium 2016, a private show that took place Oct 6, 2016, in Tokyo. It was made under the theme, "Cars Will Evolve With Power of Materials."

Mazda Going Back To Oval Grille With Next Mx-5 Miata

2012 Mazda MX-5 MiataThe original Mazda MX-5 Miata was distinguished by an oval grille – a design trait that gradually evolved into the smiling cat face on the latest model. But Mazda, according to the latest intel, is planning on returning to that oval grille with the new model in the works.