Govt. To Boost Production Of Heart-lung Machines

Govt. to boost production of heart-lung machines

The Japanese minister in charge of coronavirus measures says the government's emergency economic package will include measures to increase production of heart-lung machines.

Economic Revitalization Minister Nishimura Yasutoshi met on Thursday with Doctor Takeda Shinhiro, an expert on ECMO machines that replace the functions of the heart and lungs.

Virus Patients Recover Due To Heart-lung Machine

Virus patients recover due to heart-lung machine

A survey by Japanese doctors shows a majority of patients who underwent therapy with a heart-lung machine are recovering from serious conditions caused by the new coronavirus.

The survey shows at least 23 coronavirus patients across Japan had received the treatment involving extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, also known as ECMO.

First Heart Surgery Performed Using Ips Cells

First heart surgery performed using iPS cells

A Japanese group of researchers says it has conducted heart surgery using sheets of heart muscle cells made from iPS cells.

Induced pluripotent stem cells are created from reprogrammed human cells and can develop into various kinds of body tissue.

Typhoon Suspected Of Causing 'heart-break'

Typhoon suspected of causing 'heart-break'

A typhoon is being blamed for breaking a heart in western Japan.

A large rock off the coast of Ama Town in the Oki Islands in Shimane Prefecture has a heart-shaped hole that has attracted many tourists, especially couples in love.

Empress Emerita Diagnosed With Heart Disease

Empress Emerita diagnosed with heart disease

Japan's Imperial Household Agency says Empress Emerita Michiko has been diagnosed with heart disease.

The 84-year-old Empress Emerita underwent a heart examination on Saturday after a blood test showed an increased level of a cardiac hormone called BNP, which points to a higher risk of heart failure.

Honda Roav Concept First Drive Review | Desert Beast With A Heart Of Gold

Honda ROAV Concept First Drive Review | Desert beast with a heart of gold

CANTIL, Calif. — Honda is not a brand known for its offroad abilities. During the 1990s SUV craze, it borrowed from Isuzu. Even when Honda finally built a pickup, it stubbornly refused to go body-on-frame. Rock crawlers and overlanders aren't fleeing their Toyotas and Jeeps for Passports and Pilots. However, Honda is a brand known for fun, and sometimes it creates wacky concepts just for the hell of it.

The Honda Rugged Open-Air Vehicle is just such a concept, but it differs from the company's traditional concepts in a couple of ways. Honda's idea of "fun" is typically non-threatening and Disney-fied — think cute ASIMO robot, family-friendly ads, or its refusal to acknowledge its legions of tuner speed freaks. Even as it builds Type Rs, it wants to be seen as a responsible corporate citizen. Nor was the ROAV built to rotate on a giant lazy Susan on an auto show floor, like most concept cars.

White Fish With Cream, Vermouth Has Plenty Of Heart And Soul

White fish with cream, vermouth has plenty of heart and soul

With golden hair tied together, round glasses and a black chef's coat, Tadashi Michino works with brisk efficiency at his restaurant.

The 64-year-old chef, with 40 years of experience, runs Michino Le Tourbillon, a French restaurant located in the Fukushima district west of Osaka Station where redevelopment is under way.

Fear, And Loathing In Las Vegas Bassist Kei Passes Away From Heart Failure

Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas bassist Kei passes away from heart failure

It's been reported that Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas bassist Kei passed away on January 12 at his home due to acute heart failure. 

The band's official website announced that Kei's funeral was already held on January 15 at the will of his family. Due to his death, the release of their new album, their tour, and their event 'MEGA VEGAS' will be cancelled for the time being. While the band plans to continue their activities, they commented, "It would make us happy if you would watch over us warmly until the day we see everybody again." 

Raccoon Causes Chaos In Heart Of Tokyo

Raccoon causes chaos in heart of Tokyo

A raccoon spotted in a busy entertainment district has drawn huge attention from passing pedestrians in central Tokyo.

A passer-by spotted the animal native to North America climbing a tree along a street in Akasaka on Wednesday evening.

Actor Tsugawa Masahiko Passes Away Due To Heart Failure

Actor Tsugawa Masahiko passes away due to heart failure

It's been reported that actor Tsugawa Masahiko (real name Kato Masahiko) has passed away on August 4 due to heart failure. He was 78 years old. His funeral was already held with close family and friends, but a public memorial service is scheduled to be held in the coming days. 

Since making his acting debut in 1956's 'Kurutta Kajitsu,' Tsugawa has starred in numerous movies, dramas, and plays. He comes from family of talent - his grandfather is director Makino Shozo, father, actor Sawamura Kunitaro, mother, actress Makino Tomoko, and elder brother, actor Nagato Hiroyuki. In 1973, he married actress Asaoka Yukiji. 

Sony Has A Change Of Heart On The Design Of Its Latest Flagship

Sony has a change of heart on the design of its latest flagship

Sony Mobile may have had a change of heart on the design of its latest flagship, according to documents submitted to the FCC. A letter dated 7 February 2018 from Sony Mobile, has requested the FCC to remove all grants for the device with FCC ID PY7-00718V. The reason for the dismal of these grants is due to a "design change".

Serious Samurai/sugano Empties Heart Into Wbc Elimination Round, Completions With 6 Ks In Japan's Loss

SOLEMN SAMURAI/Sugano empties heart into WBC elimination round, completions with 6 Ks in Japan's loss

By Manabu Mimuro and Keita Kudo/Yomiuri Shimbun Sportswriters Samurai ace Tomoyuki Sugano began the World Baseball Classic elimination round for Japan and pitched well, holding the United States to three hits and one unmerited keep running more than six innings.

The warm up area, drove by Kodai Senga, held the U.S. squad to only one run — the aftereffect of a protective slipup. Seiji Kobayashi got a lift to his advancement as a customary catcher with significant involvement in the WBC.