Japan May Force Lebanon To Extradite Ghosn In Exchange For Bailout

Japan may force Lebanon to extradite Ghosn in exchange for bailout

Japan will veto Lebanon's $10 billion bailout request if decision-makers in the Middle Eastern nation don't deport former Renault-Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn, according to lawyers. He famously fled Japan, where he was under house arrest, and landed in Lebanon, where he was raised, by boarding a private jet in a box in 2019.

Ghosn's cunning plan — which he orchestrated with the help of a former Green Beret arrested in 2020 — was worthy of a James Bond movie, but it didn't take Lebanon's financial difficulties into account. Inflation is rising, unemployment is growing, food is becoming increasingly expensive and the country's public debt hovers in the vicinity of $90 billion. Banks are also running out of dollars, which the business sector pressingly needs to pay for imported goods. Government officials began negotiating the terms of a $10 billion bailout with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in May 2020, and Ghosn may unexpectedly find himself in the middle of the talks.

Head To Japan In Episode Three Of 'the Autoblog Show'

Head to Japan in episode three of 'The Autoblog Show'

The Autoblog Show returns to Fios TV this Sunday for its third episode, this time, from the country of Japan. 

Senior Editor, Green, John Snyder, Senior Producer Christopher McGraw and Producer Alex Malburg head to the headquarters of Nissan and Subaru to test out the companies' latest in autonomous and electric vehicle technology. Afterwards we travel to the Honda Collection Hall in Motegi, to travel through the company's long history, from motorbikes to champion F1 cars and everything in between.

Mazda Mx-30 Electric Car Starts Production In Japan

Mazda MX-30 electric car starts production in Japan

Mazda has officially started production of the electric MX-30. For the time being, the small electric car hasn't been announced for the U.S. yet. Mazda hasn't declared otherwise, though, so we still have our hopes up. The first MX-30s are rolling off the line in Hiroshima, Japan. Europe will be one of the first places where these MX-30s end up. The car starts at £30,495 in the UK and €33,990 in Germany. That's around $38,000. Certainly expensive, but the price would surely be different here, plus we'd be eligible for the full $7,500 tax credit.

Those lucky European customers will be met with an electric car that likes to do things a little differently than others. The modest 35.5 kWh battery pack is good for just 124 miles on Europe's optimistic WLTP testing cycle. It would surely achieve a much lower number in the EPA test. Mazda has made it front-wheel drive, placing a single motor on the front axle that's good for 143 horsepower.

2 Men Arrested In Nissan Ex-boss Carlos Ghosn's Escape From Japan

2 men arrested in Nissan ex-boss Carlos Ghosn's escape from Japan

Authorities say this Dec. 30, 2019, image from security camera video shows Michael Taylor, center, and George-Antoine Zayek at passport control at Istanbul Airport in Turkey. Taylor, a former Green Beret and his son, Peter Taylor, 27, were arrested Wednesday in Massachusetts on charges they smuggled Nissan Motor Co. Chairman Carlos Ghosn out of Japan in a box in December 2019, while he awaited trial there on financial misconduct charges. / Getty Images


Japan Sdf Destroyer Leaves For Middle East Mission

Japan SDF destroyer leaves for Middle East mission

A destroyer of Japan's Maritime Self-Defense Force has left for the Middle East to take on an intelligence-gathering mission to ensure the safe navigation of Japan-related vessels in the region's waters.

The Kirisame left Sasebo Base in Nagasaki Prefecture on Sunday after a ceremony that was scaled back due to the coronavirus. The ship has a crew of around 200.

Japan Sees More Fatal Car Crashes In Urban Areas

Japan sees more fatal car crashes in urban areas

Japanese police say the volume of traffic around the country has plunged amid the coronavirus outbreak, leading to a significant decline in accidents.

But there has been an increase in fatal car crashes in urban areas. Police suspect this is due to more aggressive driving on empty roads.

114 New Coronavirus Cases Reported In Japan

114 new coronavirus cases reported in Japan

Japanese health officials confirmed 114 new cases of coronavirus infection on Saturday, including 36 in Tokyo.

Japan now has 15,777 confirmed infections. The list includes people tested at airport quarantine stations.

Japan To Consider Partial Easing Of Emergency

Japan to consider partial easing of emergency

The Japanese government plans to decide on Thursday whether a state of emergency can be lifted in regions where the coronavirus outbreak is easing.

Prime Minister Abe Shinzo told the Diet on Monday that he will hear from experts on Thursday before announcing whether a partial easing is possible.

Some Businesses, Schools Reopen In Japan

Some businesses, schools reopen in Japan

Businesses across Japan are slowly reopening even before the government makes its final decision on lifting a nationwide state of emergency.

More than half the country's prefectures are likely to ease restrictions put in place last month.

Temperatures Soar Across Japan

Temperatures soar across Japan

Temperatures exceeding 30 degrees Celsius were observed in wide areas in Japan on Monday. Hot weather is also forecast on Tuesday.

Daytime highs rose to 33.4 degrees in Kofu City, west of Tokyo, and Kiryu City, north of the capital.