Sources: Labor Officials Hid Survey Adjustments

Sources: Labor officials hid survey adjustments

At least three labor ministry officials are believed to have manipulated data for a monthly labor survey and failed to report it.

The revelation is the latest development in a widening scandal over the ministry's regular survey on wages and working hours that stretches back to 2004.

Abe Denies Ordering Labor Survey Method Changes

Abe denies ordering labor survey method changes

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says he did not order the labor ministry to change its methods for conducting a key monthly survey.

The ministry has been under fire for using improper methods to conduct the survey of wages and working hours.

Abe Pledges Stricter Probe Of Labor Data Scandal

Abe pledges stricter probe of labor data scandal

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says he will strengthen the independence of a panel that is investigating the flawed statistics compiled by the labor ministry.

Abe was responding to questions by Tetsuro Fukuyama, the Secretary General of the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan, in an Upper House session on Friday.

Lawmakers Angry About Faulty Labor Statistics

Lawmakers angry about faulty labor statistics

Japan's governing party lawmakers have criticized labor ministry officials for their poor grasp of the facts surrounding a fresh discovery of faulty statistics.

The labor ministry admitted earlier this week that improper methods were used for its wage structure survey. Questionnaires were sent to businesses by post, although officials were supposed to hand-deliver them.

Opposition Urges New Probe Into Faulty Labor Data

Opposition urges new probe into faulty labor data

Japan's opposition parties have urged that a new investigation into faulty labor ministry surveys be carried out by an independent panel with fresh members.

The Diet affairs chiefs of the six opposition parties met to discuss the matter on Wednesday.

Labor Ministry Finds Flaws In Another Key Survey

Labor ministry finds flaws in another key survey

Japan's labor ministry said on Monday that flaws have been found in statistics used to determine the minimum wage. It is the second time problems relating to the ministry's statistics have come to light in the past month.

The labor ministry admitted that its basic survey on wage structure was conducted with improper methods. The survey aims to obtain a clear picture of how wages are paid, according to employment type or occupation.

Personnel Chief 'attended Labor Survey Interviews'

Personnel chief 'attended labor survey interviews'

A senior official in charge of the labor ministry's personnel affairs was reportedly present when a third-party panel questioned senior staff about faulty surveys.

A government source says the head of the Minister's Secretariat, Yumiko Jozuka, attended the hearings and asked questions.

Lawmakers Blast Labor Ministry For Faulty Surveys

Lawmakers blast labor ministry for faulty surveys

Japanese lawmakers from both the ruling and opposition parties have heaped criticism on the labor ministry for conducting faulty labor surveys for years.

The Lower House health and labor committee deliberated on the issue on Thursday, despite the Diet being out of session. The discussions followed the release of a report on the defective surveys by an investigation panel.

Labor Ministry Probe Focuses On Possible Cover-up

Labor ministry probe focuses on possible cover-up

A committee investigating the faulty statistics survey of Japan's labor ministry is focused on whether there was systematic involvement in misconduct or cover-ups.

The labor ministry was supposed to cover all large businesses in Tokyo for its monthly statistics report on wages and hours, but was found to have been surveying only a fraction of them.

Panel Finds Ministry Discarded Labor Data

Panel finds ministry discarded labor data

An independent panel has found that Japan's labor ministry threw away statistical data that should be kept permanently, in the latest development in a scandal involving faulty surveys of wages and working hours.

The panel on Tuesday presented its report on the ministry's use of improper methods for its monthly surveys.

Panel To Investigate Flawed Labor Surveys

Panel to investigate flawed labor surveys

Japan's labor ministry has launched an external investigation panel to look into the use of an improper method for collecting job data.

The ministry is supposed to survey all businesses with payrolls of at least 500 people to compile its monthly labor surveys. But it was recently revealed that the ministry only covered a third of such firms in Tokyo for years, resulting in incorrect data for wages and work hours.

Suga Criticizes Moon's Wartime Labor Ruling Remark

Suga criticizes Moon's wartime labor ruling remark

Japan's top government spokesman has harshly criticized South Korean President Moon Jae-in for his remarks about South Korean court rulings on wartime labor.

Moon referred on Thursday to the ruling that ordered Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal to compensate South Korean plaintiffs who say they were forced to work for the Japanese company during World War Two.

Labor Minister Apologizes For Improper Data

Labor minister apologizes for improper data

Japan's labor minister has pledged to find out why his ministry kept releasing improper job statistics that apparently led to underpayment of benefits to millions of people.

At a news conference on Friday, Takumi Nemoto offered deep apologies for causing trouble to the public over the ministry's release of statistics compiled through improper methods for years. The data in question cover corporate salaries and working hours surveyed monthly.