Over 18,000 People Suffer Heatstroke Last Week

Over 18,000 people suffer heatstroke last week

Officials at Japan's fire agency say more than 18,000 people across the country were taken to hospitals for heat stroke in the week to Sunday as high temperatures persist.

The Fire and Disaster Management Agency reports that 18,347 people suffered heat stroke from July 29 to August 4. That's more than three times as many as the previous week.

Sony Shipments Fall By More Than Half During The Last Quarter

Sony shipments fall by more than half during the last quarter

Sony recently reported its results for the quarter ending 30 June 2019. For those hoping that the launch of the Xperia 1 would help lift sales, then you'd be disappointed to here that volumes fell by 55 percent year-on-year to just 0.9 million phones – Sony managed 2.0 million phones the year before. Sony's struggles are still very much real, although the launch of the Xperia 1 only happened at the end of May, so we may see a bounce in the subsequent quarter.

Over 5,000 People Had Heatstroke Last Week

Over 5,000 people had heatstroke last week

As sweltering summer weather prevails over Japan, more than 5,600 people have been taken to hospitals across the country in the week to Sunday due to heatstroke. That's nearly three times as many as the week earlier.

The Fire and Disaster Management Agency reported that of the 5,664 patients, 2,978 were aged 65 or older, and that 11 died.

The Last Of Us 2, Death Stranding Expected To Launch For The Ps4

The Last Of Us 2, Death Stranding Expected To Launch For The PS4

Thankfully, the good news is that Sony isn’t doing that. During Sony’s 2019 corporate strategy meeting, the company outlined how the PS4 played a critical role in their strategy, and that they expect that the console “will remain the engine of engagement and profitability for the next three years”.

The presentation was also accompanied by placeholder box art images of games such as The Last Of Us 2 and Death Stranding, hinting that both these games are still very much expected to launch on the PS4, and not the PS5 as previously rumored. It is possible that those games could be launched on both consoles, but if you’re not planning on upgrading just yet, their launch on the PS4 is good news.

Subaru Profits Fall By Half Last Year Among Recall Maladies

Subaru profits fall by half last year among recall maladies

Subaru took a financial beating last year, according to its freshly released earnings report. During the full fiscal year, which ended March 31, the carmaker's operating profits effectively halved. Net income dropped 33% to 147.81 billion yen, or $1.33 billion, and revenue fell 2.2% to 3.16 trillion yen ($28.5 billion).

Subaru states that its operating income declined by 48.5% to 195.5 billion yen, or to about $1.78 billion. According to Subaru, this was not only due to a decrease in sales, but also due to recall campaigns. Total production decreased nearly 6% to 989,000 units, and production stoppages at the Gunma plant were partially to blame for that — but Impreza, XV and Levorg sales also sank. The redesigned Forester did start out well in the summer, but sales in the first half of 2018 were more modest with the outgoing generation still in the showrooms.

Last Tuna Auction Of Heisei Era

Last tuna auction of Heisei era

The last tuna auction of the Heisei era has been held at Tokyo's wholesale food market.

Buyers shouted their bids at the Toyosu market from 5:30 a.m. on Monday -- the last business day of Heisei.

Imperial Couple Attend Last Official Engagement

Imperial couple attend last official engagement

Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko have attended an awards ceremony for an environmental prize. It was their last official engagement outside the Imperial Palace before the Emperor's abdication on April 30.

The Emperor and Empress waved and smiled to well-wishers as their motorcade left the Imperial Palace on Friday morning for the Parliamentary Museum.

Emperor's Last Meeting With Foreign Dignitaries

Emperor's last meeting with foreign dignitaries

Japan's Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko have met with Panama's President Juan Carlos Varela and his wife at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo.
This was the last meeting the Emperor held with heads of states and foreign dignitaries before his planned abdication on April 30.

The first couple of Panama arrived at the palace on Thursday afternoon. The Imperial couple welcomed the guests at the entrance.

Japan Abductees: Summit Is Last Chance For Kin

Japan abductees: Summit is last chance for kin

The Japanese government is closely watching the US-North Korean summit. But families of Japanese nationals who were abducted by Pyongyang in the 1970s and 80s, are voicing concern that the US President may make concessions in exchange for a diplomatic win.

Japan's prime minister explained his country's position to Donald Trump when they spoke over the phone last week.

Japanese Man Indicted Last Year In China

Japanese man indicted last year in China

Sources say a Japanese man was detained by Chinese intelligence authorities last year. He was later indicted.

Japan's Foreign Ministry and others say the man is in his 40s and an employee at major trading house Itochu.