Ice Monsters Offer Winter Scare At Zao Onsen Ski Resort

Ice monsters offer winter scare at Zao Onsen ski resort

YAMAGATA--Skiers and snowboarders paused on their runs down the mountain as glimpses of "juhyo" ice monsters sent shivers down their spine at the renowned Zao Onsen ski resort here on Jan. 20.

Vacationers enjoyed the spectacle of enormous, glittering trees covered in hoarfrost and ice against the deep blue sky as they descended on skis and snowboards.

Honda Compares Kids To Monsters In New Odyssey Ad

Honda Compares Kids To Monsters In New Odyssey Ad

Honda's advertising agency has come up with an action movie-like commercial that highlights the rewards of having an Odyssey.

Aimed at families blessed with two or more children, the minivan has some cool features that come in handy when parents try to settle those little "monsters", who are depicted as giant Godzillas in the new ad.

Little Glee Monster's Next Single To Be Used As Opening Theme For Anime 'boruto'

Little Glee Monster's next single to be used as opening theme for anime 'BORUTO'

The details on Little Glee Monster's next single to be released on November 8 has been revealed.

The group's 10th single is a double A-side titled "OVER / Hikaru Kakera." "OVER" is a rock tune that will be used as the opening theme for anime "BORUTO -NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS-," while "Hikaru Kakera" is a love ballad written by Suga Shikao.

'kaiju' Monsters, Humans Drown Sorrows At Kawasaki Pub

'Kaiju' monsters, humans drown sorrows at Kawasaki pubAn “izakaya” pub here provides a place where vanquished evil aliens can lick their wounds, but humans are also certainly welcome there.
The joint, themed on the classic live-action superhero TV series “Ultraman” and its sequels, has been pitched as a reborn version of Kaiju Sakaba pub.

Zombies, 'yokai' Monsters Invade Usj Summer Attractions

Zombies, 'yokai' monsters invade USJ summer attractionsAttractions based on “Yo-kai Watch,” “Resident Evil” and other popular anime, film and video game franchises will open July 3 for the summer season at Universal Studios Japan.
At the Yo-kai Watch the Real attraction, visitors will navigate through a town using real-life versions of the Yo-kai Watch and Yo-kai Pad, two key tools in the children’s anime and video game.

Sony Evolve: Mix And Match Monsters

Sony Evolve: Mix and Match MonstersAt Gamescom, the Turtle Rock Studios team is excited for people to finally experience what Evolve is all about — mixing and matching characters, monsters, and environments for increased replayability and strategy. It all funnels into the idea that every round is different, and there is always a way to win.

Sony Playstation Plus: Pixeljunk Monsters Ultimate Hd Free For Members

Sony PlayStation Plus: PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate HD Free for MembersYour parental instincts are about to kick in with PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate HD – you’ll play as Tikiman who has to defend his offspring from the hordes of monsters in the forest. In this tower defense game you’ll strategically place weapons to help you whittle down the herd of creatures before they can make it to your children. As the baddies fall, you’ll collect coins to build new armaments and construct more weapon sites so you can be better prepared for the next wave. Save the kiddies!