Observatory Opens On Rooftop Of Shibuya 109 Fashion Building

Observatory opens on rooftop of Shibuya 109 fashion building

With the 109 Men's commercial complex's full facelift under way, the famed fashion building in Tokyo's Shibuya Ward has opened some of its newly renovated facilities.

One of the highlights, unveiled on April 28 to mark the "Day of Shibuya," is a rooftop observatory overlooking the iconic scramble crossing.

Spectroscopic Planet Observatory For Recognition Of Interaction Of Atmosphere Employs The Primary Mirror Made By Nikon

Spectroscopic Planet Observatory for Recognition of Interaction of Atmosphere employs the primary mirror made by NikonThe Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has successfully launched the Epsilon Launch Vehicle with the SPRINT-A onboard on September 14, 2013, from the Uchinoura Space Center in Kagoshima Prefecture. Thereafter, the SPRINT-A was injected into the orbit and named HISAKI. HISAKI is the world’s first space telescope dedicated for remote observation of the planets such as Venus, Mars, and Jupiter from the orbit (approx. 1,000 km altitude) around the earth.

Forest Observatory In Kyushu

Forest Observatory JapanThe southernmost main island of Japan, Kyushu, has subtropical rainforests. The terrain is volcanic, the most visible indication of which is the constantly smouldering Sakurajima volcano. On the island is the Kirishima outdoor museum, with a permanent exhibition also including sculptures and spatial art works located in the rainforest.

Canon Lenses To Make Out Of This World Images At Hawaii Observatory

Canon lenses to make out of this world images at Hawaii observatoryNew high-performance Canon lenses in a giant digital camera will help bring galaxies into focus for snap-happy astronomers at an observatory in Hawaii.

Upgrades to the Subaru Telescope at the Hawaii Observatory of the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan include installing a 3-ton digital camera, expanding the telescope's field of view seven times.

Observatory Over Sea Of Clouds Sees Sky-high Popularity

Observatory over sea of clouds sees sky-high popularityUp to 1,000 tourists a day are flocking to an observatory here to enjoy an early morning view of a sea of clouds spreading beneath them.

Dubbed the "sea of clouds terrace," the observatory at Hoshino Resort Tomamu in Shimukappu is located at an altitude of 1,088 meters. Visitors take a 13-minute gondola ride from the foot of the mountain to reach the observatory.

Forest Observatory At Kirishima Open Air Museum

Forest Observatory at Kirishima Open Air MuseumKirishima Open Air Museum ordered an outdoor architectural installation. The only requirement was that the work should last 300 years.
The level of local concrete craftsmanship was very high, resulting to neural, paper-like surfaces and very sharp edges.