Japan Rugby Squad Honored With Parade In Tokyo

Japan rugby squad honored with parade in Tokyo

The Japanese national rugby team has been honored with a parade celebrating its historic run at this year's Rugby World Cup.

The event featured 28 of the 31 members of the squad, including stars Keita Inagaki and Kenki Fukuoka.

Emperor's Parade Vehicle On Display

Emperor's parade vehicle on display

The limousine used to carry the imperial couple in Emperor Naruhito's enthronement procession on November 10 is on display in Tokyo.

The open-top vehicle is based on Toyota Motor's Century sedan. It cost the government about 730-thousand dollars.

Emperor's Parade Vehicle To Go On Public Display

Emperor's parade vehicle to go on public display

The vehicle that carried Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako in a procession earlier this month, to celebrate the Emperor's enthronement, is to go on public display.

The open-top limousine, which was based on Toyota Motor's Century sedan, cost the government 80 million yen, or about 730,000 dollars.

Emperor, Empress To Parade Through Tokyo Soon

Emperor, Empress to parade through Tokyo soon

The sunny streets of Tokyo are already filling up with excited crowds ahead of Emperor Naruhito's enthronement procession. The Emperor and Empress will parade through the heart of the city in an open-top limousine on Sunday afternoon.

People have been gathering around the Imperial Palace since the morning so they can get a good look at the Imperial couple.

Tokyo Police Step Up Security For Imperial Parade

Tokyo police step up security for Imperial parade

Japanese police have stepped up security in central Tokyo before Sunday's Imperial procession marking Emperor Naruhito's accession to the throne.

Crowds of people are expected along the parade route stretching from the Imperial Palace to the Akasaka residence.

Vehicle For Imperial Parade Unveiled

Vehicle for Imperial parade unveiled

The media has been invited to see an open-top car that will carry Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako in a procession in Tokyo later this month to celebrate the Emperor's enthronement.

The car, which was delivered to the Imperial Palace in Tokyo last month, is based on Toyota Motor's Century sedan. It is more than 5 meters long and almost 2 meters wide.

Gion Festival Floats Parade Through Kyoto

Gion Festival floats parade through Kyoto

Ornately decorated floats paraded through Japan's ancient capital Kyoto on Wednesday at the climax of the annual Gion Festival.

The grand procession began in the morning when a child in traditional costume on the lead float used a sword to cut a sacred rope stretched across one of the city's main streets.

Period Parade In Kanda Festival In Tokyo

Period parade in Kanda festival in Tokyo

People dressed in period costumes took part in one of the three largest festivals in Tokyo on Saturday.

The Shinko-sai parade is one of the highlights of the Kanda Matsuri festival, which has a history of 400 years. The event is held once every two years at the Kanda Myojin shrine.

Imperial Guard Members Show Determination In Tokyo Parade

Imperial Guard members show determination in Tokyo parade

About 250 Imperial Guard Headquarters members paraded solemnly through central Tokyo on Jan. 25 with unwavering determination ahead of the upcoming historical events in accordance with Emperor Akihito's abdication of the throne.

The members of the Imperial Guard Headquarters, dedicated to the protection of the emperor and his family, marched in perfect unison with 12 guard horses and three guard dogs during an annual parade through Higashi Gyoen (east garden of the Imperial Palace) to mark the beginning of the year.

'chagu Chagu' Horse Parade In Northern Japan

'Chagu Chagu' horse parade in northern Japan

Dozens of horses decked out in colorful fittings and bells have taken part in an annual early summer festival in northern Japan.

The "Chagu Chagu Umakko" festival features horses adorned with bells and decorations. It is held at the end of the rice-planting season to give thanks to the animals for helping farmers in the fields.

Cheeky Parade To Disband In July

Cheeky Parade to disband in July

It's been announced that Cheeky Parade will disband in July. 

Cheeky Parade formed on February 19, 2012 and made their major debut in January of 2013 as Avex's idol label iDOL Street's second artist following SUPER☆GiRLS. Since Yamamoto Marin and Suzuki Mariya went to Los Angeles to study abroad in January of 2016, the group has been active as a five member group.