Komeito Unveils Campaign Promises

Komeito unveils campaign promises

Ruling coalition partner Komeito has announced its platform for the Upper House election, set to take place in late July. The party's pledges include slashing allowances paid to Diet members and raising the average national minimum wage.

Komeito Chief Representative Natsuo Yamaguchi gave a news conference on Wednesday. He said Komeito's campaign slogan would tout the party's "ability to listen to small voices."

Constitutional Democrats Unveil Campaign Promises

Constitutional Democrats unveil campaign promises

Japan's main opposition Constitutional Democratic Party has announced its campaign promises for the upcoming Upper House election.

Party President Yukio Edano made the announcement at a news conference on Monday.

Toyota Promises A Next-generation Land Cruiser Is On Its Way

Toyota promises a next-generation Land Cruiser is on its way

On sale since the 2008 model year and facelifted twice in the interim, the Toyota Land Cruiser has lately begun rolling out the special editions. Last year we got the 2019 Lexus LX Inspiration, this year we got the 2020 Land Cruiser Heritage Edition. This likely means a changing of the model guard is close, the 300-Series Land Cruiser on the horizon to replace the current 200-Series. When Motor Authority asked Toyota SVP Bill Fay about the U.S. getting the next generation, Fay replied, "We are fully committed to the Land Cruiser for the foreseeable future."

The reason for the question could have been Land Cruiser sales figures for the past 14 years, when the model never cleared 5,000 units. The swankier Lexus LX sibling sells in greater numbers, but even lumping the two trucks, they've crested 10,000 sales just twice since 2005. On top of that, two of the largest regional markets for the Land Cruiser are Australia and the Middle East, which have different regulatory regimes, and the 2019 Highlander has a three-row option.

The Mazda6 Diesel Is Coming, Too, Mazda Promises (again)

The Mazda6 diesel is coming, too, Mazda promises (again)

As we noted our piece earlier today about the CX-5 diesel, we've been waiting for Mazda to bring its Skyactiv-D engines to market for years. Tripped up by an emissions certification nightmare that caused delays and resulted in lackluster power and fuel economy numbers, they're late to the party. In the CX-5 diesel, it's also a questionable proposition at almost $4,000 more than the much more powerful CX-5 Turbo. But today, Mazda's U.S. president confirmed to Autoblog that the diesel engine would make its way into the 6.

Like the CX-5, it'll only be offered with all-wheel drive and only on the top Signature trim level. Unlike the CX-5 diesel, which goes on sale in July, we don't know when the Skyactiv-D-powered 6 will go on sale. But it seems like later this year is a good bet. How much longer can Mazda wait, really, once the CX-5 diesel is on sale?

Kono Calls On S.korea To Respect Intl. Promises

Kono calls on S.Korea to respect intl. promises

Japan's Foreign Minister Taro Kono called on South Korea to honor its international pledges, in his foreign policy speech to the Diet on Monday.

Kono urged South Korea to keep its international promises, including its agreement with Japan to settle the issue of rights to claim, as well as the agreement to settle the issue of those referred to as wartime comfort women.

Glay To Celebrate 25th Anniversary With 7 Promises

GLAY to celebrate 25th anniversary with 7 promises

It's been 25 years since GLAY made their major debut with the single "RAIN" on May 25, 1994. To commemorate this occasion, the band will carry out their activities this year with the theme "GLAY DEMOCRACY." 

The members commented, "GLAY is a democracy. That's why we will make our 25th year alongside our fans. A 25th year that ties us with everyone's feelings. We strongly feel that it will largely affect our future." They are promising seven things, which include a nationwide hall tour, a concert at Met Life Dome in Saitama, the release of their 57th single (currently untitled) and their 15th album (currently untitled). 

2018 Nissan Leaf Faces Much Stiffer Competition Than Its Predecessor, But Then Again, It Promises To Be Better All Around

2018 Nissan Leaf faces much stiffer competition than its predecessor, but then again, it promises to be better all aroundThe 2018 Nissan Leaf faces much stiffer competition than its predecessor, but then again, it promises to be better all around.

From the new exterior design to the significantly updated cabin, the zero-emission hatchback might very well be the one that could convince a number of people to spend their money on an EV, WhatCar notes in their review.