Nissan Releases Free Coloring Book To Quell Coronavirus Blues

Nissan releases free coloring book to quell coronavirus blues

Coloring books are a great way to pass the time in quarantine these days. Audi released a good one, and Ian Callum put forth some coloring pages, too. Now that you've likely exhausted those avenues, it's Nissan's turn. Alfonso Albaisa, Nissan's senior vice president for global design, and Nissan designers across the world put together these 23 pages of coloring. All of them are available to download for free. Here's the link. You can also just snag individual pages from our gallery above if you don't want the whole book.

We're particularly fond of the GT-R heritage and Figaro pages. Though the 240Z and two-door 510 make for some splendid competition in our hearts. Even Patrol fans will have fun with this, as Nissan has dedicated an entire page to the past and future of the off-roader.

Superfly Releases 9 Years Worth Of Concerts Via Youtube

Superfly releases 9 years worth of concerts via YouTube

Superfly will upload 7 of her concerts onto YouTube under 'Superfly Live Archives Festival on YouTube' for a limited time.  

You will be able to watch almost all of Superfly's live works from 2008 to 2017. You can check out the release dates for the seven titles below. 

Aimer Releases 10 Music Videos On Youtube

Aimer releases 10 music videos on YouTube

Aimer has released music videos for 10 of her songs on her official YouTube channel. 

These 10 videos were uploaded to commemorate 1 million subscribers on YouTube, as well as the hit of her latest single "Haru wa Yuku / marie" released last month. Below are the 10 videos that have been uploaded at this time.  

Tokyo Education Board Releases Guidelines

Tokyo education board releases guidelines

Students at public high schools in Tokyo will start a new school year next month. The metropolitan board of education says students in each grade will be allowed to attend school on alternate days as a preventive measure against the coronavirus.

The board released guidelines for preventing infections on Thursday. The officials also say schools should start classes later so that students can avoid commuting during the rush hour.

Miwa Releases All Music Videos On Youtube

miwa releases all music videos on YouTube

All of miwa's music videos from her debut song "don't cry anymore" to her latest single "StoryTeller / Teenage Dream" have been uploaded onto YouTube. 

miwa, who celebrates 10 years since her debut this year, have released a total of 35 videos. You can finally watch the full versions of the short PVs that she's revealed thus far.

Check out all of miwa's music videos here! 

Govt. Releases Coronavirus Consultation Criteria

Govt. releases coronavirus consultation criteria

Japan's health ministry on Monday announced criteria for medical consultations or treatment for people who may have contracted the coronavirus.

People, including children, with no specific health issues are advised to contact local consultation centers if they have had common cold symptoms or a temperature above 37.5 degrees Celsius for at least four days.

Japan Railways Releases App To Help Deal With Train Gropers

Japan Railways Releases App To Help Deal With Train Gropers

One of the problems Japan is facing is the problem of train gropers, who typically take advantage of the fact that Japan’s trains can get insanely crowded and they use that to their advantage to molest and grope their victims. Unfortunately, there is not much one can do about it as trains can be too crowded to correctly identify the groper.

Plus, due to the nature of trains, the groper can always easily hop off the next station and disappear. However, Japan Railways (JR East) has come up with a new app that will help the victims out. Whenever the victim thinks that they might have been groped, all they need to do is launch the app and tap the button, after which it will send a message to the train’s conductor.

Pope Releases Message Ahead Of Japan Visit

Pope releases message ahead of Japan visit

Pope Francis has expressed his wish for a nuclear-free world in a video message for the people of Japan. It comes ahead of his four-day visit to the country starting Saturday.

On Sunday, the Pope is expected to call for the abolition of nuclear weapons during visits to the atomic-bombed cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

Kyoto Animation Releases First Film After Attack

Kyoto Animation releases first film after attack

The Japanese animation production company Kyoto Animation has released its first new film since a deadly arson attack at one of its studios in July that killed 35 of its employees.

The film was released nationwide on Friday. At a movie theater in Kyoto City, many fans came to see it.

Cuphead For Nintendo Switch Releases April 18th

Cuphead For Nintendo Switch Releases April 18th

Cuphead, a title much appreciated for its difficulty, is now heading over to the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo confirmed at the Game Developers Conference today that the game is coming to its console. The Switch port includes the same hand-drawn cell animation and soundtrack that was loved by console owners in the original release.

Nintendo has also confirmed that Cuphead will have support for Xbox Live at launch. The company has teamed up with StudioMDHR to bring Xbox Live features beyond Xbox and PC to the Nintendo Switch. The studio already has experience with Xbox Live beyond the console as Cuphead is available on Windows 10 as well with Xbox Live.