Govt. Releases Coronavirus Consultation Criteria

Govt. releases coronavirus consultation criteria

Japan's health ministry on Monday announced criteria for medical consultations or treatment for people who may have contracted the coronavirus.

People, including children, with no specific health issues are advised to contact local consultation centers if they have had common cold symptoms or a temperature above 37.5 degrees Celsius for at least four days.

Those feeling severe fatigue or experiencing breathing difficulties, as well as those who need fever medication are also advised to contact the consultation centers.

The ministry urges vulnerable people to seek a consultation if they have cold symptoms or a fever for around two days.

People who fall into this category include senior citizens, diabetics, those with heart or respiratory diseases, or people taking immunosuppressant or anticancer drugs.

The ministry also urges pregnant women to seek such early consultations as a precaution.

It says there have been no reports of infected children becoming seriously ill.

Ministry officials urge people to skip school or work and refrain from going out if they have symptoms of a common cold. People also should keep a daily record of their temperature before contacting the centers or seeing a doctor.

The ministry is also calling on the public to only see doctors introduced by the consultation centers and not to visit multiple doctors without the advice from the centers.