Glay's Takuro Reveals Pv For Album Lead Track 'yasuragi No Chise'

GLAY's TAKURO reveals PV for album lead track 'Yasuragi no Chise'

GLAY's TAKURO (G) will be releasing his second solo album "Journey without a map II' on February 27. At this time, the PV for its lead track "Yasuragi no Chise" has been uploaded onto YouTube. 

"Yasuragi no Chise" is described as a slow ballad with a gentle tone. "Chise" in the Ainu language means "home." Shot in Los Angeles, the PV features scenes of TAKURO playing the guitar as well as scenes of Los Angeles and the people who live in the city. 

Mazda Slovakia Brochure Reveals Skyactiv-x Euro Power Numbers

Mazda Slovakia brochure reveals Skyactiv-X Euro power numbers

After driving a prototype of Mazda's Skyactiv-X engine in a Mazda3 in January last year, we wrote, "If you want to talk numbers, they're understandably fuzzy. The Skyactiv-X tune isn't final yet, so horsepower and torque figures are a moving target." They're no longer fuzzy in Slovakia, where a brochure for the new Mazda3 sells final figures as 181 metric horsepower and 222 Newton-meters, or 178 horsepower

and 164 pound-feet.

Aoi Sola Reveals She's Pregnant With Twins

Aoi Sola reveals she's pregnant with twins

On January 11, actress/talento Aoi Sola (35) updated her blog and revealed that she is pregnant with twins. 

Aoi said, "My father is a fraternal twin, and my cousin on my mother's side has fraternal twins. It seems like the twin genes are strong in my family. I'm currently in the middle of my 6th month. I am actually expecting twins."

Ieiri Leo Reveals Short Pv For 'kono Sekai De'

Ieiri Leo reveals short PV for 'Kono Sekai de'

Ieiri Leo has revealed the short PV for her new song "Kono Sekai de." 

"Kono Sekai de" is the opening theme for movie 'Code Geass: Fukkatsu no Lelouch' to open in theaters on February 9 and will be released as Ieiri's new single on January 30. Directed by Mitch Nakano, the PV shows Ieiri singing at three locations: a beach in Kujukuri, Chiba, atop a building in Tokyo, and the director's home. 

Da Pump's U-yeah Reveals He's Married And Is A Father

DA PUMP's U-YEAH reveals he's married and is a father

On December 18, DA PUMP member U-YEAH (35) updated his blog and revealed that he's married and has a child. 

He continued, "The two of them are irreplaceable and important family members. I didn't mean to hide it, but I am surprised that it's been brought to attention in this way. However, this shows that I have even more supporters and the group's activities are successful, so I am grateful.

Playstation Classic Datamine Reveals 36 Games That Did Not Make The Cut

PlayStation Classic Datamine Reveals 36 Games That Did Not Make The Cut

Earlier this year, Sony announced the PlayStation Classic which was basically the company’s take on Nintendo’s series of “Classic” miniature consoles. The console also came with a bunch of games that were preloaded onto the console, although this list differed slightly between the Japanese version and the version the rest of the world got.

That being said, we imagine that this list of games probably wasn’t decided on the first pass, and that Sony probably had quite a few different ideas of what games to include before settling on the list that we know now. Now thanks to a datamine of the console, it seems that we have a rough idea of what games Sony was considering including on the console. According to the source code posted on GitHub, these games include:

Kashiwagi Yuki Reveals Main Visual And Jacket Covers For New Song

Kashiwagi Yuki reveals main visual and jacket covers for new song

Kashiwagi Yuki has revealed the main visual and jacket artwork for her new song "Sokkenai Kimi."

This song is the opening theme to Kashiwagi's starring drama 'Kono Koi wa Tsumi nanoka!?', and it's her first new song since "Birthday wedding" five years ago. It will be released as a digital single on December 5. In the new visuals, Kashiwagi sports a white blouse with a black ribbon. 

Oricon Reveals '10th Ideal Faces Chosen By Men' Ranking

Oricon reveals '10th ideal faces chosen by men' ranking

Oricon has revealed its "10th ideal faces chosen by men" ranking. 

This year's number one spot went to actor Takenouchi Yutaka who is the oldest to top the ranking at 47 years old. This position was previously held by Takeuchi Ryoma, Mukai Osamu, Kimura Takuya, and Dean Fujioka. 

Takaoka Sosuke Reveals He Has Remarried And Has Two Children

Takaoka Sosuke reveals he has remarried and has two children

On November 16, actor Takaoka Sosuke revealed via his Instagram account that he had gotten remarried to a non-celebrity woman and is a father to two children.

He wrote, "Since it will be reported tomorrow, I would like to take this opportunity to make an announcement at this timing. I, Takaoka Sosuke, would like to announce that I have already registered my marriage with a non-celebrity woman, and we already have two children together.