Milan Pasta With Tomato Sauce Has A Simple But Profound Flavor

Milan pasta with tomato sauce has a simple but profound flavor

In a mansion standing in a prime location in Milan, a servant polishes silver tableware while a personal chef shows off his skills for the epicurean family that calls it home.

It's not a scene from a film, but a snippet out of the daily life that chef Tetsuo Ota experienced in his early 30s. At that time, Ota, who is now 38, worked under a company owner in the glamorous Italian city. Her house had a special room where tableware was kept. Each plate was wrapped in thin sheets of paper, and he recalls that even antique plates seemed new.

Fukada Kyoko Demonstrates 3 Simple Stretches In Glico's Web Movie

Fukada Kyoko demonstrates 3 simple stretches in Glico's web movie

Fukada Kyoko stars in the web movie for Glico's 'Bisco.' In the movie, the actress calls out "Untoko Dokkoisho♪" while demonstrating some stretches. 

"Untoko Dokkoisho" is a phrase that was popular back in the early 1990s after being televised in the CMs for 'Glico' and 'Bisco.' Back then, the CMs featured footage of children doing their best, then afterwards, it became an exercise. 

Quick, Simple Rice For One?: Cooking With Latest Appliances 'as Easy As Making Toast'

Quick, simple rice for one?: Cooking with latest appliances 'as easy as making toast'

By Yoko Tsujimoto / Yomiuri Shimbun Staff WriterOSAKA — You don't have to have a rice cooker these days, particularly if you want just one bowl, as there are single portions available at convenience stores and pre-cooked packs that just need to be microwaved. Nonetheless, small rice cookers are selling well among people who want to eat just one serving of fresh steamed rice.

The Poddi rice cooker sold by Shinmei Kitchen Co., a rice-polishing company in Kobe, does not look like a rice cooker. It's small enough to be carried in one hand. It measures 15.5 centimeters wide, 19.7 centimeters high and 18 centimeters deep and weighs 1.35 kilograms. It comes in seven colors such as pink, yellow and green.

2 Simple Dishes That Are Best Presented With A Lot Of Drinks

2 simple dishes that are best presented with a lot of drinks

Masaru Kobayashi's maxim, "quick and simple," has not changed since turning into a cooking master at a somewhat ready maturity, however how emphatically the 83-year-old flavors his dishes has evolved.

Born in Sakhalin and brought up in Hokkaido, Kobayashi grew up to love solid flavors, yet now, the ones he uses are sufficiently light for everybody to enjoy.

Braised Cabbage, The Simple Side Dish That Makes For Repeat Eating

Braised cabbage, the simple side dish that makes for repeat eatingAt the ripe age of 91, Yoshiko Tatsumi is active as a cooking specialist, still putting to good use the training she received from her mother, Hamako Tatsumi, the cooking expert.
Tatsumi is also a social activist with a focus on food. To promote self-sufficiency through food, she launched the “Planting of 100 soybean seeds movement,” where children grow and harvest soybeans.

Fast And Simple Way To Make Tasty Homemade Gyoza

Fast and simple way to make tasty homemade gyozaKobe-based cooking expert Hiroko Sakamoto has a different method for making gyoza: She starts with the wrappers.
“It became our household recipe through our friendship with Chinese people living in Kobe,” says the 69-year-old Sakamoto. She adds her own touch and uses a plastic bag so children will find gyoza easy to make.

Simple Mortar Creates Creamy Mashed Potatoes

Simple mortar creates creamy mashed potatoesWhile working as a chef at a fusion food restaurant for 13 years, Naomi Takayama often cooked dishes for special occasions that used a lot of spices.
When she left the job when she was 45, her mind was set on home cooking that incorporates seasonal elements, particularly dishes that make the most of the natural flavors of ingredients.

Middle East Conflicts Made Simple In Hit Comic Book Sequel

Middle East conflicts made simple in hit comic book sequelPolitical illustrator Norio Yamanoi has responded to popular demand and produced a sequel to his hit comic book “Manga Palestine Mondai” (Palestine Issue Comic).
Yamanoi, 68, decided to create the follow-up after he received requests from readers of the previous work, which became a consistent seller with more than 100,000 copies in print.

Simmered 'satoimo' Taro Tasty And Simple To Make

Simmered 'satoimo' taro tasty and simple to makeFor more than 50 years, Nakako Matsumoto has been studying the hidden secrets that each step in cooking has on flavor and texture.
The 79-year-old professor emeritus at Kagawa Nutrition University focuses on how to simply make meals that are healthy and tasty.