Acura Slaps $20,000 Discount On 2019 Nsx In An Effort To Sell More Supercars

Acura slaps $20,000 discount on 2019 NSX in an effort to sell more supercars

The new Acura NSX has struggled to move off dealer lots as of late, and Acura isn't being coy about adding incentives to its supercar. Motor Trend spotted an under-the-radar $20,000 discount, which is a substantial price slash on a car that starts at $159,300.

This incentive isn't actually listed or advertised anywhere on Acura's website, but Motor Trend's Intellichoice affiliate (ownership cost and value analysis site) managed to uncover the discount. If you bought a completely base NSX, the price could be as low as $139,300 now. That's before you do any other negotiations with your dealer to lower the price further.

Canada Slaps Mitsubishi Electric With $13.4 Million Fine For Bid-rigging Car Parts

Canada Slaps Mitsubishi Electric With $13.4 Million Fine For Bid-Rigging Car Parts

Mitsubishi Electric has been fined $13.4 million by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice after pleading guilty to three counts of rigging bids.

In 2009, Canada’s Competition Bureau discovered that Mitsubishi had entered into illegal agreements with a competing Japanese car parts manufacturer in an attempted to determine who would win calls for bids issued by Honda and Ford for the supply of alternators and the supply of ignition coils for General Motors, Auto News reports.

Japan Slaps Temporary Ban On Exports Of Rare Turtles

Japan slaps temporary ban on exports of rare turtlesExports of Japanese pond turtles have been increasing sharply since early this year, prompting the government to impose partial restrictions to conserve the species.
The "nihon ishigame" (Japanese stone turtle) is in strong demand in China and Hong Kong as an ingredient of health food. It is also popular as a rare pet from Japan.