Nissan, Renault Break Up The Ghosn-style Almighty Chairmanship

Nissan, Renault break up the Ghosn-style almighty chairmanship

YOKOHAMA, Japan — Japan's Nissan Motor and France's Renault said they would retool the world's top car-making alliance to put themselves on more equal footing, breaking up the all-powerful chairmanship previously wielded by ousted boss Carlos Ghosn. The removal of Ghosn, credited for rescuing Nissan from near-bankruptcy in 1999, had caused much uncertainty about the future of the alliance and some speculation the partnership could even unravel. The companies, together with junior ally Mitsubishi Motors, on Tuesday said the chairman of Renault would serve as the head of the alliance but — in a critical sign of the rebalancing — not as chairman of Nissan.

"This is a very special day for the alliance," Renault SA's chairman, Jean-Dominique Senard, told reporters after a meeting at Nissan's Yokohama headquarters. He spoke to reporters along with Renault's chief executive, Thierry Bollore; Nissan CEO Hiroto Saikawa; and Osamu Masuko, CEO of the smaller Japanese alliance partner Mitsubishi Motors Corp.

Home-style Baked Beans Dish From A Land Of Gourmandise

Home-style baked beans dish from a land of gourmandise

When some foreign embassies in Tokyo began looking for a cook, they didn't have to look far for someone who could prepare their native dishes.

They turned to Yuriko Aoki, a cooking expert on the world's local dishes, who was spreading information about international cuisine.

Tokyo Girls' Style Reveal Short Pv For 'hikaru Yo'

TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE reveal short PV for 'Hikaru yo'

TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE have revealed the PV for their new song "Hikaru yo." 

"Hikaru yo" will be released together with "Reborn" as the group's double A-side single on February 27. In the PV, the girls do a formation dance with four dancers who were selected from a back dancer audition. On the PV, Shoji Mei commented, "We shot the dance scene for the first time with 8 people, so it's more powerful than usual, and is a music video worth seeing."

2019 Honda Passport First Drive Review | Less Is More, Adventure Style

2019 Honda Passport First Drive Review | Less is more, adventure style

MOAB, Utah — The 2019 Honda Passport graces dealer lots on Feb. 4, and we can pinpoint 35,002 reasons for the debutante's arrival. The blatant, bottom-line rationale was that about 35,000 buyers defected from the brand every year because Honda had nothing to serve "adventure-seekers who want ... the more personal and rugged character of a five-passenger SUV." The Honda Pilot looks too much like it has a large family to support, the CR-V looks too much like the central piece in a My First Family Starter Kit.

Watching the population of a small American city abandon the brood every year is awful enough. Beyond that, according to Honda's numbers, the Passport's segment will grow 25 percent in the next five years to about 725,000 vehicles. At the soft-core end, Ford sold 134,122 Edges in the U.S. last year. Among the hardcore set, Toyota rang up 139,694 4Runner sales in 2018. The Jeep Grand Cherokee triggered the "TILT!" sign with 224,908 sales. Numbers of that magnitude cast a tall shadow, and Honda got tired of living in it.

'mingei'-style Miso-flavored Curry With Wagyu Beef

'Mingei'-style miso-flavored curry with wagyu beef

Although he was a fast runner, Ichiro Abe failed in his quest to make the Olympic track and field team, and he later ran into business-related debt problems.

But now, for 20 years, he has run Takumi Kappo, a regional-cuisine restaurant that was opened as part of the "mingei" (folk craft) movement in Tottori.

Figure Skating/ Takahashi Returns In Style, Wows Crowd At Gala Exhibition

FIGURE SKATING/ Takahashi returns in style, wows crowd at gala exhibition

KADOMA, Osaka Prefecture--Once-retired Daisuke Takahashi drew the loudest applause at a gala exhibition here on Dec. 25, a day after he won silver in the men's competition of the Japan Figure Skating Championships.

It was his first appearance in five years at the event, and the crowd and organizers showed their appreciation for the return of the former world and national champion.

Hori To Release Gamecube-style Controllers For The Nintendo Switch

Hori To Release GameCube-Style Controllers For The Nintendo Switch

Gaming controllers over the years have undergone various design changes. There are reasons for this, such as being more ergonomic, or maybe catering to the needs of gamers, or maybe going in a completely new direction (like the Nintendo Switch's Joy-Cons). However there are some classic controller designs that are still popular even today.

A good example of this would be the Nintendo GameCube controllers which until today, are still very popular amongst gamers, so much so that the folks at Hori have announced that they will be releasing GameCube-style controllers this coming October. As you can see in the image above, the controllers will be available in three different colors themed around different Nintendo franchises.

Lower House Passes Work-style Reform Bill

Lower House passes work-style reform bill

Japan's Lower House has approved a bill on work-style reforms, a key priority for the government and the ruling parties.

A modified version of the bill was passed on Thursday with a majority vote of the ruling coalition and some opposition parties and was sent to the Upper House.

Tokyo Girls' Style Show Their Two Sides In Pv For 'kiss Wa Agenai'

TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE show their two sides in PV for 'kiss wa Agenai'

TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE have revealed the PV for their new single "kiss wa Agenai" to be released on June 20. 

"kiss wa Agenai" is labeled as a "Sweet Summer Pop" song. In the PV, the girls show their "positive" and "negative" sides. In the "positive" scenes, they act cheerful and girly, while they can be seen as provocative and alluring in the "negative" scenes. 

Nara-style Tea Rice Brings About Aroma From The Edo Period

Nara-style tea rice brings about aroma from the Edo Period

Besides teaching Japanese cuisine in Tokyo's Akasaka district, Naoyuki Yanagihara frequents libraries to read documents from the Edo Period (1603-1867). He believes that studying the originality and ingenuity of his forerunners will show him the path he should take.

"I try to learn the changes in the ingredients and cooking procedures and make use of them today," the 39-year-old cooking expert says.

Iiyama Style-15fx061-i7-ks 15.6-inch Full Hd Notebook

iiyama STYLE-15FX061-i7-KS 15.6-Inch Full HD Notebookiiyama is offering you their latest 15.6-inch Full HD notebook, the STYLE-15FX061-i7-KS. As part of the STYLE Infinity series, this mid-end notebook sports a 15.6-inch 1920 x 1080 Full HD display, a 2.80GHz Intel Core i7-7700HQ ‘Kaby Lake' processor, an Intel HM175 Chipset and an NVIDIA GeForce MX150 2GB graphics card.