Sony 'cinemawide' Trademark Hints At The Xperia Xz4's Display

Sony 'CinemaWide' Trademark Hints At The Xperia XZ4's Display

Image credit – @OnLeaks/MySmartPrice

Sony’s next flagship smartphone is expected to be the Sony Xperia XZ4, which leaked photos and specs have clued us in on some features that we can expect. Now according to a trademark filing spotted by LetsGoDigital, the company has filed for the trademark for “CinemaWide”.

Nintendo Trademark Filings Hint At New Mobile Games

Nintendo Trademark Filings Hint At New Mobile Games

We know that Nintendo is very interested in creating games for mobile, a narrative that was different several years ago when the company was largely against mobile gaming. Now thanks to recently discovered trademark filings, it appears that Nintendo is interested in bringing more franchises onto mobile.

Based on the filings, it seems that Nintendo has trademarked Metroid: Other M and Super Mario Galaxy. Now these names aren’t new and are actually games Nintendo has launched in the past. However what makes these filings interesting is that they are broadly filed that will cover all bases, including “program for smartphone”, indicating that these are potential titles that Nintendo might be considering for mobile.

Rockstar Abandons Trademark For Playstation-exclusive Agent

Rockstar Abandons Trademark For PlayStation-Exclusive Agent

Rockstar appears to have given up on a stealth action game it announced over a decade ago. Agent was initially announced as a PlayStation 3 exclusive but it never really materialized in all those years. The PlayStation 4 eventually came out and there was no word on Agent’s future. Now there is, Rockstar has abandoned its trademark on the game.

With Rockstar letting the trademark for this game go, it seems that the publisher no longer wants to hold on to this brand even for use at some point in the future. It’s pretty much a solid confirmation that it gave up on the project first announced for the PlayStation 3 a long time ago.

Nintendo Trademark Hints At N64 Classic

Nintendo Trademark Hints At N64 Classic

Nintendo has revived a couple of its consoles from back in the day, resulting in the NES Classic, the SNES Classic, which begs the question of whether or not we could be getting more revivals in the near future. In fact in the past there have been hints of Nintendo possibly creating an N64 Classic, and now it looks like there are more signs of that happening.

According to a new trademark filing, it appears that Nintendo could indeed be working towards the creation and release of an N64 Classic. This was spotted by JapaneseNintendo in which the trademark was for the controllers and software of the N64. It is possible that Nintendo could simply be keeping its trademarks up to date to prevent intellectual property theft, but like we said based on previous releases, an N64 Classic might not be out of the question.

Subaru Moves To Trademark The Name ... Evoltis

Subaru moves to trademark the name ... Evoltis

Subaru's advancing to the electrified frontier, and it's reportedly picking a name for its plug-in hybrid. That name is said to be "Evoltis."

While Evoltis sounds about as engaging as "Avensis" (Toyota) or "Magentis" (Kia), at least it's not as clunky as "Levorg" (an Aussie Subaru nameplate). Then again, when naming a child you should always try to picture how their name will be used in playground taunts, so we'll leave your to your imaginations on this one.

Nintendo Files New 'animal Crossing' Trademark

Nintendo Files New 'Animal Crossing' Trademark

Last year Nintendo launched Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on mobile which is the latest addition to the Animal Crossing franchise. For those who enjoy this lighthearted and cute game, you might be interested to learn that Nintendo has filed for a trademark for a potentially new Animal Crossing game.

The trademark was filed in Japan, but based on the translation of the trademark filing, it describes the title as being "software for a home video game machine, portable electronic game machine, and smartphone devices." Given that we've already seen the release of Pocket Camp on mobile, we doubt that the next title will also be for mobile, and that perhaps we could be looking at a new Animal Crossing title for the Nintendo Switch.

Honda Recently Renewed Its U.s. Trademark For The Name "cdx," Which The Japanese Carmaker First Applied For In 2015

Honda recently renewed its U.S. trademark for the name

Honda recently renewed its U.S. trademark for the name "CDX," which the Japanese carmaker first applied for in 2015. Back then, observers expected the name to apply to an Acura version of the Honda HR-V, and they were right — but no one expected the CDX would go on sale only in China, in 2016.

For the past two years, the U.S. auto media has speculated on whether the CDX will ever make it here.

New Nissan Trademark Application Has Us Excited

New Nissan Trademark Application has us Excited

Will some elements of the Nissan IDx live on?

Nissan has filed a trademark application for “NISSAN IMX,” suggesting a new concept is in development. The new trademark is a bit similar to the IDx Concept, which although it was well-received, never headed to production. At the time when Nissan confirmed the IDx got axed, the company did say some of its styling may live on in a front-wheel-drive sports car. Could the Nissan IMX trademark bring that to fruition?

Toyota Locks In Tj Cruiser Trademark

Toyota Locks In TJ Cruiser Trademark

Toyota has filed a trademark for the name TJ Cruiser and there’s a chance it could be adopted by the production-spec FT-4X Concept.

The trademark, filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office is for use on “Automobiles and structural parts thereof” and would nicely act as an affordable alternative to the FJ Cruiser recently killed off.

Trademark Application Hints At New Lexus Ls F Sport Sedan

Trademark Application Hints at New Lexus LS F Sport Sedan

Lexus has filed a trademark application for “LS-FC Concept.”

Lexus recently unveiled the LS F Sport model, suggesting a hardcore LS F isn’t out of the question. And now a trademark application filed on April 24, 2017, with the United States Patent and Trademark Office hints at a concept version of a Lexus sport sedan in the near future. Although the LS-FC Concept trademark is a bit different than previous Lexus concepts that begin with “LF,” the use of “LS” points to a concept based on the automaker’s flagship sedan. Lexus used the LF-FC Concept in 2015 to preview the new Lexus LS.