Abe Wary Of Retaliatory Trade Action Against Us

Abe wary of retaliatory trade action against US

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has expressed reservations about immediately imposing retaliatory tariffs on US imports.

Abe told an Upper House committee meeting on Monday that it is most important to avoid having Japanese products slapped with sanctions by the United States.

Xperia Xz2 Goes Up Against Other Flagships In Water Resistance Test

Xperia XZ2 goes up against other flagships in water resistance test

The Xperia XZ2 is IP65 and IP68 dust and water resistant, as many flagships from Sony have been in the past. Sony has some pedigree in this area, being one of the first manufacturers to launch water resistant smartphones in the past. Youtuber Matthew Moniz put a number of current flagships to test to see how well they fared being dunked in water.

Protesters Rally Against Restart Of Reactor

Protesters rally against restart of reactor

Protesters have rallied against the restart of a nuclear reactor in the town of Genkai, southwestern Japan.

About 150 members of civic groups from Saga and nearby prefectures gathered on Saturday morning in front of the plant, operated by Kyushu Electric Power Company.

Xperia Xz2 Premium Sized Up Against The Xperia Xz2

Xperia XZ2 Premium sized up against the Xperia XZ2

Sony Mobile Taiwan officially announced the Xperia XZ2 Premium at a press event earlier today. The dual-camera toting Xperia XZ2 Premium will see a selective launch globally, particularly focused on Asian markets – there is no word whether we will see the handset appear across Europe right now. In today's conference, Sony confirmed that the handset will hit retail in late July 2018, with pricing details appearing closer to launch.

Japan Officials Confirm Measures Against Fire Ants

Japan officials confirm measures against fire ants

The Japanese government will implement measures against venomous fire ants, an insect of overseas origin first discovered in Japan in May last year, ahead of their peak activity during the hot season.

Fire ants are native to South America. Until last month, they have been spotted 27 times in 12 prefectures since their first discovery in a shipping container in western Japan.

Nintendo Warns Against Substandard Switch Charging Cables

Nintendo Warns Against Substandard Switch Charging Cables

The upside to the Nintendo Switch is that Nintendo isn't using some proprietary charging system that only they sell. Instead the company has opted for the use of USB-C, which many have commended them for for their forward thinking. However the company has recently issued a warning against substandard USB-C cables.

This is according to a new Japanese FAQ page in which they advise users to use a USB-C charging cable with a 56kΩ resistor for the Switch. To that end they are also recommending that users use the charging cable HAC-010 that comes with the Switch Pro Controller or the Joy-Con Charging Grip.

Acura Nsx Vs Honda Cbr1000 Rr

Can The Acura NSX Hold Its Ground Against The CBR1000 RR?

Ever since it was introduced in Detroit nearly three years ago, the Honda/Acura NSX has impressed motoring enthusiasts in various tests, but how does it fare against a CBR1000 RR sports bike?

Without spoiling the following video, we'll answer that question in a couple of words: quite well, but before seeing the result, let's go through some of the numbers.

Nintendo Exec Warns Against Paying A Premium For The Snes Classic

Nintendo Exec Warns Against Paying A Premium For The SNES Classic

Given how hard it was to get the NES Classic Edition when it was launched last year, naturally this saw many opportunists take to auction websites like eBay where they offered to sell their units for marked up prices. As if that wasn't bad enough, following the cancellation of the NES Classic, it saw prices skyrocket even further.

However Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime is warning customers against paying a premium price for the upcoming SNES Classic Edition which is set for a release on the 29th of September. Speaking to the Financial Times (via GameSpot), Fils-Aime was quoted as saying, “I would strongly urge you not to over-bid on an SNES Classic on any of the auction sites . . . You shouldn’t [have to] pay more than $79.99."

Japanese Kei Car Battling Against High Taxes And Falling Sales

Japanese Kei Car Battling Against High Taxes And Falling Sales

The much-loved Japanese kei car is facing an uphill battle on the back of high taxes for the compact cars.

Short for Kei Jidoasha (light cars), keis have been a staple in Japan’s thriving automotive sector ever since World War II but their popularity is diminishing on the back of government taxes on petrol and sales.

Nissan Gt-r Has A Tough Time Against The Slingshot Called Audi Tt Rs

Nissan GT-R Has A Tough Time Against The Slingshot Called Audi TT RS

It seems like everyone is trying to beat the Nissan GT-R on a straight line, with the latest challenger being the less powerful but cheeky nevertheless Audi TT RS.

Unlike previous drag races, where the latest version of the GT-R was put up against proper metal, including various Porsches, McLarens and the occasional Lambo, this time Top Gear magazine got a smaller and more affordable coupe that’s already making some noise with its straight-line abilities.