New Measures Against Red Imported Fire Ants

New measures against red imported fire ants

Japan's government has ordered officials to make all-out efforts to prevent red imported fire ants from taking root in the country. The highly poisonous insects are native to South America.

The cabinet ministers concerned met at the prime minister's office on Monday, following the discovery of more than 50 queens of the venomous species at Aomi Pier on Tokyo Bay in September and October.

Rally Held Against Govt. Decision On Art Festival

Rally held against govt. decision on art festival

A rally has been held in Tokyo to protest the cultural affairs agency's decision to withhold subsidies for an international art festival.

The agency last week canceled subsides of about 720,000 dollars for "Aichi Triennale," which is underway in the central prefecture of Aichi.

Appeal Filed Against Former Tepco Executives

Appeal filed against former TEPCO executives

An appeal has been filed against a ruling that cleared three former Tokyo Electric Power Company executives of professional negligence resulting in death and injury. It was the only criminal prosecution arising from the Fukushima nuclear disaster in 2011.

The Tokyo District Court acquitted the men on September 19.

Japan To Start Vaccinations Against Swine Fever

Japan to start vaccinations against swine fever

Japan's farm minister says his ministry plans to proceed with plans to vaccinate pigs to prevent the spread of swine fever and will take necessary measures to start the process.

Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Minister Taku Eto spoke to reporters on Friday after a meeting of farm ministry officials to discuss measures against the outbreak.

Japan Govt. Protests Against S.korea, Russia

Japan govt. protests against S.Korea, Russia

The Japanese government has lodged protests against both South Korea and Russia through diplomatic channels over the South's warning shots at a Russian military aircraft.

Japan told South Korea on Tuesday it is unacceptable for South Korean fighter jets to fire warning shots over the Takeshima Islands.

No-confidence Motion Submitted Against Abe Cabinet

No-confidence motion submitted against Abe Cabinet

Four Japanese opposition parties and a group jointly submitted a no-confidence motion against the Cabinet of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in the Lower House on Tuesday.

The ruling camp is expected to vote down the motion in the chamber's plenary session in the afternoon.

Censure Motion Against Abe Voted Down

Censure motion against Abe voted down

The Upper House of Japan's national Diet rejected a censure motion against Prime Minister Shinzo Abe by a majority vote on Monday.

It was presented last week by the opposition parties, which said they cannot condone Abe's arrogant politics any longer.

No-confidence Motion Presented Against Aso

No-confidence motion presented against Aso

Japanese opposition parties are ramping up their calls for Financial Services Minister Taro Aso to resign over his refusal to accept a controversial advisory panel report.

Five opposition blocs jointly introduced a no-confidence motion against Aso to the Lower House on Thursday. The move came after the opposition parties submitted a censure motion to the Upper House earlier in the day.

Additional Charges To Be Brought Against Ghosn

Additional charges to be brought against Ghosn

Sources say Nissan Motor paid about 5 million dollars to a dealership in Oman almost every year, even when its performance deteriorated.

Nissan has reportedly determined that the money was not used for sales promotion purposes, and has filed a criminal complaint against former chairman Carlos Ghosn.

Govt. Urged To Work Against Japan Seafood Ban

Govt. urged to work against Japan seafood ban

Japan's government plans to continue working to end restrictions on imports of Japanese fishery products, even after last week's ruling by the World Trade Organization in South Korea's favor over its ban on seafood imports from Japan.

But Japan may need to devise ways in negotiating with foreign countries, as both lawmakers and fishermen are urging the government to do more.