2020 Honda Pilot Black Edition: We Test All Its Interior Storage

2020 Honda Pilot Black Edition: We test all its interior storage

Everything you're about to see and read about the 2020 Honda Pilot and its interior storage applies to every trim level. However, this test was conducted on the new, range-topping Pilot Black Edition, which as the implies, blacks out virtually all exterior trim and makes the wheels black. Inside, since everything's awfully black to begin with, red is added to the seats and center console tray/cover.

To fully immerse myself in the mindset of a Black Edition owner, I dressed entirely in black (also, why not?) and brought along some suitably black beverage containers to fill the 16 cupholders. Oh and my wife's black purse. She's not using it these days anyway; didn't notice it was gone. 

Itano Tomomi Appointed Image Model For 'boat Race All Stars'

Itano Tomomi appointed image model for 'Boat Race All Stars'

Itano Tomomi has been appointed as the image model for the '47th Boat Race All Stars' to be held from May 26 to 31 at Osaka's Boat Race Suminoe. 

Itano was appointed to this role to liven up the Boat Race All Stars from the perspective of female fans. You can check out a video message by Itano below.

Nagasaki To Test All Crew Members Of Cruise Ship

Nagasaki to test all crew members of cruise ship

Officials in Nagasaki Prefecture, western Japan, plan to carry out coronavirus tests on all the crew members of a cruise ship docked at the port.

The Italian-registered Costa Atlantica is at the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries shipyard for repairs. Of the 623 crew members, 61 who showed symptoms were tested, and 34 were confirmed to have the virus.

State Of Emergency May Be Expanded To All Of Japan

State of emergency may be expanded to all of Japan

Japan's government is considering expanding coverage of a state of emergency over the coronavirus outbreak to the entire country.

The government is set to ask its advisory panel of experts for opinions on Thursday before a formal decision is made by a coronavirus taskforce.

What If Maison Book Girl Put All Of Their Energy Into Idol Activities?

What if Maison book girl put all of their energy into idol activities?

Maison book girl have revealed a "parallel version" music video for their song "my cut." 

This song was included in the group's first album "bath room" released back in 2015. The "parallel version" video was created as a part of their program 'Maison book girl / Dual' on WOWOW PLUS MUSIC. With the concept, "What if Maison book girl put all their energy into idol activities?" the members express their image of an idol through the video. idomin was in charge of the choreography.

Tokyo Governor: All Depend On Citizen's Behavior

Tokyo Governor: all depend on citizen's behavior

Tokyo Governor Koike Yuriko has said whether the coronavirus can be contained will depend on how people behave after a state of emergency is declared, and urged citizens to stay at home.

Koike made the comment during a press conference on Monday evening, when she called for unity among Tokyoites to overcome the difficulties.

Miwa Releases All Music Videos On Youtube

miwa releases all music videos on YouTube

All of miwa's music videos from her debut song "don't cry anymore" to her latest single "StoryTeller / Teenage Dream" have been uploaded onto YouTube. 

miwa, who celebrates 10 years since her debut this year, have released a total of 35 videos. You can finally watch the full versions of the short PVs that she's revealed thus far.

Check out all of miwa's music videos here! 

Abe: Japan Will Do All It Can To Fight Virus

Abe: Japan will do all it can to fight virus

With the WHO designating the outbreak as a pandemic, Japan's prime minister says his country will do all it can to fight the virus.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said: "I think the WHO has made its decision based on the fact that the infection continues to spread globally. Japan will cooperate with the international community more than ever and strengthen measures to tackle the issue."

Toyota Gr Yaris All-wheel-drive Hot Hatch Price Less Than Gti In U.k.

Toyota GR Yaris all-wheel-drive hot hatch price less than GTI in U.K.

The Toyota GR Yaris is incredibly awesome. It's a specially designed version of the global Yaris with all-wheel drive, a whopping 257 horsepower from just a 1.6-liter three-cylinder engine, and it will be the basis for the upcoming rally car. While exciting, it also left us wondering how expensive it might be, since so much of it isn't shared with other models. Now we have pricing, and it starts at at 29,995 pounds in the U.K., and 33,200 Euros in Germany. Adding front and rear limited-slip differentials bumps the U.K. price to 33,495 pounds (German option pricing wasn't announced). Regardless, at current exchange rates that comes to about $37,000 to $38,000 for the base model and $43,355 for the high-performance variant.

Now that does sound pricey for such a tiny car, even with its wicked powertrain, but direct currency conversions don't tell the whole story. When compared to U.K. and European prices of other hot hatchbacks, it's actually a bit of a bargain. In fact, in the U.K. the 2020 VW GTI, only available with a dual-clutch transmission and performance package for this last year of the current model, starts at around 33,000 pounds. The Honda Civic Type R starts about 32,000 pounds. Only the Hyundai i30 N, comparable to our Veloster N, is priced under 26,000 pounds, but to get the high-output one with limited-slip differential you'll need about 29,000 pounds. In Germany, the gulf is even larger between the Yaris and the Civic Type R and i30 N, which start at 38,000 Euros and 35,000 Euros respectively.