Japan Braces For 'extremely Strong' Typhoon

Japan braces for 'extremely strong' typhoon

One of the most powerful typhoons of the year is barreling toward parts of Japan, including Tokyo. Weather officials say it could dump record amounts of rain. The storm is already battering Chiba Prefecture where violent gusts have torn roofs off homes and left some residents with injuries.

Meteorological Agency officials have classified Typhoon Hagibis as "very strong". The storm is moving northwards over the Pacific towards Japan's main island of Honshu.

Japan Braces For Typhoon Hagibis

Japan braces for Typhoon Hagibis

Typhoon Hagibis, one of the most powerful storms of the year, is on track to hit wide areas of eastern Japan including Tokyo this weekend.

Authorities have warned that people in its path need to be prepared.

Tokyo Metro Region Braces For Typhoon Faxai

Tokyo Metro region braces for Typhoon Faxai

The Tokyo metropolitan region is bracing for record-level wind gusts and torrential rain as Typhoon Faxai comes ashore above the Japanese capital.

The Meteorological Agency says that as of 12:00 a.m. the typhoon was moving north-northeast near Izu Oshima Island at a speed of 20 kilometers per hour.

Tokyo Braces For Typhoon Faxai

Tokyo braces for Typhoon Faxai

Tokyo is bracing for record-level gusts and torrential rain as Typhoon Faxai is expected to make landfall near the Japanese capital by early Monday morning.

The Meteorological Agency says the typhoon was 100 kilometers off Izu Oshima Island as of 8 p.m. and is heading north-northwest at 25 kilometers per hour.

Kyushu Braces For More Rain

Kyushu braces for more rain

Torrential rain will likely continue in Kyushu, western Japan, due to a stationary, active front hovering over the Japanese archipelago.

Record rainfall has already caused flooding and landslides mainly in northern Kyushu.

Japan Braces For Heavy Rains As Krosa Nears

Japan braces for heavy rains as Krosa nears

Weather officials in Japan are warning of heavy rains as severe tropical storm Krosa approaches the western part of the country. They say it could make landfall by Thursday.

The Meteorological Agency expects winds of up to 110 kilometers per hour, with gusts reaching 160 kilometers per hour in the southern part of the Kyushu region through Wednesday. The officials also expect waves of up to 10 meters off the Shikoku region.

Japan Braces For Severe Tropical Storm Krosa

Japan braces for severe tropical storm Krosa

Weather officials say severe tropical storm Krosa is approaching western Japan and could make landfall by Thursday.

The Meteorological Agency is warning people on the Pacific coast of Japan to brace for strong winds, high waves and heavy rain.

Japan Braces For Torrential Rains

Japan braces for torrential rains

Japanese weather officials are forecasting localized torrential rains across the country's west late Monday and in the east on Tuesday. They say warm, damp air and a rain front are causing the unstable atmospheric conditions.

The system brought heavy rains that saturated the ground in parts of the southwestern prefecture of Miyazaki by Monday morning.

Okinawa Braces For Typhoon

Okinawa braces for typhoon

People in the southern Japanese prefecture of Okinawa are bracing for their second typhoon in less than a week.

Parts of the prefecture already have powerful winds. Three people got hurt when they were blown over. The city of Uruma recorded a gust of 138 kilometers per hour.
About 17,000 homes in the prefecture have no power.

Japan Braces For Powerful Typhoon

Japan braces for powerful typhoon

Japan is bracing for yet another powerful typhoon in what's been a busy storm season. Weather officials say Typhoon Jebi could strike the Shikoku region on Tuesday.

Ryuta Kurora of the Japan Meteorological Agency said, "Typhoon Jebi is expected to make landfall while maintaining very strong power. Extreme winds are expected not only in western Japan, but also wide areas of the country from north to east."

Western Japan Braces For Typhoon Cimaron

Western Japan braces for Typhoon Cimaron

Weather officials are warning people in western Japan to brace for strong wind and up to a meter of rain as Typhoon Cimaron closes in. They believe the storm could make landfall as early as Thursday night.
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The Meteorological Agency says Cimaron is south of Shikoku and traveling northward across the Pacific.
Wind of 90 kilometers per hour already appears to be hitting part of Shikoku.

Western Japan Braces For Typhoon

Western Japan braces for typhoon

People in western Japan are bracing for a very strong typhoon that could make landfall as early as Thursday afternoon.

The storm follows directly in the wake of another typhoon that caused minor damage in the country's south.

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