2018 Honda Accord Vs 2018 Toyota Camry: Let The Battle Begin

2018 Honda Accord Vs 2018 Toyota Camry: Let The Battle Begin

When it comes to mid-size sedans, two names are normally at the top of everyone's list: Camry and Accord.

These two models dominate the segment as Toyota sold 388,616 Camry's in the United States last year, while Honda moved 345,225 Accords. As Honda pointed out in its press briefing in New Hampshire, the Accord alone outsells 30 different brands such as Mazda, MINI, and Fiat.

Toyota Marks End Of Aussie Production With Special Edition Camry

Toyota Marks End Of Aussie Production With Special Edition Camry

Holden Special Vehicles celebrated the end of local Commodore production with the 635 hp (474 kW) HSV GTSR W1 while Ford introduced the 496 hp (370kW) Falcon XR8 Sprint shortly before the company stopped production last October.

Toyota's tribute to Australian manufacturing is notably tamer as it's the Camry Hybrid Commemorative Edition.

Toyota Releases Commemorative Camry

Toyota Releases Commemorative CamryToyota is marking its proud history of manufacturing cars in Australia by releasing a commemorative edition of its most significant locally built model, Camry.
Just 54 of the special hybrid, based on the Camry Atara SL sedan, are being produced - one for each year that Toyota cars have been built in Australia.

What Camry? Nissan Rogue Outsells Toyota’s Sedan Through July

What Camry? Nissan Rogue Outsells Toyota’s Sedan Through July

We all expected this to happen but apparently the rise of the crossovers is happening faster than anticipated. The once-dominating-the-sales-charts Toyota Camry sedan has lost the first place in sales by not one but three compact SUV models through July in the US market.

The three SUVs are Nissan’s Rogue, the Toyota RAV4 and the Honda CR-V, with the former selling the most units in the US market since the start of the year, Bloomberg reports.

Mazda And Toyota To Partner On Connected-car Infotainment

Mazda and Toyota to partner on connected-car infotainment2018 Camry, next-gen Mazda 3 to debut new systems

Japanese automakers Mazda and Toyota are planning to collaborate on a inter-connected vehicle infotainment platform for their next-generation vehicles, according to a new report.

Following the two companies buying shareholdings in each other a month ago while announcing plans for a joint factory in the US and co-development of electric vehicles (EVs), the new article by Japan’s Nikkei claims the manufacturers are set to share a core platform for in-vehicle navigation, media, and smartphone connections.

Batmobile Toyota Camry Is Somehow Allowed On Public Roads

Batmobile Toyota Camry Is Somehow Allowed On Public Roads

Few cars are blander than the XV20-generation Toyota Camry. Not only is its design boring enough to put you to sleep, but its gutless engines and dreary transmissions make it the worst nightmare for rev-heads looking to make an impression.

Nevertheless, a Camry owner in the United States hasn’t been dissuaded by that fact and decided to make the most of the unfortunate Camry-owning scenario by turning the sedan into an utterly-crazy Batmobile, as seen on Reddit.

Toyota Expands Luggage Space Of 'camry' By 20%

Toyota Expands Luggage Space of 'Camry' by 20%

Toyota Motor Corp succeeded in expanding the rear luggage space of the hybrid model of its "Camry" midsize sedan by about 20% to 524L by changing its suspension and the location of its battery.

The hybrid model was unveiled for the Japanese market at a meeting that the company had in mid-July 2017 for announcing the new Camry.

Toyota Uses Side Airbag With 3-bag Structure For New 'camry'

Toyota Uses Side Airbag With 3-bag Structure for New 'Camry'

Toyota Motor Corp employed a side airbag having a three-bag structure for the new "Camry" mid-size sedan.

Toyota developed the side airbag in cooperation with Toyoda Gosei Co Ltd. The new Camry was released July 10, 2017. The previous product has a two-bag structure using bags for protecting the chest and waist of a passenger.

Panasonic Supplies Li-ion Battery For Toyota 'camry'

Panasonic Supplies Li-ion Battery for Toyota 'Camry'

Toyota Motor Corp's new "Camry" sedan with specifications set for the Japanese market is equipped with a lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery as a battery for its hybrid system.

Some models of the Camry designed for the North American market are equipped with a nickel-metal-hydride (NiMH) battery. The different batteries are used for different fuel efficiencies.

Toyota Fully Remodels 'camry' Sedan

Toyota Fully Remodels 'Camry' Sedan

Toyota Motor Corp has fully remodeled the "Camry" mid-size sedan for the first time in six years and released it July 10, 2017.

Toyota developed a platform and a power train for the new Camry by using "TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture)," which shares parts across segments. The new vehicle combines a 2.5L engine and the "THS II" hybrid system. Its fuel efficiency is 33.4km/L (approx 78.6mpg).

With New Camry, Toyota Eyes Bigger Share Of Ailing Us Sedan Market

With new Camry, Toyota eyes bigger share of ailing US sedan market

TOKYO (Reuters) - Toyota Motor Corp on Monday said it was committed to the ailing U.S. sedan market and that it expected a new model of its Camry, the top-selling passenger car in the United States for decades, to help boost the company's sales in the segment. The automaker said it was "inconceivable" that mid-size sedans would disappear from the market, and that any move by its rivals to stop selling what was once among the most popular vehicles would allow Toyota to boost its presence. Cheap U.S. gasoline prices have prompted drivers to opt for larger SUVs and pick-up trucks.