Imperial Procession To Be Delayed To Nov. 10

Imperial procession to be delayed to Nov. 10

Japan's government plans to postpone the celebratory procession following Emperor Naruhito's enthronement ceremony to November 10.

The procession in Tokyo was scheduled to take place after the ceremony next Tuesday.

Animal Crossing For Nintendo Switch Delayed To 2020

Animal Crossing For Nintendo Switch Delayed To 2020

There’s some bad news today for those who have been waiting for Animal Switch to arrive on the Nintendo Switch. The company confirmed during its E3 Direct event today that the Animal Crossing New Horizons title, which is meant to be a Switch-exclusive, isn’t going to be released for the console until next year.

Nintendo had previously confirmed that this game would be released for the console in 2019. It’s evidently not able to make the deadline and has thus decided to delay the release. The company has decided to take the edge off this delay by releasing a new trailer for this game which shows our hero sprinting around an island to collect materials and make tools.

Ghosn Trial Likely To Be Delayed

Ghosn trial likely to be delayed

NHK has learned that the Tokyo district court has changed its initial plan to hold the first hearing for former Nissan Motor chairman Carlos Ghosn in September.
It is now likely that his trial will start later than that.

Ghosn has been indicted for understating his income on Nissan's securities reports. The company itself has also been indicted for making false financial disclosures.

Nuclear Plants' Anti-terror Measures Delayed

Nuclear plants' anti-terror measures delayed

Nuclear plant operators in Japan say it will be difficult to install anti-terrorism facilities at their plants within the timeframe set by the government.

They informed the Nuclear Regulation Authority of the expected delays at a meeting on Wednesday.

'unusual Data' Delayed Probe's Descent

'Unusual data' delayed probe's descent

Japan's space agency says unusual data on a display panel caused the five-hour delay in starting the space probe Hayabusa2's descent towards the asteroid Ryugu.

Mission Manager Makoto Yoshikawa of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency said his team realized that the program for starting the descent maneuver was not displaying the expected attitude control figures.

Reporting Of Faulty Surveys Delayed By Five Days

Reporting of faulty surveys delayed by five days

A Japanese labor ministry official says after learning that some of the ministry surveys had been faulty he did not immediately report the problem to his superiors.

Yasuyuki Onishi spoke at a Lower House committee as an unsworn witness on Friday.

Mario Kart Tour Been Delayed To The Summer

Mario Kart Tour Been Delayed To The Summer

Last year Nintendo announced that they would be bringing the Mario Kart franchise to mobile in the form of Mario Kart Tour. It is unclear as to how the game will be played, but the popularity of the Mario Kart franchise has many interested. The game was initially pegged for a launch before the end of March 2019, but that is now no longer the case.

In an announcement on Twitter, Nintendo has confirmed that the game’s release will now be delayed till the summer. Presumably this is because the game might need a bit more polish ahead of its launch. While this is a bummer, at the same time we can appreciate the extra work that Nintendo is putting into it.

Mortal Kombat 11 For Nintendo Switch Might Be Delayed

Mortal Kombat 11 For Nintendo Switch Might Be Delayed

NetherRealm’s Mortal Kombat 11 was officially announced towards the end of last year where the game was initially pegged for a release on the 23rd of April, 2019 for the PS4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch. It appears that the release on the Switch could have since been delayed, according to Amazon listings over in Europe.

The listings for the Switch version of the game have now been listed for the 10th of May which is a couple of weeks after the original release. It has been pointed out that this only seems to be for Amazon listings in Europe, and that Amazon’s listing for the game in the US still states the 23rd of April, 2019 for the Switch version, suggesting that the delays could be limited to Europe.

Restart Of Hokkaido Power Plant Delayed

Restart of Hokkaido power plant delayed

The operator of Hokkaido's main power plant says its restart will be delayed as repair work is continuing.

Hokkaido Electric Power Company's Tomatoh-Atsuma thermal plant has been out of operation since a huge earthquake hit the region on September 6th.

Nintendo Direct Delayed Following Earthquake In Hokkaido

Nintendo Direct Delayed Following Earthquake In Hokkaido

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Yesterday Nintendo announced that on the 6th of September, the company would be holding a Nintendo Direct conference. This would mark the first Nintendo Direct conference the company has had after E3 2018, and it was expected that new Switch games would be announced along with more details about when the Switch Online service would be launched.

Yoshi For The Nintendo Switch Delayed To 2019

Yoshi For The Nintendo Switch Delayed To 2019

Earlier this year, it was speculated that Nintendo could share additional reviews about its Yoshi game for the Nintendo Switch, and possibly even offer up a release date at E3 2018. However amidst all of Nintendo's announcements during its conference at the event, there was no mention of the game at all.

This is because it seems that the game has since been delayed and will only launch in 2019. In a statement made to Game Informer, they company said, "We can confirm this game will be released in 2019." This was the same thing that was told to Polygon where Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime said that the game "continues to be in development making great progress."

Dark Souls: Remastered For Nintendo Switch Delayed

Dark Souls: Remastered For Nintendo Switch Delayed

It was first reported last year that a remastered version of Dark Souls might be officially announced soon and Bandai Namco did just that in January this year. It announced that this genre-defining game would be remastered and released for Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Unfortunately, Nintendo Switch owners will now have to wait a bit longer because Bandai Namco has confirmed that Dark Souls: Remastered release for the Switch has been delayed.

The release time frame hasn’t been changed for the remastered version that’s headed for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It was originally promised that these platforms and the Switch would get the title on May 25th, 2018. All of these platforms excluding the Nintendo Switch will receive Dark Souls: Remastered on May 25th.

Japanese Singer Matsuyama Provides Musical Surprise On Delayed Plane

Japanese singer Matsuyama provides musical surprise on delayed plane

Japanese folk singer Chiharu Matsuyama sang his hit song on a plane that remained grounded over an hour past its departure time at a Hokkaido airport Sunday in a bid to ease passengers' irritation, according to All Nippon Airways Co.

Matsuyama, a Hokkaido native, came forward and sang the popular opening line of "Ozora to Daichi no Naka de" (In-between a giant sky and the earth) through a microphone for in-flight announcements. The episode drew applause on social media, with some posts apparently from passengers saying it was a happy surprise.

Nintendo Switch Online Services Detailed, Delayed To 2018

Nintendo Switch Online Services Detailed, Delayed To 2018

With the launch of the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo is doing something they have never done before, which is launch a paid online gaming service similar to that of Sony's PSN and Microsoft's Xbox Live. It was previously estimated that it would cost anywhere between $20-30 a year, and it looks like the pricing and some of its details have surfaced.

Starting with the bad (or good, depending on how you look at it) news, on Nintendo's website (via IGN), the company has confirmed that the online service for the Switch will only be launching in 2018. This means that instead of launching this year, gamers can only expect it to come into effect next year, which we guess also means that you won't have to start paying for it so soon.