Renault-fca Merger Hinges On Nissan And French Gov Backing

Renault-FCA Merger Hinges On Nissan And French Gov Backing

It seems that reviving merger talks between automotive giants Renault and FCA will depend on overcoming at least two major hurdles: repairing Renault’s relationship with Nissan and the willingness of the French state to reduce its stake in its home automaker.

24,000 Evacuees Not Counted By Fukushima Govt.

24,000 evacuees not counted by Fukushima govt.NHK has learned that the Fukushima prefectural government's estimate of the current number of evacuees from the 2011 disaster is about 24,000 less than the figure calculated by local municipalities.
Earlier this month, officials said about 80,000 people were still living in shelters because of the tsunami and nuclear accident.

Gov Aims To Strengthen Missile Defense Following N. Korean Launch

Gov aims to strengthen missile defense following N. Korean launchJapan is considering beefing up its ballistic missile defense (BMD) capability in response to the four North Korean missiles launched toward Japan on March 6.
With three of the four missiles landing in Japan's exclusive economic zone (EEZ), the government may aim to introduce a sophisticated multi-layered BMD system that would be able to cope more effectively with any future missile launches.

Govt. To Keep Control Over Tepco For Longer Period

Govt. to keep control over TEPCO for longer periodThe Japanese government has decided to maintain control over the operator of the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant for an extended period.
Officials made the decision due to rising costs from the recovery of the 2011 nuclear accident.

Suga: Govt. Failed To Win Understanding

Suga: Govt. failed to win understandingThe Japanese government says it failed to win the court's full understanding in the lawsuit over noise pollution from the US Kadena Air Base in Okinawa.
Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga spoke to reporters on Thursday after the Naha District Court ordered the government to pay over 260 million dollars in damages to some 22,000 residents near the base.
The court rejected residents' demands for a ban on US military flights at night.

Abductees' Kin Want Govt. To Offer Incentives

Abductees' kin want govt. to offer incentivesFamilies of Japanese people abducted by North Korea have decided to urge the government to offer incentives to help break the deadlock over the decades-old issue.
The relatives made a major change in their stance during their meeting in Tokyo on Sunday, the first such gathering in about a year.

Gov Koike's Party Aiming For Majority In Tokyo Assembly Election

Gov Koike's party aiming for majority in Tokyo assembly electionA political party effectively led by Tokyo Gov. Yuriko Koike is considering fielding more than 60 candidates in a Tokyo metropolitan assembly election this summer to win an overall majority, a move that could threaten seats held by the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, political sources said Monday.