S.korea Cancels Coast Guard Drill With Japan

S.Korea cancels coast guard drill with Japan

A regional coast guard in Japan says its South Korean counterpart has asked to cancel a joint drill for maritime accidents.

The 8th Regional Coast Guard Headquarters in Maizuru City, Kyoto Prefecture, revealed on Friday that the joint exercise scheduled for next Wednesday will not take place. The coast guard said it received the request on Wednesday .

Shuri Castle Fire: Guard Suspected An Intruder

Shuri Castle fire: Guard suspected an intruder

NHK has learned that the security guard who rushed to the scene of the fire at Shuri Castle in Okinawa Prefecture last week did not carry a fire extinguisher. He had thought that an intruder set off the heat sensor installed on the first floor of the castle's main hall.

The fire broke out shortly after 2:30 a.m. on Thursday.

Security Guard Saw Smoke In Castle's Main Hall

Security guard saw smoke in castle's main hall

Police in Okinawa believe the fire which destroyed Shuri Castle is likely to have started from the main hall. One of the first witnesses saw smoke coming out the first floor of the building.

The blaze engulfed the castle in Naha City as it raged for 11 hours on Thursday. Most of the structures, including the wooden 3-story main hall, were burned to the ground.

New Coast Guard Unit To Crack Down On Wooden Boats

New Coast Guard unit to crack down on wooden boats

NHK has learned that the Japan Coast Guard is to launch a new surveillance unit next month. The move is in response to the rising number of cases in which wooden boats believed to be from North Korea were found on or near the Japanese coast.

The mobile surveillance unit is reportedly to be stationed on the Sea of Japan coast of Aomori Prefecture, northern Japan.

Imperial Guard Members Show Determination In Tokyo Parade

Imperial Guard members show determination in Tokyo parade

About 250 Imperial Guard Headquarters members paraded solemnly through central Tokyo on Jan. 25 with unwavering determination ahead of the upcoming historical events in accordance with Emperor Akihito's abdication of the throne.

The members of the Imperial Guard Headquarters, dedicated to the protection of the emperor and his family, marched in perfect unison with 12 guard horses and three guard dogs during an annual parade through Higashi Gyoen (east garden of the Imperial Palace) to mark the beginning of the year.

Coast Guard: Small Island May Have Disappeared

Coast Guard: Small island may have disappeared

The Japan Coast Guard says a small uninhabited island off the northern prefecture of Hokkaido may have disappeared due to erosion by waves and floating ice.

NHK has learned from coast guard officials that the island named Esanbe Hanakita Kojima, about 500 meters off the village of Sarufutsu in northern Hokkaido, may have vanished.

Changing Of The Guard At Popular Hokkaido Prison Museum

Changing of the guard at popular Hokkaido prison museum

ABASHIRI, Hokkaido--A long-serving "prison guard" has finally clocked out after two decades on duty greeting tourists at the entrance to a jail museum in this northern city.

A replacement mannequin now stands in his spot, and some 20 more dolls representing inmates and guards at the Abashiri Prison Museum are also undergoing repairs.