Honda Reports $2.3 Billion Profit Despite Pandemic

Honda reports $2.3 billion profit despite pandemic

TOKYO — Japanese automaker Honda reported Friday that its profit rose 23% in the last quarter, despite a pandemic that has slammed businesses around the world.

Tokyo-based Honda said its July-September profit was 240.9 billion yen ($2.3 billion), up from 196.5 billion yen a year earlier, as the auto market recovered in some parts of the world.

Honda Launches Used-car Leasing Program Through The Fair App

Honda launches used-car leasing program through the Fair app

If you can lease a new car, why not a Certified Pre-Owned used car? That notion would seem to offer even lower payments since the depreciation over the term of the lease would be less. To date, however, that idea has not caught on, but now Honda is — very tentatively — testing the waters of CPO car leasing.

For the program, Honda has hooked up with, a used-car leasing site that was started a few years ago. Fair offers the ability to lease a used car on either a month-by-month basis or for a fixed term, and charges a start payment (down payment) along with a monthly fee that also includes routine maintenance and roadside assistance.

Bmw M2 Competition, Honda Odyssey And Toyota Rav4 Prime

BMW M2 Competition, Honda Odyssey and Toyota RAV4 Prime

In this week's Autoblog Podcast, Editor-in-Chief Greg Migliore is joined by West Coast Editor James Riswick. This week, they talk about driving the BMW M2 Competition, Honda Odyssey and Toyota RAV4 Prime. Then they discuss James' experience testing the new Yakima CBX cargo carrier, Autoblog readers' preference for the GMC Hummer EV over the Tesla Cybertruck, and Mercedes-Benz taking a larger stake in Aston Martin. Lastly, they help James' father find a new car in the Spend My Money segment.

2021 Honda Odyssey | Reviews, Price, Specs, Features And Photos

2021 Honda Odyssey | Reviews, price, specs, features and photos

It's best to think of the 2021 Honda Odyssey as the ultimate piece of parenting gear rather than a car. From novel features like its "Magic" sliding second-row seats and available onboard vacuum to common-but-indispensable traits like remotely opening doors and gargantuan cargo space, it's far more akin to a BOB Rambler, Chicco KeyFit30 or MamaRoo – cleverly engineered items specifically designed to make parents' lives easier. While being oriented towards kids and parents might seem obvious for a minivan, none are so unabashedly centered on that goal than the Odyssey.

While competitors attempt to hide their van-ness, the Odyssey lets its van flag fly. There was no attempt to add sporty or SUV-like flourishes outside, while inside, the dash has all the visual appeal of a washing machine. The driving experience is similarly indifferent, characterized by loose steering and a pillowy ride (unlike earlier Accord-like Odysseys). It's all about the kids here, and they don't care if you're getting feedback through the wheel or your eyes are treated to an interesting-looking dash. They also probably don't care about fuel economy, but that's one of the few objective areas where the Odyssey trails its competitors. While its V6 engine is perfectly fine relative similarly powered vans, the Chrysler Pacifica offers an exceptional plug-in hybrid model while the all-new 2021 Toyota Sienna is only offered as a hybrid that gets an estimated 36 mpg combined. The Odyssey gets 22, and while it's more powerful, we're guessing acceleration is hardly a priority for those buying what is basically the ultimate stroller.  

Honda Grom Gets An Updated Engine And A New Sense Of Style

Honda Grom gets an updated engine and a new sense of style

It's been six years since Honda introduced the cute little Grom mini machine, and at this point it's safe to say it's had a very successful run. Now it's time for a refresh. The updates seen here specifically apply to the European version of the Grom, but Honda's U.S. Powersports arm promises we'll see the new Grom Stateside at some point in the not-too-distant future.

The Grom soldiers forth with a single-cylinder 125cc engine, but it's been updated and is now compliant with EURO5 emissions regulations. Power is up a fraction of a horsepower, but the big news is the addition of a five-speed gearbox to replace the old four-speed unit. Honda says the Grom's top speed increases from 54 miles per hour to around 59 mph, and while that isn't a massive increase, we'd wager around-town, seat-of-the-pants performance will see a more meaningful improvement.

2021 Honda Civic Sedan Drops Manual Transmission Option

2021 Honda Civic sedan drops manual transmission option

With a new generation of Civic arriving for 2022, it's no surprise the 2021 Honda Civic has a pared-down lineup. Previously, the company announced that the coupe was being discontinued, and the Si performance models would be on hiatus until the next generation. Now we know that Honda is also dropping the manual transmission option from the sedan bodystyle.

The manual transmission choices for the sedan were already limited for the 2020 model year. It was only available with a naturally aspirated 2.0-liter four-cylinder on the base LX and Sport trims, or on the Si trim. Still, if you're looking for a manual Civic sedan, remaining 2020 Civic Si sedans will still be on lots for a while. And if you need a manual 2021 Civic, you can still get it on Civic Sport and Sport Touring hatchbacks, as well as the Type R. We also expect manual offerings to expand again with the next-generation model coming soon.

2021 Honda Accord Review | Price, Specs, Features And Photos

2021 Honda Accord Review | Price, specs, features and photos

Honda takes the idea of a "mid-cycle refresh" of its cars rather literally, and sure enough, three years into what is likely to be a six-year lifespan, the current generation Accord sees a comprehensive round of updates. Yet, true to the company's norm, don't expect massive changes for the 2021 Honda Accord. The styling is updated, but even we're having a hard time telling the difference. The interior sees more infotainment features on more trims, while the various driver assistance systems have been updated and increased in number. There have also been some improvements made to throttle and brake response.

All of this should be welcome news, but it's really just a bunch of icing on what was an already delicious, well-iced cake. Despite some impressive new competitors in recent years, the Accord continues to shine as our top family sedan choice. It does virtually everything well. It has a huge interior, yet is responsive to drive. It's fuel efficient, yet all its powertrains, including that of the Accord Hybrid, provide punchy acceleration for the segment. It's also well-equipped, and should provide the long-term value that's become synonymous with the name Honda Accord. In other words, the best just got better.

2021 Honda Passport Review | Price, Specs, Features And Photos

2021 Honda Passport Review | Price, specs, features and photos

The 2021 Honda Passport is quite obviously a Pilot that has had some inches and a row of seats lopped off its tail. Sure, it has a different grille, big black wheels, chunkier roof rails and extra ground clearance, but the similarities are impossible to miss. The interior design is literally identical.

So why bother considering this midsize SUV with three fewer seats? Well, you wouldn't be alone in pondering that considering the Passport sells in far fewer numbers than the Pilot does. However, we think that it generally makes sense. The Passport is roughly $2,000 less than a comparable Pilot (the base prices are nearly equal, but the Passport includes more equipment), and if you're unlikely to use that extra seating row, why bother lugging it around? The Passport still has a colossal amount of space in its second row and cargo area, while its smaller size improves its acceleration and sharpens its driving experience. We also think there's value in its quasi-rugged attributes, including its 8.1 inches of ground clearance and more functional roof rails. It's basically a Toyota 4Runner for those willing to sacrifice extreme capability for better efficiency and on-road handling. And, of course, being OK with the Pilot-in-hiking-boots look.

1985 Honda Crx Si Retro Review | Driving Impressions, Performance

1985 Honda CRX Si Retro Review | Driving impressions, performance

Autoblog wasn't around for the literal first drive review, but as they say, it's better late than never. Take a trip down memory lane in our latest retro first drive.

With automotive press launches curtailed, some manufacturers have taken to revisiting past glories, rolling out classics from their collections and making them available to drive. We've previously slipped behind the wheel of a ‘64 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia, '67 VW Microbus and a pair of Hondas from 1999: a Civic Si and a Prelude Type SH. Now we're getting to dig a little deeper into the Honda museum vault in Torrance, Calif. with a turn in a 1985 Honda CRX Si.