Autoblog Podcast #654: Subaru Brz, Honda Civic And More Big Reveals

Autoblog Podcast #654: Subaru BRZ, Honda Civic and more big reveals

In this week's Autoblog Podcast, Editor-in-Chief Greg Migliore is joined by Consumer Editor Jeremy Korzeniewski and News Editor Joel Stocksdale. They kick things off discussing a whole raft of big car debuts this week that would have undoubtedly been part of the L.A. Auto Show if it happened this year. Some of those big reveals include the new Honda Civic, Subaru BRZ and Jeep Wrangler 392. They follow that with some other news highlights and end with green crossover-themed "Spend My Money" segment.

2022 Honda Civic Sedan Officially Revealed

2022 Honda Civic sedan officially revealed

The 2022 Honda Civic has been officially revealed, and as expected, it looks much more like its bigger Accord cousin than the Civic it's replacing. It's technically called a "prototype," but it's safe to assume that the production model will look just like this. Honda also provided a preview of the interior and just a couple of details about feature set and availability.

Digging deeper into the exterior, you can see the Accord influence in the smooth body panels, the long shoulder line that runs the length of the car, and the window line that bumps up at the C-pillar. The proportions differ a bit from the Accord, though. The nose is longer and lower relative to the rest of the body, and the trunk lid is short. It almost looks as though it could be rear-wheel drive. The car also features a small grille with a body color accent similar to that on the new Honda Fit, and the trunk has a distinct lip spoiler to it.

Watch The 2022 Honda Civic Reveal At 9:45 Tonight

Watch the 2022 Honda Civic reveal at 9:45 tonight

The 2022 Honda Civic will finally be unveiled tonight, and you can watch the reveal of the small sedan right here. It starts at 9:45 p.m. Eastern and will be broadcast on Twitch, but we'll have the stream included on this post, too.

We've actually seen a fair bit of the new Honda Civic thanks to patent renderings of both the sedan and hatchback bodystyles, which you can see at the embedded links. What we've seen so far is that the design will be heavily influenced by the current Accord. We also know that the coupe has been cancelled, but there will be Si and Type R variants coming down the road.

Japanese Honda Odyssey Has Gesture Control Doors And Reservation Locks

Japanese Honda Odyssey has gesture control doors and reservation locks

There's a new Honda Odyssey in Japan, and it has two trick features we wish would come stateside.

First, there's a proximity sensor in the rear sliding doors so you can walk right up them, hands full of babies or groceries, and open them with an elbow bump. It's basically one of those power tailgates that you can open with your foot, but for a sliding van door. Speaking for parents everywhere, why is this not a thing on every minivan already?

2022 Honda Civic Sedan Spy Photos Seem To Confirm Patent Images

2022 Honda Civic sedan spy photos seem to confirm patent images

We've had surprisingly good looks at the 2022 Honda Civic sedan and hatchback so far, mainly thanks to patent drawings that surfaced on the internet. But we haven't seen it very clearly in the sheetmetal, or at least we hadn't until one of our spy photographers sent us the above photos. They show a prototype sedan out driving with what seems like production bodywork and minimal camouflage.

Looking at this prototype, it seems to match up well with the patent renderings. It has a longer, flatter nose with wide headlights. The trunk lid is more defined from the rear pillar. The taillights are also wide and thin compared with the funky boomerang lights of the current model. And in general, the Civic is looking more like a mini Accord. The proportions look better in real life than in the drawings, with the overhangs not looking quite so extreme.

2022 Honda Civic Sedan Teased Ahead Of Its Debut On Twitch

2022 Honda Civic sedan teased ahead of its debut on Twitch

There's a brand-new Civic on the way for the 2022 model year, and while Honda isn't quite ready to rip the covers off (that's coming Tuesday, November 17, at 9:45 p.m. on the East Coast or 6:45 p.m. out West), the Japanese automaker hopes to whet the appetites of potential owners with the teasers you see above and below (we bumped up the brightness to bring out as much detail as possible). The image is purposely obscured, of course, but we do get to see enough of the rear shapes to suggest the new version will be more gracefully styled than the current version.

Though we only have one view, it does seem that the overall shape of the lights and the exaggerated spoiler shape match up with the patent images of the sedan we saw a few months back. If those prove accurate, expect the 2022 Civic sedan to have a swept-back style similar to the current Accord. Patent images of a hatchback have also been found.

Honda Wants To Be The First To Mass Produce Level 3 Self-driving Cars

Honda Wants To Be The First To Mass Produce Level 3 Self-Driving Cars

Autonomous or self-driving cars appear to be something we can look forward to in the future, but in case you didn’t know, there are actually different levels to autonomy. For the most part, a lot of self-driving cars being developed today and are on the streets, like those made by Tesla, are considered a level 2.

These cars can drive by themselves, but will still require a human behind the wheel. They can steer, brake, and accelerate on their own as well. However, level 3 is where it gets interesting and is a goal that companies are working towards, and it is also something that Honda hopes they’ll be the first to achieve in terms of mass production.

The Honda Legend Will Be The World's First Level 3 Autonomous Car

The Honda Legend will be the world's first level 3 autonomous car

TOKYO — Honda said on Wednesday it will be the world's first automaker to mass produce sensor-packed Level 3 autonomous cars that will allow drivers to let their vehicles navigate congested expressway traffic.

"Honda is planning to launch sales of a Honda Legend (luxury sedan) equipped with the newly approved automated driving equipment" before the end of March 2021, Honda said in a press release. The Honda Legend is mechanically similar to the Acura RLX sold in the United States.

2021 Honda Accord Hybrid First Drive | Still At The Mountaintop

2021 Honda Accord Hybrid First Drive | Still at the mountaintop

We won't bury the lede. The 2021 Honda Accord is still a stupendous sedan and arguably the best in its segment. The car was completely revamped for 2018, and none of its competition have overtaken it since. Some among us will contend that the Mazda6 is top dog for pure driving enjoyment, but the Accord stands tall alongside the Mazda and is only getting better as this latest generation is treated to its mid-cycle update.

That said, there is one specific change that does have us bummed, and that's the loss of the manual transmission. With a take rate of just 2%, Honda decided it wasn't worth the trouble anymore. Guess you'll just have to buy a Civic Type R.