Youtube Arrives On Fire Tv As Prime Video Lands On Chromecast And Android Tvs

YouTube Arrives On Fire TV As Prime Video Lands On Chromecast And Android TVs

A feud between Google and Amazon had essentially forced users to pick sides since the companies blocked their services from each other’s platforms. So YouTube wasn’t available on Fire TV and Amazon Prime Video wasn’t available on Chromecast and Android TVs. This was bound to change after both companies announced that they were making peace and would allow the services on their respective networks. That’s precisely what has happened today.

Starting today, Amazon Prime Video subscribers can stream content from their preferred streaming service on Chromecast and Android TV devices. The Prime Video app is now available for these platforms from Google Play.

Uber Lands $1 Billion From Softbank, Toyota For Self-driving Cars

Uber lands $1 billion from SoftBank, Toyota for self-driving cars

SAN FRANCISCO — Uber's autonomous vehicle unit has raised $1 billion from a consortium of investors including SoftBank Group, giving the company a much-needed funding boost for its pricey self-driving ambitions on the eve of its public stock offering. Uber Technologies said on Thursday that the investment valued its Advanced Technologies Group, which works to develop autonomous driving technology, at $7.25 billion. SoftBank will invest $333 million from its $100 billion Vision Fund, while Toyota and automotive supplier Denso Corp will combined invest $667 million. Reuters had reported in March talks of the investment in ATG, which has locations in Pittsburgh, San Francisco and Toronto. The funding allows Uber to transfer some of the substantial cost of developing self-driving cars onto outside investors. That is likely to appease some investor concerns over Uber's spending on the autonomous unit, which has topped $1 billion since the program started in 2016. The business unit brings in no meaningful revenue for Uber, which last year lost $3.03 billion. The company is not even offering free rides in the robot cars to passengers, like some of its rivals are, following a fatal crash last year in Arizona involving an Uber self-driving SUV. Uber released its IPO filing this month and is preparing to launch is "roadshow," when it will pitch its company prospective investors, the week of April 29, setting up for an early May debut on the New York Stock Exchange. Uber is expected to raise $10 billion at a $90 billion to $100 billion valuation, at least an 18 percent jump from its current $76 billion valuation. As part of the deal, ATG becomes its own legal entity but remains under the control of Uber with its financial performance folded into Uber's. A new ATG board will be formed, with six seats from Uber, one from SoftBank and one from Toyota. Eric Meyhofer, currently the head of ATG, will take the title of CEO and report to the new board. Such sizable deals are unusual for companies so close to an IPO, because bringing in large new investors changes the company's capital structure. The deal, however, will almost certainly require approval from the inter-agency regulatory group called the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS). A law enacted last year expands that group's powers to review minority stakes by foreign investors in startups with certain sensitive technologies, and self-driving technology is widely considered to have defense applications. SoftBank's investment in General Motors' self-driving car unit Cruise is still under CFIUS review and is likely weeks away from a decision, even though that investment was announced more than a year ago.

Hayabusa2 Successfully Lands On Asteroid

Hayabusa2 successfully lands on asteroid

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, or JAXA, says its Hayabusa2 space probe has successfully landed on the asteroid Ryugu in its first attempt to collect rock samples there.

JAXA says the spacecraft touched down on the asteroid at around 7:29 AM on Friday, Japan time.

Minor Update (47.2.a.4.45) Lands On The Xperia Xz1 And Xz1 Compact

Minor update (47.2.A.4.45) lands on the Xperia XZ1 and XZ1 Compact

Sony Mobile has unusually released a very minor update for the Xperia XZ1 and XZ1 Compact handsets in some regions, moving the build number from 47.2.A.4.41 to version 47.2.A.4.45. The firmware remains with 1 December 2018 Android security patches, so it is likely that Sony added some other small bug fixes for the update. Strangely, the same update is not available for the Xperia XZ Premium, which normally follows the same build tree.If you have updated let us know your impressions in the comments below.

First Xperia Xz3 Firmware Update Lands – Adds October 2018 Patches (52.0.a.3.27)

First Xperia XZ3 firmware update lands – adds October 2018 patches (52.0.A.3.27)

Sony Mobile has started to roll the first firmware update for the Xperia XZ3, Sony's newest flagship – the first with an OLED display. The new firmware update moves the build number from 52.0.A.1.220 to version 52.0.A.3.27, adding the 1 October 2018 Android security patches in the process. The update is currently rolling to all variants of the Xperia XZ3. If you have updated let us know what changes you have noticed in the comments below.

European Probe Lands On Ryugu Asteroid

European probe lands on Ryugu asteroid

Space agencies in Europe say a probe deployed from Japan's Hayabusa2 spacecraft has successfully landed on the asteroid Ryugu.

The touchdown comes after the lander was released on Wednesday from Hayabusa2 when it was about 51 meters above the asteroid.

Japan Lands Robots On Asteroid 180 Million Miles Away

Japan Lands Robots On Asteroid 180 Million Miles Away

Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency has landed a couple of robots on the asteroid Ryugu some 180 million miles from Earth. The cylindrical robots are about 18cm wide and 7cm tall. They made their journey on the Hayabusa2 spacecraft which was launched from the Earth back in December 2014.

Tropical Storm Lands In Kyushu

Tropical storm lands in Kyushu

People in southwestern Japan are bracing for torrential rains after a tropical storm made landfall on the island of Kyushu. Weather officials are advising people to be on alert for flooding, landslides and strong winds.

Leepi is currently moving northwest.
Rainfall of up to 50 millimeters per hour has been recorded in some areas disrupting rail, air and ferry services.