Emoto Tokio & Iriki Mari Tie The Knot

Emoto Tokio & Iriki Mari tie the knot

It's been reported that actor Emoto Tokio (30) and actress Iriki Mari (30) have tied the knot.

The two first met while shooting the drama 'Watashi wa Ippon no Ki ni Koi wo Shita' back in 2008. At that time, they barely spoke to each other. A year later, the two co-starred in the movie 'Umo no Kingyo,' then as a result became friends and would meet once a year for a meal or a few drinks.

E-girls Washio Reina Kicks Off Her Solo Project

E-girls Washio Reina kicks off her solo project

E-girls member Washio Reina has kicked off her solo project 'Rei.' Her song "Call Me Sick" has been picked up as the theme song for the movie 'Shosetsu no Kamisama: Kimi to Shika Egakenai Monogatari' to premiere on May 22. 

E-girls recently announced that they would disband after this year. At the same time, Washio had announced that she would be starting her activities as a solo artist. Directed by Kubo Shigeaki, 'Shosetsu no Kamisama' will star Sato Taiki (EXILE, FANTASTICS from EXILE TRIBE) and Hashimoto Kanna.

Higashide Masahiro's Agency Confirms He And Anne Have Separated

Higashide Masahiro's agency confirms he and Anne have separated

On January 22, 'Bunshun Online' reported that actor Higashide Masahiro (31) and wife, actress Anne (33) are currently separated. On the same day, Higashide's agency confirmed the reports, stating, "We've confirmed that the things that have been written [in the article] are almost all true," then continued, "However, we have heard that the separation is not a step toward divorce, but a cooling-off period in order to mend their relationship.

According to 'Bunshun Online,' the couple have separated and is on the verge of a divorce. More details are published on 'Shukan Bunshun' reporting on Higashide's affair with a minor and photographs of the actor together with an 'innocent actress.'  

Lisa & Suzuki Tatsuhisa Tie The Knot

LiSA & Suzuki Tatsuhisa tie the knot

It's been reported that LiSA and voice actor Suzuki Tatsuhisa have tied the knot on January 22. 

Suzuki is not only a voice actor, but he is also a member of OLDCODEX. He commented on I'm enterprise's official website, "Meeting through several coincidences, we nurtured our bond daily by laughing and singing about trivial things, trying to learn together about things we don't know, and respecting each other's work. When we realized how naturally happy we were together, I felt I wanted to grow old with her and decided to get married.

Superfly Unveils Live Music Video For 'kakusei'

Superfly unveils live music video for 'Kakusei'

Superfly has unveiled the PV for her new song "Kakusei." 

"Kakusei" was written as the theme song for movie 'Promare' and will be included in her new album "0" to drop on January 15. The music video features live footage from her arena tour 'Superfly Arena Tour 2019: 0' held last year. 

Mizushima Hiro Appointed As Shimajiro Movie Ambassador

Mizushima Hiro appointed as Shimajiro movie ambassador

Mizushima Hiro has been appointed as the "Shimajiro movie ambassador" for 'Shimajiro the Movie: Shimajiro to Soratobu Fune.' 

The eighth Shimajiro movie will be the first in the series created in full 3DCG. Mizushima, who is an actor and entrepreneur, married singer-songwriter Ayaka back in 2009. He is a father to two daughters ages 4 and 1. As the "Shimajiro movie ambassador," he will be appearing at events to liven up the upcoming film.  

Oguri Shun To Star In 2022 Taiga Drama

Oguri Shun to star in 2022 Taiga drama

The 61st NHK Taiga Drama that's scheduled to air in 2022 has been confirmed to be 'Kamakura-dono no 13-nin.' It will star actor Oguri Shun, and the script will be written by Mitani Koki. 

This announcement was made on January 8 during a press conference at NHK Broadcasting Center. Following 'Shinsengumi!' and 'Sanada Maru,' this will be Mitani's third time writing the script for a Taiga drama. Oguri will take on the lead role of 'Hojo Yoshitoki,' the younger brother of Hojo Masako, who was married to Minamoto no Yoritomo, the founder of the Kamakura shogunate. The drama is said to be a survival entertainment focusing on the 13 people who supported Yoritomo's rule.