The New 2021 Lexus Lc500 Convertible Gives Us Tingles

The New 2021 Lexus LC500 Convertible Gives Us Tingles

Lexus is expanding its LC500 sports car family with a soft-top convertible that will be celebrating its world premiere at the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show on Wednesday. It will reach North American dealers next summer, but if you’re interested in that gorgeous Structural Blue exterior with a white leather interior, you’d better get your order in quickly as it will be a limited edition of 100 units.

Japan To Enhance New Plant Variety Protection

Japan to enhance new plant variety protection

The Japanese government has decided to seek stricter restrictions on the export to other countries of seeds and saplings of new varieties of fruits and other plants developed in Japan.

The agriculture ministry is aiming for a revision of the Plant Variety Protection and Seed Act during next year's ordinary Diet session to allow developers to limit the areas in which the varieties can be grown.

New Probe Into Deaths In Siberia Internment Begins

New probe into deaths in Siberia internment begins

Japan's welfare ministry has launched a new investigation into Japanese nationals believed to have died in internment in Siberia after World War Two following the discovery of new records.

The ministry says around 53,000 Japanese are believed to have died due to hard labor in the bitter cold while they were interned by the former Soviet Union. Of them, about 15,000 are not confirmed in Russian documentation.

Masako Mori To Be Appointed New Justice Minister

Masako Mori to be appointed new Justice Minister

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe plans to appoint Masako Mori as Justice Minister following the resignation of Katsuyuki Kawai.

Mori is an Upper House member of the Liberal Democratic Party. She has previously served as minister in charge of declining birthrate measures.