2 Aichi Plane Museums Show Off Their Troves Before Takeoff

2 Aichi plane museums show off their troves before takeoff

TOYOYAMA, Aichi Prefecture--Showcasing historical airplanes to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd.'s newest jet, two aircraft museums at Nagoya Airport will open soon in the same "airspace," only 700 meters apart.

Ahead of the Nov. 30 grand openings of the two museums, the media was welcomed in to both facilities on Nov. 20 in a preview.

Board Of Audit Raises Doubts On Basis Of Land Deal To Moritomo

Board of Audit raises doubts on basis of land deal to Moritomo

The Board of Audit found no justification for the government's discount of about 820 million yen (about $7.3 million) on state-owned land sold to school operator Moritomo Gakuen in 2016, sources said.

The board's conclusion will cast further doubts on the government's argument that the land in Toyonaka, Osaka Prefecture, was sold appropriately and based on laws.

3rd Parties Viewing People's Private Images Via Iot Cameras

3rd parties viewing people's private images via IoT cameras

The Yomiuri ShimbunMakers of network cameras, or cameras that connect to the internet, have started taking countermeasures to prevent captured images from being viewed online by anyone due to erroneous settings and other reasons.

One website displays images from around the world taken from such cameras, including in Japan.

Chief Of U.s. Forces In Okinawa Sorry For Fatal Vehicle Crash

Chief of U.S. forces in Okinawa sorry for fatal vehicle crash

Jiji Press NAHA (Jiji Press) — Lt. Gen. Lawrence Nicholson, head of U.S. forces in Okinawa, apologized on Monday for a fatal drunk driving accident caused by a U.S. Marine in Naha on Sunday.

In talks with Okinawa Gov. Takeshi Onaga at the prefectural government office in Naha, Nicholson expressed his condolences to the victim's family and promised to take more steps to prevent any recurrence of similar incidents.

Japan Closer To Setting Abdication Date

Japan closer to setting abdication date

NHK has learned Japan is getting closer to deciding a date for the Emperor's abdication, something that hasn't happened in over 2 centuries.
Sources say government officials are considering two options in 2019---either March 31st or April 30th.

Before that happens, the Japanese government will convene an Imperial House Council meeting on December 1st to hear opinions about the date.

Nara To Use Tourist Facility As Evacuation Site

Nara to use tourist facility as evacuation site

Nara City in western Japan will use a tourism facility as an evacuation site for foreign visitors in case of natural disasters.

Officials of the city and Nara Prefecture said on Tuesday that the Nara Visitor Center and Inn near Sarusawa Pond will be reserved for foreign tourists should disaster strike.

Abe Reiterates Eagerness To Amend Constitution

Abe reiterates eagerness to amend Constitution

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says it is the responsibility of the current generation to make sure no questions remain about whether Japan's Self-Defense Forces are unconstitutional.

Abe said in May of this year that a clause acknowledging the existence of the Self-Defense Forces should be added to the war-renouncing Article 9 of the Constitution.

Emperor Showa's Ww2 Monologue To Be Auctioned

Emperor Showa's WW2 monologue to be auctioned

A transcription of the former Japanese emperor's monologue about wartime days is set to be auctioned in New York in December.

The late Emperor Showa gave his thoughts on key events before and during World War Two in hearings shortly after the war.

10 Years Since Discovery Of Ips Cells

10 years since discovery of iPS cells

Ten years after scientists in Japan reported creating embryonic stem cells from ordinary skin cells, the lead researcher says the real work begins now.

Kyoto University Professor Shinya Yamanaka and his colleagues announced their discovery on November 21st, 2007.

Police: Shiraishi Tweeted With Victim For 1 Month

Police: Shiraishi tweeted with victim for 1 month

Tokyo police say a man arrested in connection with 9 dismembered bodies found in his apartment had been in touch with a female victim for nearly one month.

Takahiro Shiraishi was served a fresh arrest warrant on Monday for the alleged murder of the 23-year-old woman at his home in Zama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, on October 23rd.

New Govt. Webpage On Evacuation Shelters

New govt. webpage on evacuation shelters

A new section of the official Japanese government website is providing information about shelters the public can use in the event of an emergency.

The Cabinet Secretariat Civil Protection Portal Site introduces how the government will respond if Japan is hit by a ballistic missile or large-scale terrorist attack, as well as how people should evacuate.

Ex-education Minister's Ldp Branch Used Political Funds To Buy 1,900 Copies Of His Book

Ex-education minister's LDP branch used political funds to buy 1,900 copies of his book

A ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) branch headed by former education minister Hakubun Shimomura used over 2.87 million yen in political funds to buy 1,900 copies of his book in May and June last year, the branch's political funding report has shown.

The book titled, "Kyoiku Toshi ga Nihon o Kaeru" ("Investment in education will change Japan"), was published by PHP Institute Inc. in May 2016. In the book, Shimomura describes the current situation surrounding Japan's education and makes education policy proposals. Each copy is priced at 1,512 yen including consumption tax.

Abe Backs Us Relisting Of N. Korea As State Sponsor Of Terrorism

Abe backs US relisting of N. Korea as state sponsor of terrorism

TOKYO (Kyodo) -- Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Tuesday his government supports the U.S. decision to put North Korea back on the state sponsor of terrorism list for the first time in nine years.

The designation Monday -- which bans North Korea from exporting weapons and receiving economic assistance -- was the latest in a series of measures by Washington to impose "maximum pressure" and tightened sanctions on Pyongyang.

23 Injured After Bus Carrying School Students Collides With Trucks On Expressway

23 injured after bus carrying school students collides with trucks on expressway

ICHIKAWA Chiba -- A sightseeing bus carrying junior high school students and others collided with at least two trucks on the Higashi Kanto Expressway here on the morning of Nov. 21, apparently leaving 23 people injured, police said.

According to Chiba Prefectural Police and other sources, about 40 people including teachers and second-year junior students at a Chiba municipal junior high school were on the bus and it seems 23, including 17 students, were slightly injured. They were transported to local hospitals for treatment.