Japanese Lawmaker Couple Questioned By Prosecutors

Japanese lawmaker couple questioned by prosecutors

Informed sources say Japanese prosecutors questioned a Diet lawmaker couple earlier this month on a voluntary basis over their alleged violations of the election law.

The sources say the questioning took place during a holiday period in early May.

Lawmaker Couple Questioned By Prosecutors

Lawmaker couple questioned by prosecutors

Japanese prosecutors have questioned Upper House member Anri Kawai and her husband, Lower House member Katsuyuki Kawai, in connection with alleged election law violations.

Three aides to the two lawmakers of the governing Liberal Democratic Party were arrested earlier this month. They are alleged to have paid Anri Kawai's 14 campaign staff members more than the legal limit during her campaign for last year's Upper House election.

Ldp Lawmaker Questioned Over Casino Project

LDP lawmaker questioned over casino project

NHK has learned that Tokyo prosecutors have questioned a Liberal Democratic Party lawmaker over suspected illegality by a Chinese firm.

Lower House member Tsukasa Akimoto was questioned on a voluntary basis. It is believed that he was asked about his involvement with a Chinese company hoping to enter the fledgling Japanese market for integrated resorts that will include casinos.

Two Men Questioned Over Nakamura Shooting

Two men questioned over Nakamura shooting

The Afghan interior ministry says its officials are questioning two men in connection with the fatal shooting of Japanese doctor and aid worker Tetsu Nakamura.

The ministry told NHK it believes the two men may know something about the incident.

Carole Ghosn Questioned At Japanese Court

Carole Ghosn questioned at Japanese court

Japanese prosecutors have questioned the wife of former Nissan Motor chairman Carlos Ghosn at a Tokyo court. They are believed to have asked her about an alleged flow of funds from Nissan.

Carole Ghosn was summoned to the Tokyo District Court on Thursday as a witness at the request of prosecutors.

Mitsubishi Pajero Future Questioned

Mitsubishi Pajero future questionedThe iconic Mitsubishi Pajero’s long-term future is clouded, with a replacement for the aged current model a few years away in even the best-case scenario.
This is according to Mitsubishi Motors (MMC) president and COO, Tetsuro Aikawa, who said today via interpreter that the brand would be “continuing on with the present model for some time”.