U.s., S. Korea Joint Exercise In Sea Of Japan Gets Underway

U.S., S. Korea joint exercise in Sea of Japan gets underway

South Korea and the United States on Saturday kicked off a joint naval exercise in the Sea of Japan involving three U.S. aircraft carriers amid heightened tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff said that the four-day strike force exercise is "aimed at enhancing deterrence against North Korea's nuclear and missile threats."

3 U.s. Carriers To Hold Exercise In Sea Of Japan On Nov. 11-14

3 U.S. carriers to hold exercise in Sea of Japan on Nov. 11-14

Three U.S. nuclear-powered aircraft carriers are scheduled to engage in a four-day strike force exercise from Saturday, the U.S. 7th Fleet said Thursday, in a show of force amid North Korea's growing nuclear and missile threats.

The exercise will take place in the Sea of Japan, a U.S. Navy official said, at a time President Donald Trump is on an Asian tour and is presenting a united front with regional leaders.

Under-sea Quake Detection System Halts Shinkansen Earlier Than Ever

Under-sea quake detection system halts Shinkansen earlier than ever

The fastest emergency brake system yet for high-speed Shinkansen vulnerable to derailment by massive earthquakes will be introduced by Japan Railway group companies from Nov. 1.

The new system, which uses sea-bed seismometers to detect mega-quakes under the seafloor such as a long-expected and much-feared Nankai Trough earthquake, will bring bullet trains to a halt up to 30 seconds earlier than now.

New System Could Stop Bullet Trains Faster In Event Of Sea Quake

New system could stop bullet trains faster in event of sea quake

TOKYO (Kyodo) -- Three railway companies signed a deal with a state research institute Monday to implement a system to halt shinkansen bullet trains more swiftly in the event of a major sea quake near the Japanese archipelago.

The emergency stop signals of the new system, to be introduced Wednesday on certain sections of the Tohoku and Joetsu Shinkansen lines operated by East Japan Railway Co., activate 10 to 30 seconds faster than the current system by utilizing seismic data captured by a quake sensor on the Pacific seafloor, the railroad companies and institute said.

2 Bodies Found In Japanese Defense Chopper That Crashed Into Sea In Aug.

2 bodies found in Japanese defense chopper that crashed into sea in Aug.

The Maritime Self-Defense Force confirmed Friday that the two bodies found inside a crashed helicopter salvaged from the sea off northeastern Japan a day before were those of the pilot and copilot.

Three of the four crewmen had been missing since the SH-60J patrol helicopter plunged into the Sea of Japan off Aomori Prefecture during a night landing and takeoff drill in August. The MSDF said it has now ended its search, giving up on finding the remaining crew member.

Ryokan-style Cruise Ship To Debut On Seto Inland Sea

Ryokan-style cruise ship to debut on Seto Inland Sea

ONOMICHI, Hiroshima Prefecture--A floating inn will make its maiden voyage in the Seto Inland Sea on Oct. 17.

The Guntu, a ryokan-like passenger liner whose guest rooms are made mainly of wood, is 81.2 meters long and 13.75 meters wide and has a gross tonnage of 3,200 tons.

New Species Of Clione Sea Slug Found In Japan Bay

New species of clione sea slug found in Japan bay

The discovery of a new species of clione sea slug, usually found in chilly polar waters, in central Japan's Toyama Bay may shed light on sea temperature changes, a local university said Thursday.

The discovery was made by a team of researchers led by Zhang Jing, a professor at the University of Toyama's graduate school. Researchers in Japan have confirmed through gene analysis that the species -- the fifth of its kind -- has previously not been identified.

Luna Sea To Release New Album With The Theme 'love'

LUNA SEA to release new album with the theme 'love'

LUNA SEA will release their 9th original album "LUV" on December 20. In addition, they have announced that they will hold a nationwide hall tour called "LUNA SEA LUV TOUR 2018" early next year.

It's been about four years since LUNA SEA released their last album "A WILL." The upcoming album will be made with the theme "love," and the band hopes to represent the different shapes of love using a wide variety of approaches.

12 Missing After Tanker-fishing Boat Collision In Sea Of Japan

12 missing after tanker-fishing boat collision in Sea of Japan

Twelve people are missing after a Chinese fishing vessel collided with a Hong Kong-flagged tanker on Thursday, some 400 kilometers north of the Oki Islands in western Japan.

China sought help from the Japan Coast Guard, saying that the 290-ton Chinese vessel carrying 16 crew members had capsized on the high seas after colliding with the 63,294-ton tanker Blight Oil Lucky at around 9:35 a.m., the coast guard said.

Minister Opposes Releasing Treated Water From Fukushima Plant Into Sea

Minister opposes releasing treated water from Fukushima plant into sea

TOKYO (Kyodo) -- Japan's disaster reconstruction minister said Friday he is opposed to treated water from the disaster-struck Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant being released into the sea, citing the possible repercussions for local fishermen.

Masayoshi Yoshino's remarks came shortly after a top official from plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings Inc. said he is ready to see the tritium-containing water dumped into the sea.

Tepco Ready To Release Radioactive, Low-toxic Tritium Into Sea At Fukushima Plant

Tepco ready to release radioactive, low-toxic tritium into sea at Fukushima plant

Radioactive tritium, said to pose little risk to human health, will be released from the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power complex into the sea, according to a top official of the plant operator.

"The decision has already been made," Takashi Kawamura, chairman of Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings Inc., said in a recent interview with media outlets, referring to the discharge of tritium, which remains in filtered water even after highly toxic radioactive materials are removed from water used to cool damaged reactors at the plant.

Sdf Conducts Joint Drill With 2 U.s. Carriers In Sea Of Japan

SDF conducts joint drill with 2 U.S. carriers in Sea of Japan

In a massive show of force in the Sea of Japan, Self-Defense Forces vessels and F-15 fighters participated in a joint exercise on June 1 with two U.S. aircraft carrier strike groups, according to the Defense Ministry.

The two Maritime SDF destroyers and Air SDF F-15 fighters joined the USS Carl Vinson and the USS Ronald Reagan carriers, which are currently operating in Asia and the western Pacific region.

N. Korea Fires Ballistic Missile Into Sea Of Japan, Possibly New Type

N. Korea fires ballistic missile into Sea of Japan, possibly new type

North Korea launched a ballistic missile Sunday morning that fell into the Sea of Japan in defiance of international warnings, in what a Japanese official branded as possibly a new type of missile.

The latest launch, which may have a range exceeding 4,000 kilometers that would put the Pacific island of Guam within range, came hours before the start of an international forum in Beijing promoting Chinese President Xi Jinping's "One Belt, One Road" plan to expand regional trade routes.

Between Sky And Sea

Between Sky And SeaNamiko Horie (Haruka) is a 19-year-old girl, living in Miyazaki Prefecture. She studies at a special school to become a care helper and helps her mother run a restaurant. Namiko Horie isn't 100% sure she wants to become a care helper. She is friends with Chihoko Yoshiwara (Chizu Nakai).