Honda Recalls 2018-2020 Odysseys Due To Short Circuit Risk

Honda recalls 2018-2020 Odysseys due to short circuit risk

Honda has announced a new recall on more than 200,000 Odyssey minivans, model years 2018 through 2020.  Due to a safety defect, a wiring harness could potentially be pinched, which could create a short circuit and therefore a fire risk.

Honda first learned of a reported fire back in August 2018, but no information was provided to the company for further investigation. After a second fire in April 2019, however, Honda repurchased the involved minivan to examine it. In total, three fires were reported, and after months of internal testing and investigation, Honda identified the defect in January 2020. 

Surgical Masks In Short Supply

Surgical masks in short supply

Surgical masks are in short supply in parts of Tokyo, as people rush to get them to protect themselves from the new coronavirus.

A drugstore in the Shibuya district reports that sales of surgical masks are roughly five-fold the normal amount.

Iwaya: N.korea Fired Short-range Ballistic Missiles

Iwaya: N.Korea fired short-range ballistic missiles

The Japanese government says it has determined that two projectiles fired by North Korea last week were short-range ballistic missiles.

On Monday, Defense Minister Takeshi Iwaya told reporters that the government had concluded the projectiles were short-range ballistic missiles, based on information it had collected.

Animated Short Film To Be Made For Tokyo Olympics

Animated short film to be made for Tokyo Olympics

A Japanese animation company and the International Olympic Committee say they are collaborating to create an animated short film to share the Olympic spirit with young people ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Games.

Studio Ponoc and the Olympic Foundation for Culture and Heritage made the announcement on Monday at an international animation festival in the southeastern French town of Annecy.

Tokyo Girls' Style Reveal Short Pv For 'hikaru Yo'

TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE reveal short PV for 'Hikaru yo'

TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE have revealed the PV for their new song "Hikaru yo." 

"Hikaru yo" will be released together with "Reborn" as the group's double A-side single on February 27. In the PV, the girls do a formation dance with four dancers who were selected from a back dancer audition. On the PV, Shoji Mei commented, "We shot the dance scene for the first time with 8 people, so it's more powerful than usual, and is a music video worth seeing."

Watch Sakura Gakuin's Short Pv For 'carry On'

Watch Sakura Gakuin's short PV for 'Carry on'

Sakura Gakuin has unveiled the short PV for their new song "Carry on" on YouTube. 

The group performed this song for the first time during their one-man live 'The Road to Graduation 2018 ~Happy Valentine~' on February 11 at MyNavi BLITZ Akasaka. It will be included in their ninth album "Sakura Gakuin 2018 Nendo ~Life Iroasenai Hibi~" to be released on March 3, and the full PV can be found in its Limited Sakura Edition.

Sakura Gakuin Reveal Short Pv For 'fairy Tale'

Sakura Gakuin reveal short PV for 'Fairy tale'

Sakura Gakuin has revealed the short PV for "Fairy tale," which will be included in their ninth album "Sakura Gakuin 2018 Nendo ~Life Iroasenai Hibi~" to be released on March 3. 

"Fairy tale" is a new song from 2018 and was performed during the group's live held last September. The full version PV will be included in the Limited Sakura Edition of the album. 

Base Ball Bear Reveal Short Pv For 'flame'

Base Ball Bear reveal short PV for 'Flame'

Base Ball Bear will release their new work "Polaris" on January 30. At this time, they have revealed the short PV for the lead track "Flame."

The PV was directed by 26-year-old movie director Takei Yuri. Koide Yusuke (Vo, G) reached out to Takei after watching his 2018 film 'Red Comet Club.' "Flame" is now available for download on various music distribution sites. 

Ieiri Leo Reveals Short Pv For 'kono Sekai De'

Ieiri Leo reveals short PV for 'Kono Sekai de'

Ieiri Leo has revealed the short PV for her new song "Kono Sekai de." 

"Kono Sekai de" is the opening theme for movie 'Code Geass: Fukkatsu no Lelouch' to open in theaters on February 9 and will be released as Ieiri's new single on January 30. Directed by Mitch Nakano, the PV shows Ieiri singing at three locations: a beach in Kujukuri, Chiba, atop a building in Tokyo, and the director's home. 

Morning Musume.'18's Nonaka Miki To Study Abroad For A Short Period

Morning Musume.'18's Nonaka Miki to study abroad for a short period

It's been announced that Morning Musume.'18 member Nonaka Miki will be halting her activities from late-December to mid-February to do a short-term study abroad. 

Nonaka's study abroad request was accepted as she wanted to concentrate on studying English. On her blog, she wrote, "Although I can speak English, I want to improve even more so that more people overseas can get to know Morning Musume. I also personally want to break out of my shell. The members and people around me support my decision of challenging myself. Tsunku-san also pushed my back, telling me to do my best as someone in charge of the global side."

Straightener Unveil Short Pv For 'braver'

Straightener unveil short PV for 'Braver'

The short PV for Straightener's new song "Braver" has been unveiled via YouTube. 

"Braver" was written as the opening theme for anime 'Angolmois: Genkou Kassenki' and was released as a digital single on July 11. Its PV was directed by Kojima Takayuki who has previously worked on the band's PVs for "The Place Has No Name" and "The Future Is Now." 

Check Out The Short Pv For Ieiri Leo's New Song 'moshi Kimi Wo Yurusetara'

Check out the short PV for Ieiri Leo's new song 'Moshi Kimi wo Yurusetara'

The short PV for Ieiri Leo's new song "Moshi Kimi wo Yurusetara" has been uploaded onto YouTube. 

"Moshi Kimi wo Yurusetara" will be released as the singer's new single on August 1. It's being used as the theme song for Fuji TV's 'Getsu-9' drama 'Zettai Reido ~Mizen Hanzai Sennyu Sousa~.' The PV was directed by Hariu Yuji, who has previously directed Ieiri's PVs for "Taiyou no Megami," "Junjou," and "Silly."