Generations Reveal Unreleased Song 'you & I'

GENERATIONS reveal unreleased song 'You & I'

GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE have revealed their unreleased song "You & I" on YouTube.

"You & I" was written after the group concluded their dome tour in 2019, and with 2020 activities in mind. They had planned on releasing the song in summer, but decided to release a video including messages from the 7 members hoping that we will be able to overcome this current situation together. 

The Music Video For Go!go!vanillas' New Song 'amazing Race' Was Shot In One Take

The music video for go!go!vanillas' new song 'Amazing Race' was shot in one take

The music video for go!go!vanillas' new song "Amazing Race" has been uploaded onto YouTube. 

"Amazing Race" marks the comeback of Hasegawa "Pretty" Keisuke, who was injured in December when he was struck by a large vehicle while walking in Tokyo. This video was shot in early-March at one of the live houses that the band was scheduled to perform at, but was cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak. The performance scene was shot in just one take. 

Listen To A Clip Of Utada Hikaru's New Song 'time'

Listen to a clip of Utada Hikaru's new song 'Time'

A teaser of Utada Hikaru's new song "Time," which will be released digitally on May 8, has been revealed via YouTube.  

"Time" was written as the theme song for NTV's drama 'Bishoku Tantei Akechi Goro,' which started on April 12. In addition to the teaser, the single's jacket cover has also been released. 

V6's New Song 'it's My Life' Picked Up As Theme Song For 'tokusou 9'

V6's new song 'It's my life' picked up as theme song for 'Tokusou 9'

V6's new song "It's my life" has been picked up as the theme song for the drama 'Tokusou 9 season 3' to premiere on April 8. 

'Tokusou 9' is a detective drama starring V6 member Inohara Yoshihiko. On March 26, Inohara participated at a news conference in Tokyo where he commented, "In order to maintain drama and entertainment, you need people to watch them. I don't think people can enjoy them if they don't feel relief, safe, and healthy. I think everyone will be spending more time at home, so please enjoy our drama."

[alexandros] To Be In Charge Of Theme Song For New 'gundam' Movie

[Alexandros] to be in charge of theme song for new 'Gundam' movie

It's been revealed that [Alexandros] will be in charge of the anime film 'Kidou Senshi Gundam Senkou no Hathaway' to open in theaters on July 23. 

This was announced on March 24 during an event called 'GUNDAM FAN GATHERING -Senkou no Hathaway: Heirs to GUNDAM-' held at Zepp DiverCity TOKYO. On selecting [Alexandros] to sing the theme song, producer Ogata Naohiro commented, "Gundam has been popular overseas in recent years, so I wanted an artist who we could go overseas with. As such, we asked [Alexandros]."

Kawakami Yohei (Vo,G), who made a surprise appearance at the event, expressed, "I'm very happy. It's such an honor." More details on the theme song will be revealed later as the band is currently working on the song.

Radwimps Release New Song For People Battling Coronavirus

RADWIMPS release new song for people battling coronavirus

RADWIMPS have released a new song titled "Light The Light" for people battling the new coronavirus. 

RADWIMPS were supposed to kick off their nationwide tour 'KONNICHIWA NIPPON TOUR 2020,' but due to the pandemic, it was postponed. On the song, Noda Yojiro (Vo, G), "Our song 'Light The Light', which was written for people battling the coronavirus, will begin streaming on various platforms at 12:00 am. Tomorrow was supposed to be the first day of our tour, the first day at Kyocera Dome. It's frustrating. I will never forget this frustration."

Akb48 Unleash Pvs For Minegishi Minami's Graduation Song, Wakate Senbatsu & Team 8 Songs

AKB48 unleash PVs for Minegishi Minami's graduation song, Wakate Senbatsu & Team 8 songs

The PV for AKB48 member Minegishi Minami's graduation song "Mata Aeru Hi Made" as well as the short PVs for Wakate Senbatsu 1st Campus' song "Omoide My Friend" and Team 8's song "Jitabata" have all been uploaded onto YouTube. 

These three songs are the coupling tracks to AKB48's 57th single "Shitsuren, Arigato" that's scheduled for release on March 18. Type A will include the ballad "Mata Aeru Hi Made," which was written for graduating member Minegishi, Type B will include "Omoide My Friend," a song that's perfect for the graduation season, and Type C will include a cool melody called "Jitabata." The DVDs will come with the full version PVs. 

Ayaka Digitally Released Earth Music&ecology Cm Song

Ayaka digitally released earth music&ecology CM song

Ayaka released a digital single titled "Michishirube" on March 4. 

Ayaka wrote "Michishirube" as the CM song for fashion brand earth music&ecology, while she was pregnant with her second child. On the song, she commented, "Depending on the place you are born, the scene that awaits in your future is completely different. I hope there is light in the place you return to... I hope this will be a light for our child... 'Michishirube' is a song that is filled with those feelings.

Check Out The Teaser For Glay's New Song 'into The Wild'

Check out the teaser for GLAY's new song 'Into the Wild'

GLAY have unleashed the teaser for their new song "Into the Wild." 

This will be included in GLAY's upcoming best-of album "REVIEW II -BEST OF GLAY-" to hit stores on March 11. It holds the message, "While being tied up by various things, break free by believing in yourself and move forward." The teaser features an emotional dance scene that portrays "breaking free."