King & Prince's New Song 'kimi Wo Matteru' Written By Takahashi Yu

King & Prince's new song 'Kimi wo Matteru' written by Takahashi Yu

The details on King & Prince's new single "Kimi wo Matteru" have been revealed. 

Written by Takahashi Yu, the title track is described as a support song that backs the feelings of those who are wanting to change as well as those who are looking for a new self. Besides this, all types will include "Kaze ni Nore," which was picked up as the theme song for Benesse 'Corporation's 'Shinken Zemi.' In addition, Limited Edition A will come with "Chu (SORA)," Limited Edition B with "Spark and Spark," and Regular Edition with "Gutto Good Life" and "Wake me up."

Ikimonogakari To Digitally Release New Song On Debut Anniversary Day

Ikimonogakari to digitally release new song on debut anniversary day

Ikimonogakari will release their new song "Taiyou" on their major debut anniversary day, March 15. 

Ikimonogakari halted their activities and entered a 'grazing period' on January 5, 2017, then resumed their activities on November 3 of last year. "Taiyou" was distributed to fans who remained in the group's fan club during their 'grazing period.' It's the first song that the three members wrote and composed together.

Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku's New Album To Include Collaboration Song With Momoiro Clover Z

Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku's new album to include collaboration song with Momoiro Clover Z

Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku's new album "MUSiC" (March 13 release) will include their collaboration song with Momoiro Clover Z, "COLOR feat. Momoiro Clover Z."

Momoclo is a senpai group to Ebichu under Stardust Promotion's idol section 'Stardust Planet.' While they have worked together in Stardust Promotion's idol projects, this will be their first time working together alone. "COLOR feat. Momoiro Clover Z" is produced by Tamura Ayumi, who has worked on many of Ebichu's songs.

On participating in the album, Momoclo commented, "Ebichu-chan, congratulations on your 10th anniversary! While we debuted around the same time, we've went down separate paths, but we are able to collaborate for the first time and look forward to singing together at a live one day!"

Shibasaki Kou To Cover Maroon5's Song 'maps'

Shibasaki Kou to cover Maroon5's song 'Maps'

It's been revealed that Shibasaki Kou will be doing a Japanese cover of Maroon5's popular song "Maps." It will be released digitally on February 20. 

The song will be produced by Jazztronik's Nozaki Ryota. Shibasaki commented, "As a listener of Maroon5, I feel very honored to do an official cover. With arrangement done by Jazztronik's Nozaki Ryota-san, there will be new sounds incorporated into the original melody, but the lyrics will have the same worldview.

King & Prince's New Song To Be Used In Cm For Shinken Zemi

King & Prince's new song to be used in CM for Shinken Zemi

King & Prince's new song "Kaze ni Nore" will be used as the new CM song for Benesse Corporation's 'Shinken Zemi' starting February 8.  

The CM stars comedian Degawa Tetsuro who shows the appeal of the evolution of Shinken Zemi's teaching materials. The CM song "Kaze ni Nore" will be included in King & Prince's new single "Kimi wo Matteru" to drop on March 20. On this song, the group commented, "There are days when you want to give up. But you are not alone. You always have family or friends by your side. We recorded 'Kaze ni Nore' hoping that it would support those whoa re chasing after their dreams.

One Ok Rock Reveal Pv For 'kingdom' Theme Song

ONE OK ROCK reveal PV for 'Kingdom' theme song

ONE OK ROCK have revealed the PV for their new song "Wasted Nights."

This is the lead track to the band's new album "Eye of the Storm" to be released on February 13 and was written as the theme song for the movie 'Kingdom.' In the PV, you can see the band performing in a storm.

One Ok Rock Pen Theme Song For Movie 'kingdom'

ONE OK ROCK pen theme song for movie 'Kingdom'

ONE OK ROCK's new song "Wasted Nights" will be used as the theme song for movie 'Kingdom', which will open in theaters on April 19. 

'Kingdom' is a live-action adaptation based on a manga series by Hara Yasuhisa. Set during the Warring States Period, it tells the story of an orphan named Xin, who aims to become the greatest general of the country. It's directed by Sato Shinsuke, and Yamazaki Kento will play the role of Xin. 

Negoto's Aoyama Sachiko Provides The Lyrics For Juju's New Song

Negoto's Aoyama Sachiko provides the lyrics for JUJU's new song

It's been revealed the lyrics for JUJU's new song "Mirai" was written by Negoto's Aoyama Sachiko (Vo, Key).

"Mirai" was picked up as the theme song for TV Asahi's drama 'Haken Uranaishi Ataru,' and will be released as JUJU's new single on March 6. The lyrics were selected after the melody was composed based on its closeness to the drama's theme. 

Miyamoto Hiroji's Debut Song To Be Released On February 12

Miyamoto Hiroji's debut song to be released on February 12

Miyamoto Hiroji's (Elephant Kashimashi) solo debut song "Fuyu no Hana" will be released digitally on February 12. 

"Fuyu no Hana"  was picked up as the theme song for Fuji TV's drama 'Gosaigyo', which premiered on January 22. Produced by Kobayashi Takeshi, it was written after correspondence between Miyamoto and the drama's staff. 

Little Glee Monster To Sing Theme Song For Soccer Exchange Program

Little Glee Monster to sing theme song for soccer exchange program

Little Glee Monster's new song "I BELIEVE" has been picked up as the theme song for 'ASIAN ELEVEN.'

'ASIAN ELEVEN' is a soccer exchange program supported by the Japan Foundation Asia Center, Football Association of Japan, and Japan Professional Football League. "I BELIEVE" is included in Little Glee Monster's fourth album "FLAVA," which was released on January 16, and was written to give 'ASIAN ELEVEN' activities a boost.

Sekai No Owari's 're:set' Picked Up As Image Song For Ps4 Game 'catherine Full Body'

SEKAI NO OWARI's 'Re:set' picked up as image song for PS4 game 'Catherine Full Body'

SEKAI NO OWARI's song "Re:set" has been picked up as the image song for the PS4/PS4 Vita game software 'Catherine Full Body.' 

The game's story follows Vincent, a man who is involved in a four-sided relationship and is plagued by supernatural nightmares. SEKAI NO OWARI has been performing "Re:set" at their lives, and it's a cool number with lyrics that portray a nightmare world.