Prayers Continue For Kyoto Anime Studio Victims

Prayers continue for Kyoto anime studio victims

Many people have gathered to offer prayers to the victims of the Kyoto Animation studio fire and to leave flowers on an altar set up near the building that was set ablaze on July 18.

It's the second weekend since the fatal arson attack, which killed 34 people and injured 34 others in Fushimi Ward, Kyoto.

Arson Suspect Looked Over Anime Studio Beforehand

Arson suspect looked over anime studio beforehand

Police say the suspect in last week's deadly arson attack in Kyoto likely checked the site before purchasing the items he used in the attack.

Shinji Aoba is suspected of pouring gasoline inside Kyoto Animation's No.1 studio and setting it on fire on Thursday, killing 34 people and injuring 34 others. He is known to have bought gas canisters, a hammer and some other items at a home improvement center in the city of Uji the day before the attack.

On-site Inspection Begins At Kyoto Anime Studio

On-site inspection begins at Kyoto anime studio

Police officers and firefighters have begun inspecting the site of an arson attack that killed 33 people in Kyoto, western Japan.

Police and fire department vehicles arrived at the Kyoto Animation studio around 9 a.m. on Friday. Investigators are inspecting the three floors of the building.

33 Dead In Suspected Arson At Kyoto Anime Studio

33 dead in suspected arson at Kyoto anime studio

Police say 33 people were killed and 35 others were wounded by fire after a suspected arson attack at an animation studio in Japan's western city of Kyoto.

An unidentified man poured what appeared to be gasoline at the entrance to the first floor of the Kyoto Animation studio on Thursday.

Fire At Kyoto Anime Studio Claims 'multiple Lives'

Fire at Kyoto anime studio claims 'multiple lives'

Police in the city of Kyoto, western Japan, say investigations have confirmed multiple deaths in a fire at an animation studio.

Neighbors reported the fire at Kyoto Animation's studio at around 10:30 a.m. on Thursday. They say they heard what sounded like an explosion, after which they saw smoke.

More Than 30 Injured In Kyoto Anime Studio Fire

More than 30 injured in Kyoto anime studio fire

A fire at an animation studio in the city of Kyoto, western Japan, has reportedly injured more than 30 people. Police say that about 10 of them are unconscious.

Neighbors reported the fire at Kyoto Animation's studio at around 10:30 a.m. on Thursday. They say they heard what sounded like an explosion, after which they saw smoke.

Japan's Studio Ghibli Theme Park Opens In 2022

Japan's Studio Ghibli Theme Park Opens In 2022

Studio Ghibli’s many fans across the globe will be excited to find out that Hayao Miyazaki’s iconic outfit has decided to open an official theme park in Japan. It was rumored and promised for years that something like this would happen. It was finally confirmed officially this week that Ghibli will indeed be building a theme park in Japan.

Ghibli will team up with the Aichi Prefecture’s government on this project as well as the Chunichi Shimbun newspaper to build the park. While Ghibli merchandise is currently sold by Disney Parks and Walt Disney Pictures had once distributed the studio’s films in the United States as well, this theme park is not going to have an affiliation with Disney’s location in Japan.

Sony Launches Studio To Create Movies Out Of Playstation Games Itself

Sony Launches Studio To Create Movies Out Of PlayStation Games Itself

Sony has had to work with other media companies when it wanted to make shows based on its vast library of PlayStation games. The company is now switching gears by setting up its own studio which will allow Sony to quickly adapt its PlayStation games into TV shows and movies on its own. This new division is called PlayStation Productions.

PlayStation Productions is overseen by Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Chairman of Worldwide Studios Shawn Layden. The studio will be tasked with developing and producing projects that are based on Sony’s vast library of PlayStation games.

Androp Reveal Studio Live Footage Of 'hanabi'

androp reveal studio live footage of 'Hanabi'

androp have revealed the studio live footage of their new song "Hanabi", which will be included in their forthcoming album "cocoon" (March 7th release). 

This is one of the videos that will be included in the album's limited edition DVD. "Hanabi" has received a great response ever since it started playing on the radio in early January. In the video, you can see the band performing the song surrounded by warm lighting.

Nintendo To Make Animated Mario Film With U.s. Studio

Nintendo to make animated Mario film with U.S. studio

Nintendo Co. said Thursday it will make an animated film starring its popular character Mario based on the world of blockbuster game series Super Mario Bros. with U.S. film and animation studio Illumination Entertainment.

The co-producers of the movie are Chris Meledandri, founder and chief executive officer of California-based Illumination known for the "Despicable Me" series, and Shigeru Miyamoto, representative director of Nintendo.

Japan Leading Anime Studio Toei Animation And Saudi Arabia Manga Productions Launches A 20-minute Short Titled The Woodcutter Treasure

Japan leading anime studio Toei Animation and Saudi Arabia Manga Productions launches a 20-minute short titled The Woodcutter Treasure

The first fruit of a collaboration between Japan's leading anime studio Toei Animation Co. and Saudi Arabia's Manga Productions, a 20-minute short titled "The Woodcutter's Treasure," is set to air in Japan and Saudi Arabia.

Based on a Saudi Arabian folk tale, the already completed short is aimed at children and families, and available in Japanese and Arabic.

Fujifilm Releases X Raw Studio And Updates X-t2, X-t20, Gfx 50s Firmware

Fujifilm releases X Raw Studio and updates X-T2, X-T20, GFX 50S firmwareFujifilm has announced its X Raw Studio Conversion System software, which it first teased back at Photokina. The software is essentially a viewer for the in-camera Raw converters that already exist on X and GFX series cameras. In fact, the software doesn't actually do any processing - the camera does, over a USB connection. Fujifilm claims that X Raw Studio is more than twenty times faster than the SilkyPix-based converter. The macOS version is available for download today, with a Windows application to follow in February.

The software adjusts exactly the same parameters as on the camera and supports batch processing and saving conversion profiles. As you'd expect, a side-by-side viewer is available. As of today only the GFX 50S and X-T2 are supported, with the X-Pro2 and X100F to follow in December, all via firmware updates.

Nintendo Making Mario Movie With U.s. Studio: Report

Nintendo making Mario movie with U.S. studio: report

Nintendo Co. is close to an agreement with a U.S. production company to make an animated "Super Mario Bros." movie, the Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday.

The firm, Illumination Entertainment, is a producer of animated films for Comcast Corp.'s Universal Pictures. It has made "Minions" and "The Secret Life of Pets."